Waste Not with Green Solutions
BMRG was very lucky to last week receive a tour of the inner operation of Green Solutions Wide Bay, the state-of-the-art open window composting facility right here in Bundaberg. Green Solutions works to transform everyday green-waste into top-standard compost that can be used in any land-management scenario, from large-scale commercial farming to your own backyard veggie garden. In fitting with National Recycling Week, this is all about reusing our waste products; green waste goes to the facility and is turned into the compost that will bring new life to the next generation of greenery and crops. Green Solutions has a free drop-off zone and disposal site, where you can bring your green waste which, after being converted into compost, can then be resold back to the public. Special thanks to Nathan Freeman for being our guide; we look forward very much to working alongside you and your team in the future.
Click here for more information about Green Solutions Wide Bay
New Sensible Supplementation Workshop
The next Sensible Supplementation workshops are coming up on 23, 24, and 25 November. Come along for informative sessions on effective management of pastures and correct use of supplementation in your agribusiness. Learn about cattle nutrition, how to complement this with supplementation, and how you can apply this during drought times. Register by Friday 19 November to attend, with a morning tea and lunch included.
Register for Widgee or Proston or Biggenden
BMRG Annual General Meeting Coming Up
BMRG’s Annual General Meeting will be on 26 November at 9:30am, where each project officer of BMRG will provide updates on their projects in the region. These presentations will cover what the project is and is doing, what has been achieved so far, and what the next steps will be. Guests will also hear from executives and board members about BMRG’s journey plan for the new year. All members of BMRG are welcome to attend.
Please RSVP by 19 November by contacting (07) 4181 2999 or by emailing us here
Koala Monitoring Opportunity!
Are you interested in taking part in a citizen science project? Perhaps you’d like to help our endangered koalas? CSIRO and Koala Action Gympie Region will be running two field days to monitor the koalas in Goomeri and Melawondi to assess their populations and different methods of monitoring them.
RSVP by November 12 click here for Goomeri or click here for Melawondi
Apply for the Future Drought Fund
Time is running out to apply for Round 2 of the Future Drought Fund, which closes on 15 November. This Fund is part of the Australian Government’s Drought Response, Resilience and Preparedness Plan. Successful applicants will receive grants to better prepare for ongoing drought, and will receive support in strengthening networks and community engagement.
Apply here
BMRG Date Claimer is Here Again!
We are coming to the end of 2021, but BMRG and all our partners are as busy as ever. Keep on top of all the upcoming events and workshops with the latest BMRG date claimer, which is available on our website. This calendar is relevant to everyone in the NRM sector, and members of the community who have been contributing to project work and events this year.
More information
In-case you missed it
Opening of Gidji Café at Mon Repos!
The new Clarkey episode is here! The Accounting for Nature team has been gathering data on the condition of the natural resources, like soils and native vegetation, at Goondicum Station. This is part of the Accounting for Nature framework that determines just how valuable, both environmentally and economically, those natural assets are – part of the exciting natural capital sector. Check out this latest Clarkey instalment to find out more about how this works and see if it’s something you’d like to get involved in.
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Nominate your Landcare Champion this AgTech Month!
Agriculture is one of our biggest industries. As of 2021, more than half of the entire Australian landmass is used for farming purposes. AgTech is all about ensuring that agriculture and the hardworking individuals and organisations that support it are well-prepared for the future by embracing new and more sustainable technologies, standards, and practices. November is all about celebrating these forward-thinkers in the agricultural field!
Click here for more information and Submit your nominations for the Award here!
Be alert – Invasive moth found in Queensland
The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) has recently detected the presence of the non-native mango shoot looper moth, which causes severe damage to a variety of crops and native plants, in north Queensland. Biosecurity Queensland is determining how far the moth population has distributed, and what should be done in response. Should you come across this moth, be sure to report it directly to DAF and Biosecurity Queensland.
Report sightings of the mango shoot looper moth