30 second EU VAT update > Rosie meets government (again) & good news
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30 Second Update

I met with government and HMRC yesterday as part of EU VAT Action.

It's good news.

You are being heard at the highest possible level. I am representing YOU at the highest possible level.

EU VAT Action's statement following
Friday's government meeting

>>> HERE <<<

Understand the spirit of HMRC's new statement and not just the letter of the words. It's very positive and encouraging.

My EU VAT changes blog post > here

How We Need Your Help

1. Keep writing to your MP, David Gauke and Vince Cable
  • CC your email to the chair of your MP's local political party (e.g. if your MP is Conservative, cc the chair of your local Conservative organisation)
  • Ask your MP specific questions you want them to answer. Be clear and direct. Keep it personal and not emotional. Say what the impact to you is, as a business or consumer.
  • Ask your MP to lobby on your behalf. I'm told they are required to do this by statute if you ask.
  • You can find who your MP is and their contact details in my blog post here.
2. Keep writing to your MEP
  • CC your MP
  • Ask your MEP specific questions you want them to answer. Be clear and direct. Keep it personal and not emotional. Say what the impact to you is, as business or consumer.
  • Ask your MEP to contact Pierre Moscovici in their position as concerned MEP. You may wish to include Mr Moscovici's contact details as you're sure your MEP's time is precious.
  • You can find who your MEP is and their contact details in my blog post here.
3. Who do you know in an EU country?
  • Can you help us get the word out?
  • Ask your friends, family and business contacts in other EU countries to write to their tax authority as concerned businesses or consumers
  • Who do you know who can influence other EU country business organisations getting involved and understanding the EU wide issues?
4. Do you speak a European language?
  • Can you help us translate (list of EU countries here)?
  • Hit reply and tell me which language and how much time you can spare if you'd like to help. I'll forward your email to the right person.
5. Email Paypal and make it clear you expect them to make it easy for you to comply
  • Paypal buttons work for our kind of e-commerce (and 90% of us use Paypal in some form). We want it to be possible to comply with the new law and it be as easy as it is now for our customers to pay. This is not currently possible.
  • It's in Paypal's best interests for hundreds of thousands (millions?) of its customers across the world to continue to use Paypal and pay its fees.
  • If they don't help, will we be forced to go elsewhere to continue to trade. We don't want that do we?

Tenacity, courage, calm, persistence


We have bought time.

It is already a great achievement and YOU are part of that.

Take action, share our statement, don't close your business, and have...

A wonderfully relaxing Christmas

Much love and pink champagne fizzes,


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