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Some important additions are being made to Structurae! As you will see below, material categories were introduced for bridges and viaducts in January. Similar categories are also available already for buildings although the application of the categories to the individual structures is still in progress. Towers and masts will also be classified by material in the near future. We hope these changes will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for on Structurae!

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Nicolas Janberg
Chief Editor of Structurae

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Material Categories for Bridges

So far bridges and viaducts have only been classified by their primary (longitudinal) system, the line of communication they carry or the method by which they were erected. Now you can also browse bridges by the material used in their construction:

Allaine Viaduct (photo: Jacques Mossot)

Bridges Made of Concrete

Unreinforced, reinforced or prestressed concrete bridges represent the largest portion of bridges cataloged in Structurae:

Wandre Bridge (photo: Nicolas Janberg)

Prestressed concrete bridges

Salginatobel Bridge (photo: Nicolas Janberg)

Reinforced concrete bridges

MUCEM footbridge (photo: Nicolas Janberg)

Fibre-reinforced concrete bridges

Lautlingen Footbridge (photo: Groz-Beckert KG)

Textile-reinforced concrete bridges

Cubzac Railroad Bridge (photo: Nicolas Janberg)

Bridges Made of Metal

As another significant category in Structurae, bridges primarily made of metals are especially important for long-span bridges.
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge (photo: H. Oomori, CC-BY-SA)

Steel bridges

Iron Bridge (photo: Tony Hisgett / CC-BY-SA)

Iron bridges

Csömör Footbridge (photo: pml Peter Maier Leichtbau GmbH)

Aluminum bridges

Composite Bridges

By combining materials to act in a composite cross-section the advantages of the respective materials can be utilised more effectively.

Val-Saint-Léger Viaduct (photo: Jacques Mossot)

Steel-concrete composite bridges

Tinée Bridge at Ilonse (photo: Jacques Mossot)

Wood-concrete composite bridges

Other Materials Used in Bridge Construction

More traditionally, wood and stone have been used since ancient times but nowadays other materials are being used to build bridges as well.

Mathematical Bridge (photo: Nicolas Janberg)

Wooden bridges

Pont Saint-Jean (photo: Guillaume Planté)

Masonry bridges

Kampong Cham bamboo bridge (photo: Paul Arps, CC-BY 2.0)

Bamboo bridges

Lleida Footbridge (photo: Fibreline Composites A/S)

Composite material bridges

Yamuna Bridge (photo: mageba)

Report of the Month

Yamuna Bridge safe and secure with mageba

The construction of this remarkable structure is being supported by the real-time data provided by a mageba ROBO®CONTROL structural health monitoring (SHM) system, and when the bridge is in use, the same system will support maintenance activities and provide constant safety monitoring.

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