August 2017 - The World Emerges...
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Hello, friends. "Write Newsletter" appears on my To Do List among 25 other things. (Not joking. It's number 23 of 26, not in order of priority.*) Needless to say, there's much to do and never enough time to do it all. Alas.

Denver: I was at the Cheesman Park Art Fest for the second year in a row, and once again it was a great show. I met a lot of new folks and my art now resides in several dozen more homes than it did a couple weeks ago. How grand! Thanks, Denver!

Affordable Arts Festival: And because I liked Colorado so much, I'm coming back! At the end of August (Sunday, August 27th) I'll be in Littleton for a one day show. It's the Affordable Arts Festival, and everything in the show is $100 or less. That's right, ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I'll have originals as well as prints. The show charges $10 for entry and I'm told the crowds will be massive. I hope that's true. Click on the link above for more information! Here are some of the original paintings I'll have for sale. For what? For $100.


As you probably know, I'm in the process of building the world in which my stories take place. Last month you saw the beginnings of the map. I've worked on it a bit more, breaking out the watercolor and colored pencils. As you can see, there's much to be done. But while in Denver I decided on a name for the islands: Hibaria. And I also came up with a name for Ellen's village from Ellen and the Winter Wolves - it's Little Haile. And Tarian? That's the setting for the story about Cora and the Thieves' Circus. And the painting of the island at the top of the newsletter is The Magician's Island, located not too far away from Ellen. Will Ellen have an encounter with the magician? Only time will tell.**
Hibaria, the Magical Land of Stories
*            *            *

Sebastian and Maximilian

They're getting bigger. Max is 6 ft 5 and Seb is 8 ft tall now. I'm kidding. They're mostly normal.
The Boys
That's all for now! Check out the shows below to see if I'll be near you soon!
Until September,

*If it was in order of priority I would be working to "Get Rid of Washer Sitting in Back Yard" instead of writing this newsletter. But it's not and I'm not.
**Actually, I will also tell. Ellen will encounter the dirty star-stealing magician. And she will probably best him. Only time will tell.***


Upcoming Shows:

Denver (Littleton), CO: Affordable Arts Festival August 27th.
Omaha, NE: Rockbrook Village Art Fair September 9-10th.
Bonner Springs, KS: Kansas City Renaissance Fair September 16-17th.
Wichita, KS: Fall Artisan Festival October 21st.
Albuquerque, NM: Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Thanksgiving Holiday Show November 24-26th.

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