May 2018 - Hibaria! Shows! New Paintings!
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Hello, friends and acquaintances! I've been hard at work and spending most of my time on three things. The first is


Hibaria is the world my paintings and stories inhabit. Below is a portion of my latest description and history of the Eastern Isles, a region of that world. You can find other regions here

The island of Sidyn lies two hundred and fifty miles due east from the city of Tarian. It is the largest of the Eastern Isles. Sidyn and three other islands—Adryn, Alwen, and Mai—were once the seat of a now forgotten civilization. The remains of this empire are many, and include curiously massive stone towers containing rusted and decaying implements and tools...
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I've also been plugging away at a novel set in Hibaria. I do want to tell you about it, but I don't want to spoil it for you. So I'll just give you a few nuggets.
  • There's a character called the Master of Tides. This person controls the, you guessed it and are so smart, TIDES.
  • There's a circus involved. The circus is made up entirely of children and animals. Some of those children are thieves. Is thievery glorified in my story? Hardly. We all know thieving is wrong.
  • Winter Wolves appear in this story! Don't know what Winter Wolves are? I humbly direct you to Ellen and the Winter Wolves.
So that's the Hibaria portion of what I've been working on. Now let's turn to


This spring I've been in Albuquerque, NM and San Antonio, TX. Here's a complete (for now) list of the rest of the year.

WICHITA, KS: Art and Book Fair – May 12-13 (free admission)
TULSA, OK: Blue Dome Arts Festival – May 18-20 (free admission)

DENVER, CO: People's Fair – June 1-3 (free admission)
DES MOINES, IA: ArtFest Midwest – June 23-24 (free admission)

DENVER, CO: Cheesman Park Art Festival – July 28-29 (free admission)

OMAHA, NE: Rockbrook Village Art Fair – September 8-9 (free admission)

When I'm not writing and I'm not on the road, I'm working on


Here are a couple that I've just finished up this week. The White Wolf (the one that looks like a wolf) is an 8x10 ($325) and Penelope and the Airship II is 16x20 ($1,500). Framed, of course. Interested? Shoot me an email.
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Sebastian and Maximilian

Without these hats the boys burn. Horribly and quickly. Also, they don't look nearly as cool without them.
Until next time,
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