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From the office

Dear colleagues

National Local Government Cultural Forum

CDN recently announced the establishment of the National Local Government Cultural Forum in partnership with the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), Global Cities Research Institute (RMIT University) and the Australia Council for the Arts, Community Partnerships as part of their National Sector Development Initiative. The Cultural Forum will meet at least twice a year.  It will be made-up of the representatives of the eight Australian capital cities and the seven state and territory local government associations plus ALGA, Australia Council for the Arts and Global Cities Research Institute to set medium to long-term objectives for local government cultural planning and the arts. CDN provides governance and secretariat support to the forum.
The Cultural Forum will:
•             Increase the awareness and understanding of the community arts and cultural development sector and practice through support to local government cultural planning and development;
•             Grow community arts and cultural development practice with councils to ensure that there are opportunities for individuals and communities to actively participate in excellent artistic practices;
•             Provide support for the community arts and cultural development sector to present and promote in a responsive way that will impact on perceptions, policy and programs of local government.
The underpinning framework for the Cultural Forum will be the international peak body UCLG (United Cities and Local Governments) policy statement on culture (2010), dual approach.  Firstly, the development of the cultural sector itself (i.e. heritage, creativity, cultural industries, crafts, cultural tourism); and secondly, ensuring that culture has its rightful place in all public policies, particularly those related to education, the economy, science, communication, environment, social cohesion and international cooperation.

How will the Cultural Forum involve and impact on you and your organisation?
It is early days but essentially the Cultural Forum, being a roundtable of representatives from the Capital Cities and Local Government associations, aims to increase local government’s identification and support of artists in their communities, in particular those artists that are able to extend their work with emerging artists, specific communities of interest and generally be able to animate the arts in local neighbourhoods.  The Cultural Forum will operate for the next three years and as it comes together and the agenda is discussed and set, we will use this e-Bulletin and the communications channels of the partners to keep this wide constituency, that is local government, up to date on the Forum's deliberations and activities.

The Cultural Forum will begin its work in early 2013. To be informed of current Cultural Forum ideas and activities subscribe to the CDN ebulletin and visit the CDN website for up-to-date information:  For further enquiries email or telephone (03) 9925 0282.
The Culture and Community Researchers’ Network meeting in October featured presentations by Xris  Reardon, "The Legacy  of  Augusto  Boal’s  work  on  Theatre  of  the  Oppressed:  where  have    we  gone,  where  we  have come to", Chris   Parkinson, "The ethics and aesthetics  of  community-based  arts  practice" and Cymbeline  Buhler, "Peace-Building Theatre in Sri Lanka.  First  Steps  and  Considerations". Thanks to Xris, Chris and Cymbeline for sharing their practice. Details regarding the November meeting follow.

Regards from the CDN team: John Smithies, Kim Dunphy and Lyndall Metzke.

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The Culture and Community Researchers’ Network Upcoming Meetings and Events
The network is a partnership between the Cultural Development Network (CDN) and the Centre for Cultural Partnerships (CCP) at the University of Melbourne. It brings together researchers who are interested in cultural development, social change, creative methodologies, artistic intervention, practice-based research and/ or community research themes. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month from 2 - 5 pm at the Victorian College of the Arts. For information about meetings for the remainder of 2012 please refer to the CDN website.

Wednesday, November 28
Presentations by Dr Aneta Podkalicka: “Youthworx: generating social value through cultural production and enterprise” and Kerrie Schaefer: “Post-capitalism, community and performance in the work of MED Theatre and Theatre Modo.”

Dr Aneta Podkalicka: “Youthworx: generating social value through cultural production and enterprise”
This presentation focuses on an example of Melbourne-based youth media project called Youthworx. Youthworx uses media production and training to engage marginalised young people in learning and skill development. The project runs a series of accredited media courses, workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions, alongside a small-scale media production enterprise. Drawing on our long-term ethnographic research conducted at the project’s site in Brunswick, I will explore some of the values and tensions inherent in the operation of this initiative for social change. I will also reflect on our research methodologies to discuss their context-specific strengths and limitations. Aneta is a research fellow at Swinburne Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology, where she is researching social innovation across the areas of media and material culture studies.
Kerrie Schaefer: “Post-capitalism, community and performance in the work of MED Theatre and Theatre Modo.”
The term ‘community’ is ubiquitous, ambiguous and contested. This presents problems for fields of practice that are community-based. Established in the latter half of the 20th century, the field of community-based theatre and performance requires urgent attention due to the frequent invocation of community in other practical, political and governmental contexts. In this paper I will explore the critical  foundations of what cultural geographer Nigel Clark calls ‘the other community’ (2011). I will then apply these alternative theories of community (see, for instance, Nancy, Agamben, Blanchot) in a case study of MED Theatre, a community theatre based on Dartmoor in the south west of England, and Theatre Modo, a social circus creating large-scale celebrations in north east Scotland. This study forms part of a larger research project, supported by an Arts and Humanities Research Council Fellowship, which examines how community is ‘enacted’ in theatre and performance practices, and how these ‘performances’ of community relate to broader social, political and economic processes, and the critical questions and debates surrounding them. Kerrie Schaefer is a senior lecturer in Drama at the University of Exeter where she co-ordinates (with Fiona Macbeth) an undergraduate and masters programme in Applied Theatre and Performance. For more on her current research see:

2-5pm, Founders Room, Elisabeth Murdoch Building, Victorian College of the Arts, 234 St Kilda Road, Southbank.

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Call for Chapters: Making Culture Count: The Politics of Cultural Measurement
Closing date: 5pm Wednesday, 12 December 2012 (Melbourne, Australian Eastern Standard timezone)
This book project was generated out of the international conference Making Culture Count:Rethinking measures of cultural vitality, well being and citizenshipEditors: Dr Marnie Badham and Dr Lachlan MacDowall (University of Melbourne), Emma Blomkamp (University of Melbourne/University of Auckland), and Kim Dunphy (Cultural Development Network/Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia)
In recent years, culture and cultural development have become internationally recognised as important dimensions of contemporary governance and public policy. This book brings together diverse perspectives from scholars, policy-makers, cultural development practitioners and artists to explore the burgeoning field of cultural indicators and its political stakes and implications. The authors will engage in a critical dialogue on various approaches to monitoring, evaluating, planning, advocating, predicting, and simply understanding culture and cultural change. Chapters will cover a range of theoretical and practical approaches to quantifying forms of cultural value often considered intangible: cultural vitality, health and well being, citizenship, and sustainability. Confirmed contributors to date include Associate Professor Eleonora Belfiore, Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, University of Warwick (UK) and Dr Maria Rosario Jackson, Arts and Culture Program, Kresage Foundation (USA).
To submit abstracts or for further information visit the CDN website and email Dr Marnie Badham:

Making Culture Count Conference Declaration re cultural measurement to OECD World Forum
The Declaration created as a result of the Making Culture Count Conference was presented at the OECD World Forum on Measuring Well-Being for Development and Policy Making in Delhi in October by Professor Mike Salvaris, RMIT University.  This document advocates for the inclusion of the cultural dimension in considerations of human progress and well-being, and for measurements of this concept to be developed to ensure that progress can be fully conceptualized and monitored.  CDN thanks Marnie Badham, CCP-VCAM; Emma Blomkamp, University of Auckland and VCAM;  Nick Herd, Australia Council; and Jodi Newcombe, Carbon Arts, for their input, and especially Professor Mike Salvaris for his knowledge and guidance. The Declaration is available from the conference website

New cultural value blog.
A positive development following the Making Culture Count conference was the establishment by our keynote speaker Associate Professor Eleonora Belfiore from Warwick University, UK, of a blog about cultural value.

Proceedings available from Making Culture Count: Rethinking Measures of Cultural Vitality, Well-being and Citizenship Conference,
2 – 4 May, 2012, University of Melbourne

Presenters have generously made their work available in the form of papers, PowerPoint presentationsaudio recordings and photos on the conference website
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Research project:  Cultural Development and Planning in Local Government in Victoria
As you are aware Linda Tavelli from the Department of Culture and the Arts, WA spent three months with us working on a research project about cultural development and planning in local government in Victoria. We will publish Linda's findings within the next months, making available information that we expect will be useful for the cultural development sector broadly.  
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Consultant - Request for Proposal – Cultural Indicators Pilot Project
Proposals to be received by the City of Marion by 26 November 2012 2pm
The Cultural Indicators Pilot Project (CIPP) is an initiative of the Creative Communities Network (CCN), the South Australian network of Local Government cultural development workers and representatives of key state-wide arts and cultural organisations. The CIPP came about through the shared intent of the CCN to enable Local Government to be better informed about and better able to consider the impact of various factors on culture in local communities.
The aim of the Project is to develop, pilot and evaluate a Cultural Indicators Framework and Toolkit which will enable South Australian Councils to measure the impact of a variety of social, environmental and economic influences on the cultural vitality of their communities. The City of Marion, on behalf of the Creative Communities Network (CCN) is currently seeking proposals from organisations or individuals to project manage the implementation phase of the Cultural Indicators Pilot Project. Applicants are encouraged to apply individually or as a consultant team. Proposal submission and to download relevant documents from the SA Tenders and Contracts website: You will need to register (registration is free) at this site, and search for the documents using document reference CC201296. Enquiries contact Michael Beasy on 8375 6833.

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The Cultural Development Network has continued the ongoing work with CASTANET, a network of Victorian arts organisations, artists and government agencies in partnership with Arts Victoria. CASTANET supports community arts and cultural development in Victoria by offering professional development programs as well as planning, brokering and information services to anyone who is interested in developing community arts projects and activities. Castanet’s overarching goal is ‘increasing arts participation in the community’

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Municipal Association of Victoria’s Arts and Culture Committee
This group meets quarterly to consider issues that impact cultural development in local government across Victoria.  Members include CDN, senior local government staff and elected representatives from all around Victoria. For more information, contact John Smithies Look for further updates on MAV's website

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LG Pro Arts and Culture  Special Interest Group
This SIG operates as a forum to support Local Government arts management and development activities. Delegates from all local government authorities across Victoria are invited to participate in discussions on topics relevant to the arts and culture portfolios. Convenor: Michelle Ely, Melbourne City Council,


Professional Development: Networks, Workshops, Courses

The Kennedy Center, Washington DC, USA
Summer Fellowship for International Arts Managers, DeVos Institute Programs
Launched in 2008, the DeVos Institute's Summer Fellowship offers international arts managers an immersive program of study in arts management strategy. For four weeks each summer, for three consecutive years, international Fellows participate in seminars, group projects, individual mentorships and practical assignments supervised by Institute faculty and Center senior staff. Information.
Local Government Association of Queensland
Queensland Local Government Arts and Culture Inaugural Community Wellbeing Symposium
20 - 22 November, QUT Gardens Point. 
Day 1, Nov 20 - Community Wellbeing Leadership within Local Government 
Day 2, Nov 21 - Community Wellbeing cross portfolio opportunities and challenges 
Day 3, Nov 22 - Portfolio Specific Programs (Arts, Healthy Communities and Workers, Youth, CALD, Community Development in Recovery) 
Details and registration:
Application Deadline is December 1, 2012
Arts Victoria in partnership with Arts Centre Melbourne
Who's Coming? Forum

Thursday 29 November 2012.
Many arts organisations have implemented access and participation programs, projects and initiatives over the past few years, others intend to. The aim of the forum is to provide an opportunity for the Victorian arts sector to come together and learn a bit more about arts specific access in all its diverse forms.  It is also an opportunity for networking, linking up, sharing experiences and ideas. To discuss the work being carried out across the industry that has been instrumental in facilitating change (and will be into the future). Program and registration.
Penrith City Council’s Artist + Community Toolkit Workshop Series
Place Making With Arts Law
Friday 30th November, 9.30 am - 11.30 am
Passadena Room, Level One, Penrith City Council, 601 High St, Penrith, NSW
This session with Arts Law will look at the range of legal issues encountered in the collaborative art of place-making. It will also cover essentials of artist contracts for public art and place-making projects.
RSVP: Friday 23rd November. Workshops Free, refreshments provided, bookings essential.

UBC Centre for Cultural Planning and Development
The University of British Columbia’s new international Centre for Cultural Planning and Development launches the UBC Certificate in Cultural Planning. Information.
First International Arts Management Master's Degree Program launch by Bocconi University Graduate School of Management in Milan, Southern Methodist University in Dallas and HEC in Montreal.
Beginning in 2013. New Program Approaches Arts Management from a Global Perspective.For more information or to apply for our first cohort, visit or email
The Creativity Workshop 2012-2013
Workshops focus on helping individuals develop their creativity personally and professionally. Upcoming Creativity Workshops: Dubai: December 5 – 10, 2012, Singapore: February 13 – 18, 2013.

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Conferences and Forums

Call for Papers
‘People and the Planet 2013: Transforming the Future’ - A Global Conference 
The Global Cities Research Institute (RMIT) and the UN Global Compact Cities Programme invite paper and panel proposals for the ‘2013 People and the Planet: Transforming the Future’ academic conference, to be held at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 2-4 July 2013. Submission deadline: 15 February, 2013
Cultural Sustainability Stream. The Cultural Development Network is pleased to be partnering with conference organisers to convene the stream on cultural sustainability.  We invite your participation in this special event with a presentation that addresses the relationship between culture and sustainability.  You might take a cultural perspective to the main conference themes as provided in section below, or address these more specific themes:  Exploring the relationship of culture and sustainability. How are these two dimensions connected? Measuring the impact: of culture on sustainability, of cultural sustainability, of sustainability on culture…. How can stakeholders in the cultural sector/s contribute to a rethinking of sustainability issues? Enquiries about the cultural sustainability stream:
Call for Papers Information. More information visit Global Cities Research Institute website. Enquiries:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Ethnic Communities’ Council of Victoria
2012 State Conference: Victoria’s Multicultural Identity
20 November, 9am-5pm, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. 
Victoria’s Multicultural Identity conference will bring together government, policy makers, academics, service providers and community leaders to find intelligent solutions to Victoria’s identity challenges. To register and view more information visit

Creative Innovation Conference
28 - 30 November, 2012
Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne
Speakers include: Michael T. Jones (USA), Geoff Mulgan (UK), Wade Davis (USA) and Baroness Susan Greenfield (UK).

Arts and Health Australia
The Art of Good Health and Wellbeing, Fremantle 2012, 4th Annual International Arts and Health Conference

26 - 29 November 2012, The University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle WA
This Conference, will present best practice and innovative arts and health programs, effective health promotion and prevention campaigns, methods of project evaluation and scientific research. Information:

Renew Australia
Creating Spaces Conference

12 - 14 March 2012, Newcastle
Creating Spaces will bring together regional-based community leaders from across Australia who are passionate about renewal and creativity, and interested in reactivating spaces within their own communities. Information.

Homemade Festival August 2013
Enquiries:  Nick Walters Website 
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Call for Papers
12th International Conference on Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC 2013)

South America, Bogota, Colombia, 26-29 June, 2013.
Researchers are invited to submit proposals for paper presentations. This scientific conference will address various sectors of the arts and cultural industries., information:

International Symposium of Culture and Sustainable Development
Thursday, 22 November 2012 - 9:00am - Friday, 23 November 2012 - 6:00pm
Cité des sciences and industry in Paris, France
Objective of this symposium is to share ideas on culture and sustainable development, and identify possible actions to promote better integration of culture into sustainable development initiatives. Information:

International Physical Theatre Lab
December 14 - 21, 2012
International intensive for dancers, choreographers, actors of physical theatre and contemporary circus performers interested to find new international network opportunities and collaborators! The working language is English. Programme and details:

International University Global Theatre Experience (IUGTE)
Performing Arts Management Today International Conference, December 17 - 21, 2012
Retzhof Castle - Retzhof Educational Institute, Leitring bei Leibnitz, Austria

Creative Cities Network of Canada
2013 Creative City Summit

29 - 31 May, 2013
City of Ottawa, Ontario Information

Culture, Health and Wellbeing International Conference, Bristol UK
24-26 June 2013
Early bird discount by February 2013. Information

The 3rd International Conference on Performing Arts As Creative Industries In Asia
26 - 28 June 2013
School of Arts, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

The 8th IDEA “Drama / Theatre and Education” World Congress
July 8th to 13th 2013, Paris, France

Setouchi Triennale 2013
A contemporary art festival on several islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The organisers are calling for art proposals for the second version in 2013.

International Summer School In Cultural Economics, July 17 -21, Amsterdam
Organised by the Centre for Research in Arts and Economics (CREARE) and Erasmus Academie, with the aim of advancing knowledge in cultural economics and its application to practice.

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Presentation: Making Community Theatre in rural Timor-Leste, 
Fri 30 November 6pm, Meeting Room, East Melbourne library, 122 George St, East Melbourne.
Melbourne based theatre director Catherine Simmonds will be guest speaker at this special event and end of year celebration. Catherine will share her experiences as a recent Asialink resident in Timor-Leste hosted by Melbourne-based NGO Many Hands International. She will describe the process of creating theatre performance Our Culture: Many Different Stories with lian nain- (traditional elders), women weavers and young members of performing group Sangar Haburas in the remote town of Lospalos. The event is free: All welcome,. Drinks and nibbles provided.
Enquiries: Kim Dunphy  website:

Short + Sweet Festival 2012
20 Nov - 9 Dec
Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran
Bookings and Information.
Inaugural Aborigial Shearwater Festival
24-25 November, 2012
Phillip Island, Victoria
Celebrating the short-tailed shearwater birds, known in the local Boonwurrung language as Biyadin. The Festival is being auspiced by the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation of Languages and is being held at the Phillip Island Nature Park. The Festival has a strong community focus and is designed to bring the community together to promote cross-cultural understanding and environmental awareness, with a focus on the shearwaters as symbols of the cycle of life and global interconnectedness. Attached is a brochure and entry form for the Festival Art Exhibition.

Art Sparks on the Green
Sat 24 November 2012
Buninyong Brewery, 107 Yuille Street, Buninyong

City of Melbourne, Melbourne Conversations
Shaping Knowledge Cities in a digital world: What does this mean for you?
Monday 26 November 2012, 6pm to 7.30pm (entry from 5.30pm)
BMW Edge, Federation Square. Free event. No bookings required.
Launch event for the third annual Melbourne Knowledge Week. Information.

Melbourne Knowledge Week
26 Nov - 1 Dec 2012

Held throughout the City of Melbourne municipality, offering over 40 events to celebrate and showcase Melbourne as a knowledge city.

Gasworks Spring Music Festival
11 – 25 November 2012
Cnr Graham and Pickles Streets, Albert Park, Victoria
Held over three consecutive Sundays, the Gasworks Spring Music Festival features a variety of high quality free music, including seminal Melbourne songstress Jen Cloher, experimental-pop duo The Twoks and legendary Australian performer Jenny Morris. Free event. Food available onsite. Information.
StripFest 2013
The inaugural StripFest is scheduled for 2013 in the very heart of arts bohemia: Fitzroy's Brunswick Street. StripFest is programmed and coordinated by a collective of artists and arts practitioners, on a cooperative basis, whose aim is to create an inclusive festival for local artists, showcase local talent and venues, and focus on promoting a vibrant creative hub, in an explosion of local art, music, theatre, film, comedy and performance, breaking boundaries, legs and records for a wider audience nationally and internationally. Information.

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Positions Vacant

Knox City Council
Festival and Events Officer
Permanent Full-time

Salary: $69,375.00 to $75,768.00
Application deadline: 16 November 2012 Information.

The Australian Art Orchestra (AAO) is seeking a new Artistic Director.
Applications – Closing Date 30 November 2012
For almost two decades, the AAO has been led by its Founding Artistic Director, Paul Grabowsky, who will now step aside from the primary role of Artistic Director, while maintaining a close connection with the Orchestra. The AAO musicians and Board are seeking an Artistic Director, who can build upon the successes of the past two decades and can lead the AAO into the next exciting phase of its development. Further enquiries: Margaret Lloyd, email: Tel: 03 9329 0936

Creative Arts and Cultural Development Officer, Lospalos, Timor-Leste
National Directorate of Culture and Many Hands International (MHI)
12 month assignment from March 2013. Closing date 21 November:
Australian Volunteers for International Development Program. Responsibilities include staff and community training and skill development, cultural development programming and production of community arts events in the Lospalos Centre for Contemporary and Traditional Arts and Culture.

Sustainable Living Festival
The Sustainable Living Foundation are looking for volunteers to help out at the 2012 Sustainable Living Festival. Volunteers are needed from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th February. Information.

Creative Foyer
Don't have time to search jobs on a regular basis? Then try the Jobs Express service from Creative Foyer.
Each fortnight they email you a summary of what jobs are available in your area of interest. And once you've found your dream job, you can simply unsubscribe. Sign Up:

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Figures are Us: book-keeping and HR contract services
We specialise in bookkeeping for the not for profit sector as well as architects, artists and those in the film industry. Our services include payroll, data entry, financial reporting, cash flow projections, budgeting and preparation of books for your accountant or auditor. We are situated in Hampton but have clients all over Victoria. We've provided excellent service to the Cultural Development Network since 2005. Mobile: 0419 754 797

Jorge de Araujo Photography
Principal photographer is Jorge de Araujo heading up an amazing team of photographers, graphic designers, website designers and retouchers to offer you a complete corporate image.

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Immigration Museum, Melbourne
Leaving Dublin. Photographs by David Monahan
Until 25 Aug 2013
Embodying the despairs, hopes, dreams, resilience, sadness and excitement of starting life in a new land is this collection of over 30 poignant night-time images depicting Irish emigrants in Dublin locations significant to them. 
Become part of the exhibition! You can record your stories and submit photographs of migration and relocation at the Museum during opening hours and online. Proudly supported by Culture Ireland. Information.

Toyota Community Spirit Gallery launch of the 8th annual indoor outdoor sculpture exhibition
Sculpture 2012 - Brave New World
Opening Tuesday 27th November, 6:00 to 8:00pm
Officially opened by Professor Callum Morton, Head of Fine Art, MADA (Monash Art Design & Architecture). Announcement of the 2012 $10,000 Toyota Artist Travel Award. Information.

City of Greater Dandenong
Tracings of You - Ilona Nelson  
1 - 29 November
Ilona Nelson was Heritage Hills’ first Artist In Residence in 2011 where she spent a day in the historical buildings recording her immediate response to the space.  The residency developed into Nelson’s new media series Tracings of You, which consists of a short film and a combination of film and digital photographs. Information.

Arts Wodonga
2012 Hume Buidling Society Acquisitive Contemporary Art Award

16 November - 15 December
Arts Space, Cnr Lawrence and Hovell Streets, Wodonga

City of Moonee Valley
Sensation and Fabrication

1 November - 2 December
Incinerator Gallery, 180 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds
A free exhibition exploring the use of industrial processes in the producation of artworks. Featuring Keith Wong, Kristin McIver, Andrew Gutterridge and Paul Yore.

A public sonic art intervention
By The Click Clack Project
Federation Square

Proudly presented by Federation Square and Footscray Community Arts Centre in association with The University of Melbourne’s Music, Mind and Wellbeing Initiative and Cloverdale Community Centre.
MONOLITHICA will present a series of eight concerts in what will be a major contribution to the international movement for large scale interabilities sound arts events.  MONOLITHICA Concerts will take place within Federation Square’s BMW Edge and outdoor spaces over two weeks in November.

State Library of Victoria
Gusto! A culinary history of Victoria, free exhibition
Friday 3 August 2012 - Sunday 28 April 2013
Keith Murdoch Gallery, Main entry, Swanston Street, Melbourne
Gusto! explores Victoria's historic and contemporary culinary landscape, covering subjects such as the history of viticulture, Indigenous foods, sustainable food practices, fine dining and food rationing.  Information:

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Australia Council for the Arts
2013 Emerging Leaders Development Program

The Australia Council is now looking for 20 leaders to start the program in April 2013.
The program is a five day residential workshop followed by a period of mentoring and coaching with respected senior executives. The program is designed to cover a broad range of topics that will stimulate discussion with other like-minded high performing arts leaders and enhance your knowledge and skills to face the challenges of your future career. Information.

Australia Council for the Arts
Early Career Residencies

Applications for this grant close 29 January 2013
The Early Career Residencies program provides an opportunity for artists, curators, editors and producers to develop and implement creative projects and developments, whilst being supported in a host organisation or venue. Individuals, groups and organisations can apply for up to $30,000. Information.
Third-Way Theatre Workshop
November 19 : Workshop: 9:30-3:00pm. Talk 4:30-5:30pm, 506 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne 
Image Theatre - digging deeper. An exploratory workshop on how to deepen the work of  Image theatre /Theatre of The Oppressed techniques with Adrian Jackson of Cardboard Citizens (London), and  Xris Reardon of Third Way Theatre. Information: 
Arts Access Victoria, ARTSTOP 21 - Workshops in Art! 
Every Wednesday, 10am - 12.00pm, free, The Olive Way, 212-214 Sydney Road, Brunswick
Working with ink, pencil, watercolour and soft sculpture, artists will be developing a body of work for The Fluid Ink Project exhibition in August. Enquiries: Tel 03 9699 8299.

Monash Unviersity
Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development
The BAL&D is an innovative degree program for people involved in leading and facilitating community learning and development processes.
Course information:
Artists in Community, International
Artists in Community International inspire children to be creative in their art-making. The artists each have their own practice and deep understanding of the creative process.
Information: or (03) 9532 5667

Grampian ArtsGrampians Texture
23rd – 28th February 2013. Bookings now open.
Halls Gap, Grampians National Park
Grampians Texture is a unique opportunity for textile artists to explore their passion for textiles and fibre arts in one of Australia’s most beautiful natural environments. Information:

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Australia Council
Ros Bower Award and the Kirk Robson Awards Nominations
Awards catergory closes 1 March 2013.

Community Partnerships offers annual Awards that celebrate the skills and achievements of community arts and cultural development practitioners in Australia. The Ros Bower Award honours an artist or arts worker with a proven record of high achievement in the field of community arts and cultural development. Community Partnerships and the Ros Bower Memorial Trust offers the Ros Bower Award, worth $50,000. The Kirk Robson Awards recognise leadership among young community arts and cultural development practitioners.Up to two Kirk Robson Awards of $10,000 are dedicated annually. Information contact Community Partnerships: ph 02 9215 9034, email  . 

FReeZa Music Mentoring Program
Applications close 20 November 2012

FReeZA is calling for young people aged 18 to 25 who have a passion for music to apply for the new FReeZA mentoring and skill development program. The program allows young people to receive mentoring and support to develop their skills in a nominated area of interest including performance; technical production; marketing and publicity; event management; or music business operations. Information: or

Municipal Association of Victoria Multicultural Issues eNetwork
The MAV’s new quarterly magazine CiVic will be launched in early December 2012.  It will be distributed in print to 2000 CEOs, councillors and senior local government decision-makers across Victoria, with an expected readership of 43 000.  CiVic will be available as an iPad app. Councils can discuss and submit story ideas to Puffafish's editor, Kristi High, on 0407 366 466 or at All advertising inquiries to Puffafish Advertising
City of Wodonga
Expressions of Interest for the 2013 Exhibition Wodonga Wearable Art Award

Applications close: 30 November
Application forms and enquiries: (02) 6022 9600

Footscray Community Art Centre
The Very West

Entries close 17 November. Showcase event 15 December
The Very West offers local, unsigned and unheard of bands and/or musicians the opportunity to strut their stuff in front of a panel of industry professionals at a special showcase event.  The act deemed most ready to take on the world will earn them a slot at the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival Melbourne in February 2013. Contact Erin Watson, Producer, Arts & Community Events on 9362 8888 or email

Global Arts Renaissance
December 20, 2012
People in over 97 countries are initiating a global renaissance of art, music and performance on Dec 20, 2012* to express their visions for a better world and to help life change, for the better.
Sign up to share your vision of a better world by going to:

Find An Arts Space - Creative Spaces
The Creative Spaces website is a free site that documents spaces, venues and studios around Victoria that are available for artists and arts organizations to develop a present their work. Individuals and organisations can also list their spaces and use the site to learn how to transform an existing space into one suitable for the arts.

The Australia and New Zealand School of Government
Excellence in Local Government Leadership Program (ELGLP)

Delivered over two separate residential modules, ELGLP is designed specifically for senior executives, mayors and leading elected members in local government in Australia and New Zealand. Information.

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Joan an Betty Raynor ACTF Commission
$15,000 funding available towards a theatre production for primary aged students
Applications close 5pm, Friday 18 January, 2013.
The Australian Children’s Theatre Foundation have announced the Joan and Betty Rayner ACTF Commission, providing a $15,000 commission towards developing a theatre work for primary aged students. 
Regional Arts Victoria will administer the Joan and Betty Rayner ACTF Commission and the successful project will be toured as part of the 2014 Regional Arts Victoria Education and Families program.
Arts Victoria
New Program Announced - Organisations Investment Program
Premier and Minister for the Arts Ted Baillieu has announced Arts Victoria’s new Organisations Investment Program, representing a significant reform of the way the government supports the State’s arts organisations.
The program includes three new categories of funding – Developing Organisations, Established Organisations and Lead Organisations – sitting alongside the existing Major Performing Arts Organisations, which receive long-term State investment in partnership with the Federal Government. Information.

Arts Victoria
This category supports a range of partnership opportunities throughout the year which seek to foster the development of Indigenous arts in Victoria. Partnership opportunities may focus on sector development gaps and initiatives which could create significant development within the sector. Information.
Australia Council
Creative Partnerships with Asia

Expressions of Interest close 31 Jan 2013
The Australia Council is offering grants of up to $40,000 to support a small number of two-way creative partnerships between artists working in Australia and Asia. Information.

Australia Council
International Pathways - Music
Applications for this grant close 3 December 2012
International Pathways supports international touring by Australian musicians. It provides travel support of up to $20,000 for artists and their manager undertaking international tours of five dates or more in at least three different cities or towns. Information.
Australian Children’s Theatre Foundation (ACTF) in partnership with Regional Arts Victoria
Inaugural Joan and Betty Rayner ACTF Commission, a grant of $15,000 to go towards high quality theatre works for primary aged students.
The ACTF will commission (in whole or in part) the creative development to the point of being tour ready, theatre works of small scale specifically written for primary school students. It is intended that the successful applicants will be able to tour the new work within RAV’s Education and Families program in 2014. For further information and to download an application form, please visit:
Hobsons Bay City Council

CAPACITY is a scheme offered to artists and small art groups in the western region of Melbourne providing benefits to artists through mentoring and professional development opportunities and the sharing of ideas and resources.
Information session:Saturday, 17th November 2012 1.00pm to 4.30pm Woods Street Arts Space 44 Woods Street, Laverton. RSVP essential Tania Blackwell, Coordinator, Arts and Culture, Hobsons Bay City Council, phone: 9932 1000 or email

Australia Council: Going Global
Australia Council’s Going Global grant in an initiative to support international touring of Australian contemporary performing arts. Applications for this initiative must be received eight weeks prior to the project commencement date. Enquiries: Ellen Dwyer, Phone 02 9215 9051 (direct) 1800 226 912 (toll free), Email

Regional Arts Victoria
Home is Where the Hall Is – registrations now open

Home is Where the Hall is a grassroots, community arts initiative produced by Regional Arts Victoria. To register for the 2012 Home is Where the Hall is series plan an event for November 2012 in your local hall or community and register it as part of Home Is Where The Hall Is. Information:

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal
Supports the development of regional community foundations, and uses seed funding and challenge grants to move regional development project funding into a more dynamic context. or

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Foundations, councils and institutes (FCI) Grants rounds for 2012-13 now open.

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Resources and Publications

Culture and Sustainable Development at Rio+20: Interview with Jordi Pascual of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG)
CDN's colleague Jordi Pascual (keynote speaker at our 2007 conference) from UCLG's Committee for Culture recently ran a conference on the role of culture in sustainable development, seeking to influence discussions at the recent important Rio+20 Summit. Jordi sees much scope for improvement in the final recommendations from the conference! Read an interview with him here:

Australia in the Asian Century
White paper recently released by the Australian Government. Read here. 

Arts Access Australia
Free public art tool-kit launched  
Roadblock and this toolkit have been designed as an arts + advocacy tool to help raise community/public awareness about issues that matter to you. You can use it as a do-it-yourself guide to creating your own public art project Or you can use it to raise awareness of the access issues people with disability face when engaging with the arts. Roadblock arts + advocacy toolkit toolkit is an easy, how-to guide to creating your own temporary public art installation based on ‘Roadblock’ - an  idea of artist Ross Barber. This new resourse by AAA intern Sophie Morris is now available to download Read More
New Study: "The use of Structural Funds for Cultural Projects" - Culture for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth – Assessing the impact of Structural Funds for cultural investment
Commissioned by the European Parliament, the study shows the importance of Structural Funds (SFs) in European cities, regions and countries developing their economy and improving their social fabric through culture. It highlights the breadth of the impact of cultural investment ranging from urban regeneration, social cohesion, jobs and entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, heritage preservation, education and tourism.
National Endowment for the Arts, USA, March 30, 2012
New NEA Research Report Shows Potential Benefits of Arts Education for At-Risk Youth
Youth Have Better Academic Outcomes, Higher Career Goals, and Are More Civically Engaged. Read more.

Why culture matters to sustainable development
Article 13 September, 2012, Artshub By Holly Schäuble is the Founding Director of Many Hands International, an Australian NGO working with communities to identify cultural assets and apply them to maintain culture and develop economic and social opportunities.
Reconciliation Australia: Building Relationships for Change between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians.
Note: Information and links to resources and publications are eventually moved to the CDN website at

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