First Priority, First Aid!
Last week, BMRG staff completed the courses in basic and advanced first aid training, learning correct techniques in skills ranging from CPR, to bandages, to how to handle a snake bite. First aid experience is an important skill to have when conducting field work. You never know what might happen! Special thanks to CQ First Aid & Safety Training for providing our training, helping each staff member to be as prepared as possible for project work.
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New Clarkey Episode!
The latest episode of Clarkey is here! Some excellent footage of the 1770 Cultural Connections Immersion Festival was taken during the event at the start of October, capturing the performances, interviews, presentations, and stalls of the Festival, each one a representation of the culture and art of Traditional Owners. Thank you again to the sponsors and organisers of the event, and to those who attended the showgrounds to experience this exciting weekend.
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AgTech Hub BBQ
Last week the businesses of the AgTech Hub came together again as part of the continued commitment to strengthen connections within the natural resource management and agricultural industries. AgTech enterprises are all about furthering the future in agribusiness, and staying on top of industry advancements. Special thanks to the wonderful staff of CQU who hosted this round’s BBQ with music, plenty of delicious homemade curries, and more rounds of pool!
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EnviroWeek 2021 Coming Up
Australia’s EnviroWeek for 2021 begins tomorrow and is a great way for schools and communities to connect young children with the environment and how they can get involved in fun and educational ways. From understanding waste, to gardening, from getting outdoors on nature walks to learning about the importance of saving electricity, there are plenty of community events for kids to participate in.
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Agriculture Stewardship Pilot Funding
Applications will close for the Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot (ERVP) next Wednesday October 27. This initiative is part of the commitment to reward farmers for providing biodiversity stewardship on-farm, protect and enhance remnant vegetation stands on rural properties, and serve as an income generator for farmers. It’s not too late to register to be a part of this phase of the Agriculture Stewardship Package, so apply today!
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Be Shark Smart this Summer
Summer is almost here. The weather is getting hotter, and what better way to cool off than to take a swim at the beach. But that means you’ve also got to be vigilant about sharks that are native to these waters. To minimise your risk of a negative encounter with a shark, always swim between the flags, never swim outside life-guarding hours, and always be respectful and mindful of the sharks in your area.
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In-case you missed it
A Ground-breaking Business!
The earthworks on the upper Burnett River, as part of the Burnett River Water Quality Project, are being delivered by C & K Transport and Earthmoving - a local provider and pivotal to the delivery of this project. This work will stabilise the riverbeds and banks and prevent erosion and sediment from polluting the waterways. Nicole from C & K is an inspiration for women aiming to work in the construction and earthmoving industries. She says that it’s important to know that there are always opportunities going, and that C & K is the perfect place to begin one’s career journey.
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National Bird Week
Are you interested in citizen science? Do you enjoy birdwatching? Then the event next week may be for you. Monday 18 October marks the start of National Bird Week, during which thousands of Aussies take part in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count! Bird Life Australia encourages everyone to take part, not only for ornithology, but also for the sake of bird conservation efforts, by contributing to the most up-to-date bird science.
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Right to Repair
The concept of a circular economy is now included in more policy and industry – where economic systems are designed to reduce waste and reuse resources, rather than replace products with new models and throwing out old ones. The key to this may be the “right to repair,” where we endeavour to fix our purchased products rather than throw them out and get a new one as soon as they start to lose their value.
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World Food Day
World Food Day is this Saturday. Bundaberg is one of Australia’s biggest food bowls; with our prime agricultural land and hard-working farmers, this region contributes billions of dollars in food production alone each year. But this day also serves to raise awareness of the worldwide issue of hunger and those who are affected by it. One of the best ways to help out is by supporting one of the local Bundy food banks.
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