New Clarkey Episode – Accounting for Nature!
The new Clarkey episode is here! The Accounting for Nature team has been gathering data on the condition of the natural resources, like soils and native vegetation, at Goondicum Station. This is part of the Accounting for Nature framework that determines just how valuable, both environmentally and economically, those natural assets are – part of the exciting natural capital sector. Check out this latest Clarkey instalment to find out more about how this works and see if it’s something you’d like to get involved in.
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Mo’s for Bros
Being mindful of the mental health of ourselves and others around us should always be a priority. Movember starts next week: the month-long fundraiser that is dedicated to suicide prevention, and raising awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. Funds raised during Movember go toward men's health projects all over the globe, and there are ways for everyone to get involved to bring down the frightening statistics regarding men's mental health.
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Apply for the Landcare Awards!
Do you know a Landcare champion dedicated to protecting and conserving the natural resources on their properties and throughout Australia? They will be eligible for the 2021 State & Territory Landcare Award, and Landcare Australia is now accepting submissions! The Award commemorates individuals, organisations, and communities who not only work to preserve the unique natural attributes of the Great Southern Land, but also endeavour to educate and share their guidance with others.
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AgTech Month Begins Soon!
Agriculture is one of our biggest industries. As of 2021, more than half of the entire Australian landmass is used for farming purposes. AgTech is all about ensuring that agriculture and the hardworking individuals and organisations that support it are well-prepared for the future by embracing new and more sustainable technologies, standards, and practices. November is all about celebrating these forward-thinkers in the agricultural field!
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Apply for the Future Drought Fund
Applications for Round 2 of the Future Drought Fund are open until mid-November. This Fund is part of the Australian Government’s Drought Response, Resilience and Preparedness Plan. Successful applicants will receive grants to better prepare them, and their rural communities, for ongoing droughts, and will receive support in strengthening networks and community engagement.
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Fire Ants wreak havoc in Australia
Fire ants are among the most devastating invasive species in Australia, which wreak havoc on both native ecosystems and human activities. As it gets closer to summer, it’s especially important to be on the lookout. Understand how to distinguish fire ants from native ants; know what they and their nests look like, and be aware of the protocols involved in controlling them. Together we can eradicate them and protect our Australian lifestyle.
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In-case you missed it
First Priority, First Aid!
Last week, BMRG staff completed the courses in basic and advanced first aid training, learning correct techniques in skills ranging from CPR, to bandages, to how to handle a snake bite. First aid experience is an important skill to have when conducting field work. You never know what might happen! Special thanks to CQ First Aid & Safety Training for providing our training, helping each staff member to be as prepared as possible for project work.
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1770 Clarkey Video Released
The latest episode of Clarkey is here! Some excellent footage of the 1770 Cultural Connections Immersion Festival was taken during the event at the start of October, capturing the performances, interviews, presentations, and stalls of the Festival, each one a representation of the culture and art of Traditional Owners. Thank you again to the sponsors and organisers of the event, and to those who attended the showgrounds to experience this exciting weekend.
Watch it here
AgTech Hub BBQ
Last week the businesses of the AgTech Hub came together again as part of the continued commitment to strengthen connections within the natural resource management and agricultural industries. AgTech enterprises are all about furthering the future in agribusiness, and staying on top of industry advancements. Special thanks to the wonderful staff of CQU who hosted this round’s BBQ with music, plenty of delicious homemade curries, and more rounds of pool!
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Enviro Week Begins
Australia’s EnviroWeek for 2021 begins tomorrow and is a great way for schools and communities to connect young children with the environment and how they can get involved in fun and educational ways. From understanding waste, to gardening, from getting outdoors on nature walks to learning about the importance of saving electricity, there are plenty of community events for kids to participate in.
More information about EnviroWeek here
Be Shark Smart this Summer
Summer is almost here. The weather is getting hotter, and what better way to cool off than to take a swim at the beach. But that means you’ve also got to be vigilant about sharks that are native to these waters. To minimise your risk of a negative encounter with a shark, always swim between the flags, never swim outside life-guarding hours, and always be respectful and mindful of the sharks in your area.
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