August 2020 (II) -Tales of Hibaria: The Awakening!
Hello! This will be brief. I've had a busy month, and it's been great. The Kickstarter campaign to launch my latest book, Tales of Hibaria: The Awakening has been a success! That means the book will be printed.

Forgot this was going on? Me too. Just kidding. I didn't forget. But if you did, that's ok because the campaign isn't quite over. There are three days left for you to still jump in (the campaign closes Friday, August 28 at 3pm CST). Follow the link below to pre-order the book!
Pre-Order Jamin's New Book!
Now you might be asking, "Why should I order it on Kickstarter (you already got funded, after all) when I can just buy it from you later?"

And that's a great question. Here are a few reasons to consider getting it now:
  • Each copy of the book pre-ordered through Kickstarter comes with the audiobook (and a bookmark!). This won't be the case later.
  • The Kickstarter has some pledge levels that provide bundled discounts. By this I mean you can get a book and a print (and a map and a star chart) for a lot less than if you want to get them individually later. 
  • The Kickstarter also has an add-on store through which you'll be able to order prints from the book at a discounted price.
  • And finally, if enough backers pre-order in these last few days, everyone who ordered a book will also get a free print (and possibly two!) Visit the campaign for more details.
Of course, if none of those things interest you, by all means, buy it from me later.
Fun story! The Summoning original painting, which will be the cover image for the book, was pledged for (which means it sold) on Kickstarter about a week and a half ago. I was so excited! It was unpledged for (which means it unsold) yesterday. I was less excited. But that's how things go. If, by chance, you had wanted it but missed your opportunity, that opportunity is here once again.
Until September,

Kickstarter Campaign!
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