(Self) Healing Course by the young master Akaxe Yotzin. Every Sunday beginning Jan 6th @ Sage Community Health Collective


Sage Community Health Collective 
2514 W Armitage Ave
Chicago IL 60647

Online live streaming of the class is also available for students not in Chicago

Every Sunday
Beginning Jan 6th


the Human Body: Mirror of Nature

The natives to the Americas not only perfected the most accurate astronomical calendars to date, but also identified the forces of the Universe & Nature and their effects on the physical, structural, chemical and molecular make up of the human body. 
(Self) Healing:
Learning from our Native Ancestors


In this next semester we will continue to not only de-colonize our minds, but reach back to the ancient roots of our subconscious, as we learn new concepts that allow us to empower and guide ourselves to holistic health.

Through experiential activities, guided meditations, breathing exercises, self-analysis and more, we will learn how to begin applying the knowledge, disciplines & concepts the ancient mesoamerican cultures developed to maintain holistic health. 

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$40 per month, paid in full at the beginning of each month, (Visa & Mastercard Accepted)

Messages from our Body

From the body's organs, to the nervous system, our cardiovascular system and DNA, every part of our body communicates with us just as our subconscious does.
We will begin to learn its language and understand the messages we are constantly receiving so we may begin the path of empowerment and achieving holistic health.

Organs & Emotions

The power of the organs on our chemical reactions, and therefore our emotions, are intricate and inseperable.  
The connection between the subconscious and how it manifests within our organs is a study many ancient cultures focused on. 
The inter connectivity and the control of the physical and emotional is one area that will be studied in this course.

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All courses are taught by Akaxe Yotzin, a Young Master of the Nahua sciences, disciplines, rituals and philosophies, a title granted to him by his Masters after more than 10 years of committment and service

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