April 2017 - New Baby! New Paintings!
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Hello, friends! This is once again a short newsletter that focuses on paintings and the new baby. Also, I've updated my shows at the bottom of the newsletter and there are several new ones! See if I'm coming your way! But first, paintings.


Did you know you can purchase the paintings you see in my newsletter? If you see one you're interested in, shoot me an email and ask, "How much is that one? No, the other one." And I'll tell you and calculate shipping and let you know the total. And it's no big deal if you say, "Thanks, but I'll pass for now," or "Thanks, but there's no way that will ever happen." It doesn't hurt my feelings at all, so don't be shy! That said, here are the paintings that sold in March.
Knight Owl (or Second Place Again) - 8"x10", Aslan - 20"x20"
Sophie's Tower - 5"x7", Reepicheep - 8"x10"
The Lighthouse - 10"x8"  
And, because Lisa had a baby, I've only done two new ones this month. Cut me some slack. The first is a small version of Aslan since the big one was so popular and didn't last very long. Also, when you don't sleep it's easier to do something you've already done. The second is a new leaf airship.
Aslan II - 5"x7"  
The Airship - 12"x16"  
And here's one that's in the works, tentatively called The Hall of Seasons. I filled up my sketchbook so I've resorted to sketching in notebooks. That right hand door is winter and the left hand door is spring. Don't really see it? That's ok, you will. THoS is the next painting in The Adventures of Fenigus March
*            *            *

Sebastian and Max

Well, Lisa thoughtfully waited until I got home from Albuquerque to have Maximilian. He was born on Saturday, March 18th and has kept us busy since then. Fact (I would say "fun" but it's not really. It's just a fact): Max is a loud baby - he grunts a lot and snorts and snuffles like a little piglet or like an old man who doesn't even care. It takes getting used to.

Sebastian seems indifferent to him, but that's better than loathing him I guess. Here are a few pictures.
The Happy, Sleep Deprived Family
Sebastian Destroys the Daffodils After the Rain and Gets Very Wet in the Process
Until May,


I've added a few more since last time. Have a look!

Wichita, KS: The Workroom's 2nd Saturday Artisan Market April 15th.
San Antonio, TX: King William Fair April 29th.
Wichita, KS: Art & Book Fair May 13-14th.
Arlington, TX: Art on the Greene May 26-28th.
Denver, CO: People's Fair June 3-4th.
Des Moines, IA: ArtFest Midwest June 24-25th.
Denver, CO: Cheesman Park Art Fest July 29-30th.
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