Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot Making Progress
The Australian Government's Agricultural Stewardship Package announced a few months ago the start of the Enhancing Remnant Vegetation Pilot, which multiple farmers and landowners applied for. This program has been seeking to reward farmers for improving the biodiversity on their properties, and so far, has been progressing well. Despite the heavy rain of recent weeks, BMRG project officers are unhindered and have been out in the field for the first site assessments, to gauge the overall condition of the land on which the Pilot will be taking place. Each property is showing excellent progress, and it has been great to see farmers eager to improve and regenerate remnant vegetation on their properties.
Read more about the Agricultural Stewardship Package here
Changes to Drought Assistance Program Requirements
The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries recently announced the most recent reforms to the Drought Assistance Program, which will further help farmers impacted by drought in management and preparedness for the future. While producers will no longer need a drought declaration to receive assistance, a Farm Business Resilience Plan will instead be required. This Plan will outline methods of improving resilience on-farm, which will be valuable information when applying for grant money, and are to be submitted to the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA).
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Learn Natural Sequence Farming at Murgon
From 9 am on 23 – 26 May, 2022, Stuart Andrews from Tarwyn Park Training is presenting a 4-day course on reading your landscape, rehydrating your land and maximising productivity. It will include how to build a contour, reconnect your farm's landscape and engage the community around you. Get in quick for the early bird rate, land managers in the Burnett Mary area will receive a special rate. Land managers of that area please contact Tarwyn Park Training for enrolment.
Click here to learn more about Natural Sequence Farming at Murgon and to enrol for the early bird rate
How to Handle Giant Rat’s Tail Grass
Giant rat's tail grass (GRT) is an extremely threatening weed and a tough problem faced throughout rural Australia. GRT poses a danger to both agricultural businesses and the native environment, and once it’s there, it can be very difficult to get rid of. Learn how to identify GRT early, and what to do if you do find it, at the upcoming workshop at Buch Square, The Caves on 16 December.
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Biosecurity Highlights for 2021
Biosecurity Queensland has released their report for 2020-21, with all the most recent and relevant updates about invasive plant and animal species that have been handled by the Invasive Plants and Animals Research group from 2020-21. The report will summarise the research, provide information on management plans, and give insight into how the impacts of pest species throughout the state can be reduced.
Download the report here
Restoring our Precious Rainforests
Now is the time to revitalise our beautiful ecosystems. Barung Landcare Association is now inviting landowners, who are looking to carry out revegetation, to partake in the free Rainforest Revegetation Planning workshop on 15 December in Maleny. This workshop will help you organise your own rainforest revegetation projects near your home and will give you access to some native rainforest plants from the nursery as well.
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In case you missed it
2021’s Annual General Meeting a Success
This past Friday was BMRG's Annual General Meeting, which was met with high attendance and great success. Guests received the most up-to-date information about the progress BMRG has made over the last 12 months in the deliverance of natural resource management projects, engagements with the community.
Click here to access the Annual Report for 2021
Turtles are around all Day and Night!
Bundaberg turtle volunteers were pleasantly surprised when a mother loggerhead came up to the dunes to lay her eggs right in the middle of the day. As turtle season approaches its peak time, more and more of these marine reptiles are nesting on local beaches. It’s important to always minimise your use of artificial light near the beaches, including headlights and flashlights from phones, and only walk your dogs in permitted areas.
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GRASS Program EOI for Landholders – few places left
We have some places left in the Grazing Resilience and Sustainable Solutions (GRASS) program and are looking for interested landholders in the region to get involved. GRASS focuses on assisting landholders to achieve best management practices. It provides landholders with an opportunity for one-on-one tailored support to develop Action Plans for Land Management to address areas of land in poor or degraded condition.
Email us here for more information
Be Flood-Ready this Summer
In recent weeks, our thirsty rivers and dry countryside have been blessed with much-needed rainfall. The Bureau of Meteorology has declared a La Nina event, which is typically accompanied by higher-than-average rainfall throughout the region. Despite the good news for plants, crops, and farms, this also means we must be prepared for flooding events this summer.
Check the BOM website for the most recent updates or for flood preparation tips
Weed awareness in 2022!
This past year, Biosecurity Queensland were notified of more than 60 species of invasive plant throughout the state. With the help of the local communities and councils, Biosecurity Queensland has been controlling these weeds and keeping their population densities under wraps. Let’s keep up this good work in 2022!
Be sure to report all invasive weed sightings or if you have any questions, please email us here