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From the Office

Dear colleagues, 

This week the CDN team meet with colleagues from across Australia (capital city Arts and Culture Managers, local government association policy staff, the Australia Local Government Association, the Australia Council and the Federal Ministry for the Arts) in Hobart at the fifth meeting of the National Local Government Cultural Forum. This meeting will progress projects currently already underway including cultural data for local government and integrated planning across government spheres. Visit  CDN's website for the latest updates.

The Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network (VLGMin) Forum Report 2014 is now available from the CDN website.  Enhancing Cultural Wellbeing and Cultural Citizenship Through the Arts was presented by the Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network with the Municipal Association of Victoria, the Cultural Development Network and Multicultural Arts Victoria, and hosted by City of Ballarat and supported by City of Melbourne, City of Greater Dandenong, City of Monash and Brimbank City Council.  Acclaimed author Arnold Zable opened the Forum by exploring the role of story and the arts in nurturing an inclusive, democratic society; based on local communities attuned to their diversity and the multitude of stories contained within them. The program included a series of insightful breakout sessions led by researchers and local government and arts organisation professionals; looking into the how the arts can contribute to the development and delivery of policies which address Australian multicultural realities. Read the report here.

Work is continuing on our survey of Victorian councils' cultural development practices and cultural infrastructure. This is a result of requests from councils at our Cultural Planning Forums for benchmarking information across the state. Information will be gathered over the next month and a report will be available soon.

March is filled with many cultural development activities and new publications which you can read about in this e-bulletin. This month's Pick of the Month resources are three reports by the US National Endowment for the Arts. These reveal new findings about the impact of arts and cultural industries on GDP, as well as how and why Americans participate in certain arts activities. The data for the three reports is all from 2012, so for the NEA can show a comprehensive view of a single year in the life of the arts and cultural sector from three different angles: supply, demand, and motivations for consumer behavior. See the 'Resources' section for more detailed information.

CDN welcomes the the news of Stefanie Vianello's appointment as the new General Manager of Creating Australia and we look forward to working with her.

Regards from the CDN team: John Smithies, Kim Dunphy, Lyndall Metzke, Leda Yazgin and Yuji Weisgard.

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Cultural Development Network's activities

Save the date: Professional development forum: Cultural Development Planning in Local Government, 
9.30-4.30 pm, Thursday May 7, Municipal Association of Victoria, 80 Collins St, Melbourne

This forum follows last year’s series on cultural development planning that involved 75 staff and elected representatives from 50 Victorian councils.  This event will function as a refresher for those who attended the series. Those who did not attend will also be welcome, but will be required to do pre-forum reading and on-line training.

The forum will assist in the development of shared processes and standards in the cultural development sector across the whole of Victoria.  It offers local government cultural development workers skill development in cultural planning, and the chance to share expertise and experience.  A ‘theory of change’ focus encourages a deep examination of outcomes that are sought and methods to determine how these are achieved. The format will include presentations, group discussion, case studies and information about resources. New resources developed by CDN since the series last year will be provided to participants.

Program details available from soon from

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Regional Studies Association Inaugural Australasian ConferenceRethinking the Region & Regionalism in Australasia: Challenges & Opportunities for the 21st Century. 
August 31 to September 2 in RMIT's stunning Building 80.

CDN is also working with colleagues at RMIT to present this conference. Conference themes include:
  • Regions at the end of the mining boom;
  • Governance and the regions;
  • The institutional determinants of growth and development;
  • First nations – Maori and Indigenous Australians – and the regions;
  • Housing, social services and infrastructure;
  • Measuring wellbeing, happiness and progress at the regional scale;
  • Ecological Sustainability;
  • Climate Change and the Future of Regional Systems;
  • Regions and the Global Financial Crisis;
  • City Regions in Australasia and other  parts of the globe; and,
  • Achieving local economic growth.
Call for proposals: Contributions are encouraged from researchers, policymakers and practitioners working in all areas of regional analysis, especially those focussed on Australia.  CDN's contribution is to encourage proposals about the ‘cultural’ dimension of change, especially in relation to local government. Have you got something to say on any of these topics and their relationship with culture and development in our regions?

More information here.  New closing date of May 11.
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  Arts Information Exchange

If you have a question on anything in the arts or you think you can provide good advice about the arts, then the Castanet Arts Information Exchange is now here for you!  Seek answers to your questions, anonymously, or step forward and join as an Advisor to provide that extra service to your local community or tackle the questions from far and wide. This service has a full FAQ section and is open now at:
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Resources on CDN's website about cultural development planning in local government
Several products presented at this year's forum series on cultural development planning are now available from CDN's website.  A report on cultural data provides an overview of datasets that may be relevant and useful to cultural development planners in local government across Australia.  A focus has been given to datasets available at local government level, as well as those that may be useful even if they are only available at state and national levels. An updated annotated bibliography on evaluation resources is also available.
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United Cities and Local Government Committee for Culture update
The program for the first UCLG Culture Summit, hosted by the City of Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain), from the 18-20 March 2015 is now available. The Summit will be addressing the theme  “Culture and Sustainable cities”. As part of the Culture Award 21 Victorian LGA Yarra Ranges will be represented by Arts and Culture Manager, Greg Box, who will be recognised for his council's good practice in cultural planning. Congratulations Yarra Ranges! Program here.

The Committee on Culture of UCLG is one of a group of key networks campaigning for the inclusion of culture in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDGs will be part of the global Post-2015 Development Agenda, which is due to be adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations next September. Read this group's recent report on Cultural Indicators for the Post-2015 development agenda. 
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Local government research project:  Culturizing Sustainable Cities:
Call for case studies

How can artistic/cultural practices be embedded within the planning and development of more sustainable cities?
CDN is collaborating with international colleagues on a research project entitled Culturizing Sustainable Cities. Lead researcher Nancy Duxbury from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, is searching for examples,
from anywhere in the world, of two types of initiatives: (1) Development / implementation of policy and other actions of local authorities to integrate culture into local sustainable city planning and public policies, and to support art-environment activities; and (2) Local artistic/heritage/cultural activities involving local residents that help connect people to the environment and develop more sustainable living practices. In Phase 1, we will develop an online collection of profiles and case studies (globally distributed) selected from these examples. In Phase 2, two locations where clusters of cultural-environmental activities or major policy/planning innovations are identified will be examined in-depth.

We encourage Australian councils to offer their work as case studies. For more information and submission of case studies visit this website.
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Local government professional support groups

CDN supports two groups of local government professionals that meet to discuss issues of relevance to local government cultural development in Victoria. Visit their websites for reports about activity and coming meetings:

Municipal Association of Victoria Arts and Culture Committee
This group of elected representatives and council staff meets quarterly to advise MAV's Board on issues related to Arts and Culture in Victoria councils.

LGPro Arts and Culture Special Interest Group
This SIG operates as a forum to support Local Government arts management and development activities. Delegates from all Local Government authorities across Victoria are invited to participate in discussions on topics relevant to the arts and culture portfolios.
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Professional Development Activities

MAP Toolkit: Collection Policy
Tuesday 17 March, 10am-4pm, St Patrick’s Church Hall, Wangaratta
Covering recent changes to the Museum Accreditation Program (MAP) Collection Policy Template, the day will also explore museum legislative requirements with regards to Aboriginal, maritime, firearm and prohibited weapon collections as well as wind-up clauses, significance, and correct collection procedures with regards to acquisition,deaccessions and loans.

Victorian Local Governance Association  Community Engagement Masterclass
Friday 20 March,10am-3pm, Multicultural Hub, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne
A special workshop for council officers to explore examples of current community engagement good practice.
Museum Accreditation Program   Friday 27 March,10.30am - 12pm, Melbourne Museum
Short free information session about what is involved in becoming an accredited museum. For museums contemplating joining the MAP program this year or in the future.

Hands-on Conservation
Wednesday 25 March, 10am-1pm, The Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation
Learn important conservation skills like cleaning objects (and when not to do so), brush vacuuming, repairing paper tears, and reducing creases in textiles. Presented by Samantha Hamilton, Object Conservator at Museum Victoria. Supported by the University of Melbourne.
Thursday 30th April 9:30am-12:30pm, Darebin Arts Centre, Preston
Thursday 9th July 1:00pm-4:00pm, Northcote Library meeting room, Northcote
Wednesday 16th September 9:30am-12:30pm, Multicultural Hub, CBD
Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival Symposium 9-10 April 2015
Footscray Community Arts Centre, Melbourne 
The CPAF Symposium is an annual event that brings together creative practitioners, community elders, students, academics and arts industry professionals whose work engages with the contemporary Pacific in a symposium on the banks of the Maribyrnong river. Speakers are drawn from a variety of disciplines and perspectives to ensure lively and focused discussion on issues relevant to contemporary Pacific arts practice in an Australian and international context. 

The International Sustainable Development Research Society (ISDRS) 21st Annual Conference
10-12 July 2015, Geelong (Melbourne) Victoria, Australia.
The Tipping Point: Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity
Hosted by the Faculty of Arts and Education, and the Alfred Deakin Research Institute, Deakin University, Melbourne.
October 5 to 9, 2015
A unique professional development opportunity for Australian arts professionals. Be part of this extraordinary program! Link with New York's arts leaders while experiencing one of the world's most dynamic arts & culturally diverse cities! 

41st Conference on Social Theory, Politics and the Arts
Adelaide, Australia, December 10 - 12 2015
Arts and Culture: Building Capabilities and Creating Value
The 41st International Conference of Social Theory, Politics and the Arts (STP&A) will for the first time be held in the Asia Pacific region in December 2015. The conference will be held at the University of South Australia in conjunction with the Asia Pacific Centre for Arts and Cultural Leadership and the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre. 
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UCLG Culture Summit: Culture and Sustainable Cities
Bilbao, Basque Country Spain, 18-20 March 2015
The UCLG Culture Summit is a new event to promote knowledge-sharing and networking of cities and local governments, recognizing the important place of culture in sustainable cities. It envisages gathering all key stakeholders in the promotion of cultural policies, with special emphasis on cities, local governments, and urban actors. The first UCLG Culture Summit will have six plenary sessions, devoted to:
Opening: why Culture and Sustainable Cities?
Cultural Rights in the City
The place of Culture in the Sustainable Development Goals
Culture and Sustainable Cities: the Commitments
Cities, Culture, Citizenship and Development
Closing: Culture in Sustainable Cities: the way forward.

Municipal Association of Bangladesh (MAB)
2nd International Conference on Local Government 2015

27 and 28 March 2015 at Dhaka. The main goal of the conference is to promote current local government context of home and abroad which will include technical session, workshops, exhibition of best practice and thematic shows. 

AAAE Annual Conference 2015 , 16-18 April 2015 
The Association of Arts Administration Educators will hold its 2015 Annual Conference from 16-18 April at the University of Oregon in downtown Portland. Registration now open.

University of Westminster online Graduate Programme (MA, Diploma, Certificate) in International Cultural Relations
Now accepting full and part-time candidate applications for April 2015 (deadline of March 18), September 2015 and January 2016 on a rolling admissions.  This new, one-of-a-kind applied programme in international cultural relations brings together theory and practice from the fields of arts management, cultural policy and international relations and is designed for early to mid-level professionals/practitioners in (external) cultural relations, international cultural engagement, cultural diplomacy, foreign cultural policy and cultural development.  

Call for Proposals
 4th Biennial Pave Symposium on Entrepreneurship and the Arts: Creativity And New Venture Creation In The Arts.
Arizona State University in collaboration with the UW-Madison Bolz Center for Arts Administration
May 8-9, 2015 in Tempe, Arizona, USA
Participants in the 4th Biennial Pave Symposium will explore the processes, outcomes, and impacts of new venture creation in the arts through hands-on workshops, speakers, pitch sessions, and research presentations.

International Transdisciplinary Conference
Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures: theories, policies, practices
6-8 May, 2015, Helsinki, Finland
This landmark conference that takes place in Helsinki, 6-8 May 2015 explores the roles and meanings of culture in sustainable development. The new ideas generated in the conference will inform and advance understandings of sustainability with cultural studies and practices, and vice versa. Call for proposals is now open. The deadline for research paper session proposals is 1st October 2014 and for papers and other forms of presentation 5th December 2014. Please see for further information
Contributions to the book will be presented as part of the 1st International Research Conference on Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Training and Education, held from June 10 - 12, 2015 at the University of Minnesota, Duluth USA.

Heritage, Culture and Tourism: policy and practice
Public Administration International

London, England
01 June 2015 to 05 June 2015
This programme is designed mainly for policy-makers and senior experts working in government ministries and agencies and in non-governmental organisations concerned with the management and funding of heritage conservation and tourism. 

Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service
Summer Institute of Civic Studies
June 15-27, 2015
An intensive, two-week, interdisciplinary seminar bringing together advanced graduate students, faculty, and practitioners from diverse fields of study.

MAPSI Conference in Tallinn, Estonia
July 7th 2015 in Tallinn
Conference and study visits. Insights and Tools for Managing Arts Projects with Societal Impact

Call for Papers: Organization & Collaborative Practices in the Arts
As a part of the 9th Critical Management Studies Conference, 8-10 July 2015, University of Leicester, UK
Theme: Is there an alternative? Management after critique

Arts Council, England: No Boundaries Symposium
Following the huge success of No Boundaries 2014, the two-day arts and culture sector conference will return in September 2015. Live-linked across two cities and streamed online, No Boundaries 2015 will spark debate, ask challenging questions and present some world-class speakers. 

23rd ENCATC Annual Conference
Lecce, Italy from 21-23 October 2015  
Three days of plenary sessions with renowned keynote speakers, the 6th Annual ENCATC Research Session, cultural seminars with expert panel discussions, study visits, a rich cultural programme, and many networking opportunities.

European Capital of Culture
Cultural Mapping: Debating Cultural Spaces and Places conference
Call for Papers & Posters
22nd & 23rd October 2015, Malta
The University of British Columbia: Cultural Planning and Development Courses
Around the world, cultural, urban and municipal planners bring vibrancy to communities in the form of arts, culture, and creative expression. Many regions have embraced cultural development as a key strategy to promote sustainable growth and urban engagement. These courses and workshops leverage the strengths of international leaders in cultural planning and development to offer a global perspective, along with the training and support required for a career in this growing field.

New Resources

CDN Pick of the Month

New Reports from the NEA, USA
Three reports from the National Endowment for the Arts reveal new findings about the impact of arts and cultural industries on GDP, as well as how and why Americans participate in certain arts activities.
Report 1: When Going Gets Tough: Barriers and Motivations Affecting Arts Attendance 
Report 2: A Decade of Arts Engagement: Findings from the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts, 2002-2012 
Report 3: The Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account (ACPSA) 

New Book: Cultural Mapping as Cultural Inquiry (Nancy Duxbury, Will Garrett-Petts, and David McLennan, eds.) Routledge Advances in Research Methods Series in March 2015. 
Cultural mapping is a mode of inquiry and a methodological tool in urban planning, cultural sustainability, and community development that makes visible the ways local stories, practices, relationships, memories, and rituals constitute places as meaningful locations. 

New Book: Recipes For Harmony
Cultural Infusion has created an eBook for primary students which launched nationally today celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity. Recipes for Harmony, a free resource, includes stories of Australians from different backgrounds including AFL star Bachar Houli, Triple J Heywire winner Tiffany Davey and Masterchef Australia contestant Alice Zaslavsky. 

New Journal: International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research
Call for Papers for April 2015 Issue
Authors are invited to submit papers to this journal through the ONLINE submission system. Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated by IJLTER.

New Resource: Managing Art Projects with Societal Impact

New Resource: Digital Storytelling in Museum: The experience of training museum professionals in the European project Diamond – Dialoguing Museum for a new cultural democracy. 

New Guide: Intellectual Property and Folk, Arts and Cultural Festivals 
This Guide identifies the main intellectual property (IP) challenges faced by festival organizers and outlines some practical elements of an effective IP management strategy, following a step-by-step approach. 

New Publication: Healing Properities: Art + Health 
This publication by the National Endowment for the Arts looks at some of the innovative ways organizationsare using art as an instrument of healing.
New Resource: Arts Information Exchange
Arts Information Exchange is a centralised resource for queries about many aspects of the arts. The online question and answer exchange enables any questions related to the arts to be posted to a collection of skilled and experienced advisors drawn from across arts agencies, organisations and communities.  All questions and answers are stored online and available to all users – queries may be from a number of arts topics may include access, collaboration, events, funding, policy, research, skills and venues.Arts Information Exchange has been developed by Castanet. Castanet is a network of Victorian arts organisations including CDN, artists and government agencies that works to support and increase arts participation in the community. It offers professional development programs as well as access, advocacy and information services to individuals and organisations interested in developing community arts projects.
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New regional artist development fellowships open for applications
Outstanding regional artists and arts workers to apply for up to $30,000 to develop their professional skills and gain experience in the national and international arts landscape.
Centenary of ANZAC grants 
Arts Minister Senator Brandis has announced funding of over $1.5 million for 32 community-driven arts and culture projects to commemorate the ANZAC Centenary.The centenary arts projects give Australian communities the chance to express their own history of service and sacrifice creatively and educate and engage audiences about experiences, values and emotions of the men and women involved in Australia's military past. A number of councils were among the successful grant recipients including Port Macquarie Hastings Council, Liverpool City Council, the District Council of Mt Barker, Euobodalla Shire Council and Scenic Rim Regional Council.

Community Heritage grants
Community Heritage Grants of up to $15,000 are available to assist in preserving cultural heritage collections of national significance. Not-for-profit organisations, such as historical societies, regional museums, public libraries and Indigenous and migrant community groups, are encouraged to apply.

Regional Arts Fund
If you’re looking to get your regional arts project off the ground, the Regional Arts Fund may be just the thing for you. Applications for Project Grant funding are now open, and close on 16 March 2015 for projects commencing after 1 July 2015.
The Wyndham Community Cultural Foundation
March round of support for the following programs:
•    Collaborative Projects
•    Individual Grants 
•    Significant Acquisitions

Australia Council Grants Program
Australia Council has developed a new grants model which will support a diverse range of artists, artistic practice, organisations and arts activity. The new model will make it easier and simpler to apply for grants.
All grants have a closing date in March except for Fellowships in June 2015.
Fellowships - $100,000
Development Grants for Individuals and Groups - $5,000 - $25,000
Arts Projects for Individuals and Groups - $10,000 - $50,000
Arts Projects – Organisations - $10,000 to $150,000
Six Year Funding – Organisations

Government Programs Delivered by the Australia Council
Check closing dates for March, June, September and December
Visions of Australia: Regional Exhibition Touring Fund
Playing Australia: Regional Performing Arts Touring Fund
Contemporary Music Touring Program - Up to $15,000
Festivals Australia: Regional Festivals Project Fund
ArtStart - Up to $10,000
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Arts Events: Exhibitions, Performing Arts, Media and Programs

2015 Castlemaine State Festival
March 13-22, 2015
The Festival’s 40th anniversary, and 20th Festival, falls in 2015. Before & Beyond: 40 Years & 20 Festivals is the 2015 theme to honour the Festival’s remarkable past and the people who have shaped it, whilst creating new art-making and audience experiences.
Cultural Diversity Week 14 to 22 March. 
Hobsons Bay City Council is proud to present Colourfest multicultural film screening at the Substation, Newport on Thursday 19 March as part of Cultural Diversity Week.

Harmony Day
March 21 is Harmony Day - a day when Australia celebrates that everyone belongs - a day to celebrate our cultural diversity, and respect for everyone who calls Australia home.

Remix Sydney 2015 - Asia Pacific Summit
2-3 June 2015, Sydney Town Hall
REMIX explores the intersection of culture, technology and entrepreneurship bringing together thought-leaders from across industries to tackle the big ideas shaping the future of culture, creative cities and creative entrepreneurship.

Heritage Hill Exhibitions  February 20 – April 24 2015
2014 Artist-in-Residence Showcase

Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens,66 McCrae Street, Dandenong
The 2014 Artist-in-Residence Showcase celebrates the talent, concepts and projects undertaken by Heritage Hill Artists-in-Residence from 2014 including the artists Brett Ashby, Tessa Broadby & Ashlea English, Eddy Carroll, Siri Hayes, Michelle Neal, RIOT Stage Youth Theatre and Sarah Wilmot.
FCACheartsJogja: The Second Edition
Exquisite Corpstallation
Smorgan Gallery, Footscray Community Arts Centre
Since June 2014, FCAC, in partnership with Australian Embassy Jakarta’s Arts and Cultural Program, has been collaborating with artists and collectives from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Beginning in February 2015, artists from Yogyakarta, East Timor and Melbourne will create Exquisite Corpstallation in the FCAC Roslyn Smorgon Gallery, a surrealist influenced cumulative assembly.

National Dance Forum 2015
Melbourne 19–21 March 2015, Footscray Community Arts Centre.

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Creative play specialist, Lospalos, Timor-Leste, July 2015 - June 2016
A supported volunteer position through Scope Global, with Many Hands International.
 Many Hands International seeks a suitably qualified and experienced professional for the role of creative play specialist, to work in the new Cultural Centre in the regional town of Lospalos, Timor-Leste.
Enquiries: Dr. Kim Dunphy, Director, Many Hands International    

Council for the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) 2015 Australia Prizes
The Prize is for a performance, exhibition, project or specific advance in policy development in any HASS field.

Community Hart Awards  Deadline 10 April
These Awards recognise Victorian partnerships and initiatives  that contribute to local reconciliation outcomes.

Institute for Creative Health
The Institute for Creative Health is pleased to announce this call for 'Expressions of Interest' from
arts and health practioners (all settings), researchers, educators and administrators for upcoming
State Leadership Groups.
Accessible Arts, Australia's inaugural Arts + Disability Expo
18 and 19 September 2015, Carriageworks, Sydney.
The Expo has already obtained the Lifetime Care And Support Authority as its Key Partner, and now offers the opportunity for other organisations and groups within the arts and disability sector to directly connect with their market.
More information will be available in the coming months.

The Asia-Pacific Journal of Arts and Cultural Management
is an online, open access, fully peer reviewed academic journal which has been published since 2003. The journal publishes articles that address arts and cultural management and cultural policy issues with an emphasis on research relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Specific topics covered by the journal include cultural policy, arts funding and law, leadership, management marketing and organisational studies with specific relevance to the arts and cultural sector in the region. From 2012 onwards the journal has been hosted by the Arts and Cultural Management Program at the University of Melbourne. We aim to publish two volumes annually: one an open edition and the other with a specific theme. Deadline for consideration of papers: Open edition Deadline: 30 June 2015
National Dance Forum Bursaries
In partnership with Arts Victoria, is pleased to announce a first-time opportunity for Victoria-based dance artists to receive financial support to attend National Dance Forum 2015.
This opportunity is available to eligible Victorian dance artists who are interested in contributing to the most significant platform for dialogue across the Australian contemporary dance sector.
Placemaking Project Case Studies
Sue Kyte is a PhD student at Griffith University who is keen to hear about any potential placemaking projects that might work as case studies.
She is particularly interested in projects that 
1) have already taken place up to 10 years ago, 
2) where residents have been involved and 
3) residents, built environment practitioners, and possibly artists, have contributed to the various stages.
If anyone has some more possible examples, please contact sue at
Australian Government, Ministry for the Arts: Regional and Touring Arts
Regional Artist Development Fellowships
Regional Arts Fund
The Australia Council’s National Regional Programs

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