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From the Office

Dear colleagues, 

October is a productive month for CDN with t
wo major initiatives: the Arts Information Exchange and the 2014 Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network Forum (read below).  CDN has also just returned from the 4th meeting of the National Local Government Cultural Forum which took place in Darwin on October 8. The full report of this meeting will be included in the next ebulletin and the CDN website.

  Launch of the Arts Information Exchange

If you have a question on anything in the arts or you think you can provide good advice about the arts, then the Castanet Arts Information Exchange is now here for you!  Seek answers to your questions, anonymously, or step forward and join as an Advisor to provide that extra service to your local community or tackle the questions from far and wide.
This service has a full FAQ section and is open now at:

Arts Information Exchange is a centralised resource for queries about many aspects of the arts. The online question and answer exchange enables any questions related to the arts to be posted to a collection of skilled and experienced advisors drawn from across arts agencies, organisations and communities.  All questions and answers are stored online and available to all users – queries may be from a number of arts topics may include access, collaboration, events, funding, policy, research, skills and venues.Arts Information Exchange has been developed by Castanet. Castanet is a network of Victorian arts organisations including CDN, artists and government agencies that works to support and increase arts participation in the community. It offers professional development programs as well as access, advocacy and information services to individuals and organisations interested in developing community arts projects.
2014 Victorian Local Government Multicultural Issues Network Forum
Enhancing cultural wellbeing and cultural citizenship through arts
Thursday 30 October 2014 10:00AM - 4:30PM, Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Ballarat
This year’s annual VLGMIN Forum invites local council officers, councillors, and partner organisations to join us in addressing the cultural development of local communities. 
Keynote speaker: Arnold Zable award winning Australian writer, storyteller, educator and human rights advocate: Creating a cultural democracy.
Local government has a responsibility to respond pro-actively to the needs of its diverse citizens.  While councils include diverse cultural groups in festivals and special celebrations, much more can be done to embrace the diversity of people from all cultural backgrounds and enhance cultural wellbeing and cultural citizenship. What can we learn from each other? What can we do better? Further details below.

Cultural impact assessment: a literature review of current practice around the world 
Last month, CDN’s Research Program Manager Kim Dunphy made a presentation on a research on cultural impact assessment undertaken at CDN over the last year. Former CDN researcher Adriana Partal, now employed at RMIT Europe in Barcelona, was a collaborator in the process, undertaking much of the initial research during her time at CDN in 2013. The two sought to find out whether cultural impact assessment is occurring, particularly in local government contexts around the world, and if so, how it is occurring. They shared their research at the recent International Conference on Cultural Policy Research in Hildesheim, Germany, where they enjoyed meeting and,exchanging ideas with more than 450 cultural researchers from all over the world.
Read the report which is a summary of their findings, with their presentation available from Dr. Kim Dunphy is continuing her conference engagements and we wish her well with her presentation on: Holistic model of outcome evaluation for arts engagement, at the European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education seminar on October 22.

Congratulations to Emma Blomkamp, finalist for the 2014 ENCATC Award
CDN wishes to congratulate Emma Blomkamp who was recently shortlisted as a finalist for the 2014 ENCATC Award. Emma Blomkamp was representing Australia and New Zealand for her PhD thesis “Meaning and Measures of Urban Cultural Policy: Art, Local Government and Community Wellbeing”. The ENCATC Award exists to stimulate academic research in the field of cultural policy and management to explore, through comparative and cross-cultural research, issues at stake in contemporary Europe, Asia and the Americas, and possibly anticipate new cultural policy orientations. Moreover, it contributes to the process of creating an "infrastructure", a network of scholars who are competent in doing comparative research projects in cultural policy and management issues. The details of Emma's thesis are featured in the Resources section below.
Regards from the CDN team: John Smithies, Kim Dunphy, Lyndall Metzke, Leda Yazgin and Emma Asscher.
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Cultural Development Network's activities

Enhancing cultural wellbeing and cultural citizenship through arts
Thursday 30 October 2014 10:00AM - 4:30PM, Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka, Ballarat
This year’s annual VLGMIN Forum invites local council officers, councillors, and partner organisations to join in addressing the cultural development of local communities. 
Keynote speaker: Arnold Zable award winning Australian writer, storyteller, educator and human rights advocate: Creating a cultural democracy
This forum seeks to develop the skills of professionals from local government and partner organisations to engage more fully with their culturally diverse communities through cultural development activities, including the arts.  It features inspiring case studies, evidence from research, discussion and networking.
Key themes:
•    Building partnerships between local government and culturally diverse communities: taking an active, inclusive approach
•    Access and equity: ensuring equitable outcomes for people from culturally diverse communities; adapting support programs and improving communication strategies
•    Determining community needs and getting effective outcomes: creative ways to consult with culturally diverse communities and using data to inform our work
•    Using arts to address racism in our communities.
RSVP: Monday 27 October 2014 Forum - Member: $50.00 (inc. GST), Forum - Non-Member: $50.00 (inc. GST)  
Further Information click here. Register here.

New resources on CDN's website about cultural development planning in local government
Several products presented at the recent forum series are now available from the cultural development planning page on CDN's website.  
A report on cultural data provides an overview of datasets that may be relevant and useful to cultural development planners in local government across Australia. A focus has been given to datasets available at local government level, as well as those that may be useful even if they are only available at state and national levels.
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European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education Advanced Seminar:
Rethinking cultural evaluation: going beyond the GDP
22 October 2014, Paris, France
CDN's Research Program Manager Kim Dunphy will make a presentation on: Holistic model of outcome evaluation for arts engagement
This seminar brings together renowned academics, researchers, and practitioners from UNESCO, the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, the Forum d'Avignon, and European universities among others. Participants will have the opportunity to understand the most recent advancements in the debate on culture as an indicator of well‐being and development, and to contribute to the discussion on rethinking how to measure spill‐over effects of cultural and creative industries and how to evaluate cultural approaches.
Download the PROGRAMME here:
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United Cities and Local Government Committee for Culture update
In March 2014 the Committee on culture of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) launched an online consultation questionnaire in relation to updating the Agenda 21 for culture. In almost five months, until 31 July 2014, the questionnaire received 255 responses, of which 142 can be considered complete. The document “Agenda 21 for culture, today and tomorrow: questionnaire results” offers a summary of the contributions and includes an analysis of the responses received which will be considered, together with the rest of ideas collected throughout 2013 and 2014, in light of the preparation of the new Agenda 21 for culture, to be presented in Bilbao in March 2015. Questionnaire results click here.
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Local government professional support groups

CDN supports two groups of local government professionals that meet to discuss issues of relevance to local government cultural development in Victoria. Visit their websites for reports about activity and coming meetings:

Municipal Association of Victoria Arts and Culture Committee
This group of elected representatives and council staff meets quarterly to advise MAV's Board on issues related to Arts and Culture in Victoria councils.

LGPro Arts and Culture Special Interest Group
This SIG operates as a forum to support Local Government arts management and development activities. Delegates from all Local Government authorities across Victoria are invited to participate in discussions on topics relevant to the arts and culture portfolios.
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Australia Council for the Arts: National Sector Development Initiative

In 2012, after extensive consultation with the community arts and cultural development (CACD) sector regarding better targeting of Australia Council resources to develop the capacity and sustainability of the sector, Community Partnerships announced support for a suite of new multi-year projects through its National Sector Development Initiative. The National Local Government Cultural Forum is one of the three projects of which CDN is the secretariat. The two other projects are:

The Digital Platform - to build an exceptional and unique national digital platform to showcase practice and support communications and collaboration in the CACD sector over the next decade. The new platform will be the centre piece of a national digital strategy - a blueprint designed to strengthen the online capacity of our sector - locally, nationally and internationally. Visit The Platform consultation site for information and updates
Creating Australia - the establishment of a cross-sector organisation for the Australian CACD sector that provides communication, collaboration and advocacy. Visit the Creating Australia consultation site for information and updates

Professional Development Activities

23- 26 October 2014
Free event presented by Arts Project Australia in partnership with The University of Melbourne 
An international conference to be held at The University of Melbourne with associated exhibitions, films and events 
at prominent venues across Melbourne. 

Public Pedagogies Day 2014
Friday 7 November
Victoria University, Law School
Public Pedagogies Day is free and open to all who have an interest in the learning and teaching beyond school and university classrooms. Registration is essential by Tuesday 4 November,
Deakin University’s Arts Participation Incubator (API)
Curating Participation
Thursday 27 November, Deakin Edge, Federation Square
A massive conversation about arts participation projects in the context of contemporary curatorial practices for festivals, galleries, museums, and public spaces. The format will be as participatory and engaging as our subject matter: join experts and practitioners to dive beyond presentations, and into questioning, discussion, and workshopping. Facilitated by Jess Scully, Director of Sydney’s Vivid Ideas, and including some of Australia’s most innovative creative thinkers in the participative public arts space.

Creative Partnerships Australia Sector Development Programs
Creative Partnerships’ suite of industry development programs and initiatives - known as the ‘Smart About the Arts’ series - links Australian and international arts philanthropy and fundraising experts with the arts sector for interactive learning and skills development.
CoDesign Studio,
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Donkey Wheel House, 673 Bourke St, Melbourne
Friday, October 31, Melbourne CBD
Early bird price: $225.00 (Save $50 off the full price) before 31 July
Be Informed – Gain insight on funding; social media; audience; and industry trends.
Be Inspired – Connect with industry leading professionals and learn from their successes.
Be Innovative – Learn how to differentiate yourself; progress your career; and overcome today’s key challenges.
October 16-19, 2014
Arts & Edges, the Regional Arts Australia Summit, will be hosted by Country Arts WA to showcase regional arts on a national platform from the unique location of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia. Part conference, part festival, all art: the biennial Summit is the largest gathering for the arts community outside of Australia’s capital cities.

Arts Activated Conference 2014
28 - 29 October, 2014, Concourse, Chatswood, Sydney
People with disability have an important role to play in Australia’s arts and culture; this is what makes Arts Activated a valuable meeting place for those passionate about the arts and disability sectors.Keynote speakers: Marcus Dickey Horley, Curator of Special Projects at Tate Gallery, UK and Jo Verrant, a diversity trainer, consultant and project manager in the UK cultural sector.

Interested in Community Cultural Development and Engagement?
The Graduate Certificate in Arts and Community Engagement (GCACE) could be a great next step for you!
Applications close 27 October
The GCACE, at VCAMCM, University of Melbourne is a 5-week intensive commencing on November 3rd 2014 throughout 2015. 
Be led by practitioners and academics with local and international experience to develop your career in community based arts and develop the theoretical and practical underpinnings for working in community.  

RMIT University
Migration and Mobility Research Symposium – Australia and its ‘Others’: Fear and Politics in a Multicultural Nation
Friday, 14 – Saturday, 15 November 2014
This symposium will run over two half-days sessions - Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.
RMIT City Campus, The Kaleide Theatre, 360 Swanston St, Melbourne

Art Association of Australia and New Zealand
Friday 5 December – Monday 8 December 2014, Launceston, Tasmania
The 2014 annual conference of the Art Association Australia and New Zealand (AAANZ) will take place at the Inveresk Cultural Precinct, Launceston, Tasmania, 5-7 December 2014.

ACSPRI Conference, 7-10 December 2014
The Australian Consortium of Social and Political Research Incorporated (ACSPRI) will host a conference on the 7th-10th of December, 2014 at The University of Sydney. The goal of the conference is to provide a forum on current and emerging issues in social science methodology nationally and internationally. The is the 4th ACSPRI hosted methods conference. Conferences were held in 2006, 2010 and 2012.
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European Network on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education seminar:
Rethinking cultural evaluation: going beyond the GDP

22 October 2014, Paris, France
CDN's Research Program Manager Kim Dunphy will make a presentation on: Holistic model of outcome evaluation for arts engagement
A seminar organised in Paris in partnership with the European Joint Research Centre, UNESCO, and OECD. This event will offer participants the possibility to understand the most recent advancements in the debate on culture as an indicator of well‐being and development. 
ICOM-ICTOP annual conference
Hanoi and Ha Long Bay, Vietnam, Oct. 21-25, 2014.
Rethinking Museums & Sustainable Development for the Global Profession
Postcolonial Museology, Appropriate Capacity Building and Regional Engagement
ENCATC - the leading European network on cultural management and cultural policy education and with support from the ASEF Creative Networks initiative of the Asia-Europe Foundation
International Conference “New Voices, Current Perspectives: Arts Management, Policy and Development in Asia”
Singapore, 13-15 November 2014

Convergence: An International Summit on Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology
The Banff Centre, Banff, Canada
27 November 2014 to 30 November 2014
Convergence is an arts summit dedicated to exploring the ways that arts practices intersect with each other and with technology in a complex physical and social ecology.
Call for presentations.
December 19-22 - Tuscany, Italy
"Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity"
The annual multidisciplinary conference brings together performers, practising performing arts academics and artists from all continents. The conference mission is to create the international meeting point for performers and teachers working in various art genres, techniques and forms - theatre, dance, music, visual and multimedia art.

International Transdisciplinary Conference
Culture(s) in Sustainable Futures: theories, policies, practices
6-8 May, 2015, Helsinki, Finland
This landmark conference that takes place in Helsinki, 6-8 May 2015 explores the roles and meanings of culture in sustainable development. The new ideas generated in the conference will inform and advance understandings of sustainability with cultural studies and practices, and vice versa.
Call for proposals is now open. The deadline for research paper session proposals is 1st October 2014 and for papers and other forms of presentation 5 th December 2014. Please see for further information 
Contributions to the book will be presented as part of the 1st International Research Conference on Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Training and Education, held from June 10 - 12, 2015 at the University of Minnesota, Duluth USA.

New Resources

CDN Pick of the Month
Jointly awarded by the University of Auckland and the University of Melbourne.
Emma explored the design, delivery and evaluation of arts and cultural programmes by city councils in Australia and New Zealand. Her research highlights the opportunities and difficulties in using wellbeing measures to evaluate cultural policy.
The Summary of Findings and full thesis can be found on her Academia page:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
New Report: Artists Report Back; A National Study on the Lives of Arts Graduates and Working Artists
A report by BFAMFAPhD, 2014
The report looks at how artists are educated, make their living, deal with their debt, and how they (can) contribute to the solidarity economy.  The report finds there is a disconnect between art-degree graduates and those who actually make a living from their work, and includes recommendations for how cultural institutions and foundations should address the gap between arts graduates and working artists.

New Book: Community Art: Creative Approaches to Practice
Jill Chonody (ed.)
Community Art: Creative Approaches to Practice is a collection of essays that cover a wide range of artistic endeavors including photography, street/mural art, singing, drawing, storytelling, sculpting, dance, drumming, horticulture, repurposed objects, theater, and film. Art is explored from the perspective that self-expression can be a powerful experience that raises consciousness for the person who created it as well as her/his audience. This book examines the use of art and its potential to create change for individuals, groups, and communities.

New Report: Stanley, J. and Roux, A., 2014, Infrastructure for 21st Century Australian Cities,
Papers from the ADC Forum National Infrastructure and Cities Summit, March 2014, Melbourne Australia

The official report of the National Infrastructure and Cities Summit, a 243-page book entitled Infrastructure for 21st Century Australian Cities, was launched by the Federal Environment Minister, The Hon Greg Hunt at RMIT’s Storey Hall on Monday 29 September.  The Summit brought together Australian experts, decision makers and leading international experts, including Professor Robert Cervero from University of California, Berkeley, a world leader in the area of integrated land use and transport planning. Professor Khoo Teng Chye, Executive Director of the Centre for Liveable Cities, Ministry of National Development of Singapore, Federal Ministers and Shadow Ministers including The Hon Greg Hunt and The Malcolm Turnbull.  Mega-projects are often on the nose, with experts saying they are costly and political grandstanding exercises that too often fail to match their promises in terms of real community needs.  The report covers detailed analyses of Australia’s current and future positions in terms of water, transport, freight and liveability, through social and community infrastructure, to governance and funding. 
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Creative Partnerships
Plus1 Matched Funding is now open to applicants Australia-wide. Applications close Friday 5 December at 5pm.
Creative Partnerships is pleased to announce that our 2014/15 Plus1 matched funding program is now open for applications. Plus1 will allocate $1.75 million in matched funding for development and fundraising campaigns that assist arts organisations to attract new donors and strengthen donor networks.
Museums Australia, Victoria
Applications Now Open: Roving Curator – Exhibitions Program 2015
The Roving Curator – Exhibitions Program provides small museums and galleries with exhibition development assistance, including several days on-site assistance, as well as follow-up support. See guidelines for the types of projects and support available. Applications are now open and close 25 November 2014.

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Arts Events: Exhibitions, Performing Arts, Media and Programs

6:15 - 7:15pm, Wednesday 12 November 2014
The Wheeler Centre - 176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Art can provoke, explore, entrance ... and make you healthy. Join host Jerril Rechter, CEO of VicHealth, Janet Morrison, CEO of Independent Age (UK), Polyglot Theatre’s Sue Giles, and clown doctor Clare Bartholomew as they explore how to get the most health benefit from art.

Beyond Right & Wrong
Thurs 23rd Oct, doors at 6pm, Kino Cinemas, 45 Collins St, Admission: $30
Book your tickets today for the Melbourne premiere of the award winning documentary, Beyond Right & Wrong: Stories of Justice and Forgiveness. Featuring a  Q&A with Director, Lekha Singh & Kweku Mandela, activist grandson of the late Nelson Mandela.
All proceeds from ticket sales will support MMI and Ethica's life-changing projects in Peru and East Timor.
Big hART Masterclass Presented by Big hART and ACMI in association with the Melbourne Festival 
Content + Process: A New Virtuosity
Friday 25 Oct 1:30-3:30 or  Saturday 26 Oct 1:30-3:30
Join Big hART producers, artists and participants in an intimate Masterclass that will give you insight into Big hART’s unique model – creating stories that build understanding and create change for individuals, communities and audiences.
Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne

Under my Skin
A first stage creative development presentation by The Delta Project of Under My Skin, a new dance work exploring the layers 
in which we shroud ourselves to present to the worlds in which we exist, to reveal /or not reveal what lies beneath.
The Delta Project is a Melbourne based dance theatre company of deaf and hearing performers, exploring the technical and physical  manifestations of bringing two worlds together through visual and sound and creating a performance accessible for both a hearing and deaf audience. This event will be Auslan interpreted and there will be a Q and A forum after each showing.
A research report on the Deafblind Live Art Project by Dr Jane Adams of Creative Knowledge Collaborations
Friday 31 October, 4pm-5.30pm, The Wheeler Centre, 176 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
RSVP by 28th October,
Footscray Community Arts Centre Birthday: All In
Saturday 8 November 2014. 2pm – 8pm
Footscray Community Arts Centre
Cost: Free
2014 marks the 40th anniversary of Footscray Community Arts Centre. This means 40 years of creativity, diversity, activism and democracy. Since its founding in 1974, FCAC has opened its doors to more than 2 million visitors and participants from Melbourne’s west and beyond. Join them on the banks of the Maribyrnong for an epic celebration of the incredible artists, communities and organisations that have contributed to making Footscray Community Arts Centre what it is today.
FREE EXHIBITION: 2 October – 2 November
Footscray Community Arts Centre, Gabriel Gallery
Presented as part of Creatively Ageing, a collaboration between Footscray Community Arts Centre, ArtWard and Victoria University.
Making space for ageing communities to share, celebrate, create and participate.
Creatively Ageing  brings together some of the work from the diverse and unique artists in four local residential care homes, challenging our ideas about ageing and creativity. This exhibition is part of the Creatively Ageing Project, a collaboration between Footscray Community Arts Centre, ArtWard and Victoria University, exploring models of creative workshops for older people that prioritises their voices and stories.
 Friday 10 October - Sunday 9 November, Open Mon-Fri 10-4, Sun 12-4
Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, 66 McCrae Street, Dandenong 3175, 
Three new exhibitions are now showing at Heritage Hill for October-November, "Beauty from the Mud" by Jo Odessa, "Travellers Guide Beyond Geometric Portals" by Mireille Beaufremez and Michael Mavracic and "Your Voice Through Photography" by young African-Australians connected through The African Communities Foundation.

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Project Manager, The Marruk Project
Applications close Friday 24th October 2014.
There is a very special opportunity for someone with project management skills to work with The Marruk Project on various projects next year. Intermittent project work in Swan Hill with a fabulous team of artists and extraordinary community.  The position can be filled by someone living outside the region.  People of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
The Research and Project Officer will undertake project logistics, travel arrangements, administrative support, event co-ordination, proposal and report writing, project research, office coordination and director executive assistance in our office in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. We will consider part-time or full-time for the right candidate, who will display energy, commitment, flexibility and attention to detail

The Friends of the National Library of Australia Creative Arts Fellowship
Applications for the 2015 Creative Arts Fellowship open on Tuesday September 30, 2014
Closing date November 9, 2014

Nominations open for the Victorian Young Achiever Awards
The Victorian Young Achiever Awards aims to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly promote the positive achievements of young Victorians up to 28 years of age. The Awards recognise the achievements of Victoria's youth in nine categories, with one of the nine category winners being named the Victorian Young Achiever of the Year.
Want to screen your film at one of the most prestigious human rights festivals in the southern hemisphere? Click here for more info:

Present your work at Metanoia in 2015. Expressions of Interest now open.
Not only can you  show work in our theatre but we also have opportunities for live artists in and around our studio spaces. You may like to apply to be part of  our selected works program or simply the general program.
EOI proposals due by Nov 14th to


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Jorge de Araujo Photography
Principal photographer is Jorge de Araujo heading up an amazing team of photographers, graphic designers, website designers and retouchers to offer you a complete corporate image.

We have a combined 50 years experience dealing with all aspects of running an association and can assist with big and small tasks, tailored to your budgets… including administration and finance, conferences, events and membership management, bookkeeping, marketing, public relations, human resources or we can become your virtual office. You name it we have someone for you.. And the best thing is we are customer focused and listen to what you need…

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Level 2, 17-23 Lygon Street (RMIT University Building 96), Carlton South, Victoria, Australia

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