August 2019 - A billboard! A new big painting! A $100 show in Colorado!
Greetings, friends! A couple months ago I showed you a painting I had recently done and mentioned it was going to be used on a billboard in Denver for a show. After the show I went hunting and found the billboard! 
My largest reproduction to date.

New Big Painting

Every year I do dozens of paintings. (I never thought I'd say that - DOZENS!) Most of them are small or medium sized (think 5"x7" or 8"x10") and that's ok, but I really look forward to the big ones. Why? A few reasons:
  • Big pieces can be more powerful (not just because they're big, but because that space allows for more complex and interesting compositions).
  • I get to incorporate new techniques I've learned into a statement piece. At the end I get to see my own growth as a painter. 
  • I usually don't give myself a deadline on the larger pieces like I do the smaller ones. So I get to really sit with bigger paintings and fuss over the tiny details. WHICH I LOVE TO DO.
That said, here are some progress shots of the big one I've been working on lately. It's 4'x2'.  I've already painted the fox completely, shaved off 40 pounds or so from his belly (somehow he got comically fat as I was painting him), moved his forelegs around, changed his feet three times, and done major surgery on his head. It's still the wrong shape so he won't likely look like this when you see him next. And now as I'm looking at it, it appears that his forelegs are still too stumpy.

Affordable Arts Festival

I leave Saturday for the Affordable Arts Festival in Littleton, Colorado. It's probably one of the most fun shows I do all year. It's just six hours long (9am-3pm Sunday, August 25), but because everything is $100 or less, it's a mad rush from beginning to end. I bring smaller paintings, damaged paintings, old ones that have been sitting around my studio (I found one from 2011 that I'll be bringing), and experimental pieces that might just be terrible. Hope to see you there! See link above or below for details.


LITTLETON, CO: Affordable Arts Festival - August 25 ($11 admission)

OMAHA, NE: Rockbrook Village Art Fair - September 7-8 (free admission)

FRANKLIN, TN: Hutchmoot - October 10-13 (Closed Conference)

ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival - November 29-December 1 ($8 admission)

*          *          *

Sebastian and Maximilian and Penelope

The children are doing well. Sebastian loves Penny (sometimes roughly), Max at times resents her existence, and Penny sleeps or doesn't or spits up or cries a lot.
Penny, wishing she could crawl or do anything, really.
The children.
The children II.
That's it for now, friends. 

Until next time,
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