February 2022 Newsletter!  

Hello from Trev (chair)

Welcome to another RHILC mailout, dont forget to join in the Garden Bird Watch this weekend!  A variety of things to mention so please have a look though and use the contents to jump straight there  >>>

There is still so much illness about I have found keeping active has really helped me through the winter months :
Parkrun is now happening EVERY WEEK on Saturdays for Adults in 4 locations in Oxford : Cutteslowe park, Horspath, Harcourt Hill and University Parks (starting later this month!).. as well as Sundays for juniors (4-14) in Florence Park and Harcourt Hill.   All start at 9am and are FREE!   look for more details and get your free barcode at
In this newsletter you will find

2022 Future planning meeting dates :

Wednesday 2nd March 7:30pm

Wednesday 6th April 7:30pm

All meetings are currently on Zoom
Read our JANUARY minutes HERE

Repair Cafe

Come to our NEXT repair cafe 
SATURDAY 5th Feb 2022
10am -12:30pm, RHCC

Bring something to mend or just come for a cuppa and a chat!
“We have run 3 Repair cafes this year, with reduced numbers, but good rates of mending success and 116 Kg of goods not gone to landfill. So thank you all for your support and hard work and we look forward to a busier 2022. The upcoming cafes in Rose Hill are on February 5th, April 2nd , June 4th and August 6th. is a good place to find other cafes”



Sunday 6th Feb 11am

Thanks Sarah for this poster
on Sunday 6th we will plant 4 Fruit trees (to replace the few that sadly died near the school) We will also 

  • Check the other 26 Trees in the school grounds
  • weed and mulch
  • Litter pick in the recreation ground
  • Check the trees on the recreation ground

Please be aware there are only 4 trees to plant so the likelihood is most will be involved in the other tasks, but you are all welcome!
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Tree care on Rose Hill Recreation ground
We are on the lookout for people to keep an eye on the trees, make sure they are ok by picking up litter, replacing any covering which may get damaged or blown away, weeding and replacing mulch.  if you are keen please do look after our new trees

Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon Tree Matching Service

Want a FREE tree for your garden?!

The best and easiest way to increase tree cover is to plant more trees in gardens. Trees bring amazing benefits to all kids of gardens, provide all year round interest and will attract many beneficial creatures.

As a community group, we are able to access free trees and can provide help and expertise in planting them in the right spots in your garden. We are aware many residents may not have much space so we are focussing on smaller native species.

We need to know how many residents are interested in a free tree being planted in their garden. Please use this form to register you interest.  
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Trees and mental health benefits

Thanks to Stephen for forwarding this interesting report if you missed it Read here

Big Garden Birdwatch

RSPB - Big Garden Birdwatch

Big Garden Birdwatch long weekend is here! There's still time to sign-up and take part. Just spend one hour between Friday 28 and Sunday 30 January counting the birds, and help monitor how birds are faring. It’s free, fun, and a great way to keep an eye on your local wildlife. Wherever you are, whatever you see, it counts!

Get your Bird feeder out!

How to take part in Big Garden Birdwatch

Taking part is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Watch the birds around you for one hour

2. Count how many of each species of bird lands on your patch

3. Go online and tell us what you saw

EXTRA reading!

The Wildlife Trusts hold webinars. You can view the complete list here, by selecting 'online events only' and 'show results from all Wildlife Trusts'. Here's a selection: Fungi and plants working together (Tues 1st); Wilder churches(2nd); Rewilding webinar (8th); Great crested newts (9th); Learn to Draw Nature Zentangles (15th); Our local raptors (17th); Nature and wellbeing(24th).

Netflix satirical black comedy 'Don't Look Up' is attracting a lot of attention for its allegory about the difficulties of facing climate change. 

Attenborough's Wonder of Song shares 7 ground-breaking recordings of different species, including John Krebs' 1970s discovery about great tit territories at Wytham Woods near Oxford. 

Good Food Oxford

How did #Veganuary2022 go? 🌱🌎 
It's never too late to try to eat less meat, or make a change another way!
RHILC has just joined up with Good Food Oxford, Oxford's Sustainable Food Network : find out what they do in their video here

RHILC pledge.. I suggest could we all try to eat one vegan meal a week?!  or how about buying local meat and dairy if we do choose to.. does that sound too much (or too easy!), if you have other ideas on this please email them in!  

Thames Sewage Update

About 200 people have gathered to protest against sewage release into the River Thames. 

The protest in Port Meadow, Oxford, comes after swimmers swam through raw sewage on Christmas Day when Thames Water sent a late warning. read more hereJoin the campaign here!  

Claire Robertson from the
#EndSewagePollutionMidThames group says.  "Our testing is now the longest running study of a river, and it highlights when wet a lot of the River Thames has 2 or 3 times the safe level of bacteria in it.  This we are trying to change."  The results are on our website here 

The Bathing Water Status is likely to be finalised next month we are hopeful it will go ahead, this will mean water companies have 5 years to clean up the river and it make it illegal to dump raw sewage. 

What we want includes : a water company that doesn't break the law, and Environment Agency which effectively holds water companies to account if they do break the law, and a water company which is committed to investing in the future of our environment and River.. 

Recent reports on capacity and illegal spills
WASP's Peter Hammond and others recently compiled a report on illegal early spills, with the figure 3,000 across the UK in the past 4 years.

ORIC recently released a shocking report, backed up with a lot of data, on the failure of sewage treatment works and undercapacity in the upper Thames. It can be accessed here and has a lot of statistics useful to our campaign.


"After more than a decade of campaigning by Cycling UK, new Highway Code rules for England, Scotland and Wales are being introduced on 29 January 2022. We've been closely involved in developing the proposed changes, which should make our roads significantly safer for people cycling and walking, provided the changes are properly communicated, with clear, accurate and memorable messaging, and the new rules are backed up with visible road traffic enforcement by the police"

RHILC welcomes the new changes which will make it safer for Cyclists and Pedestrians : Read the NEW Highway Code here

"Dutch Reach" learn how to open your car door safely here

Project LEO

Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon are supporting a ground-breaking local energy trial. The Low Carbon Hub is inviting all residents of the new build flats in Rose Hill – on Carole’s Way, Ashurst Way, Desborough Crescent, and the Oval – to take part.  

Solar panels on the roofs of the new flats are generating clean electricity when the sun shines. This trial is looking at how residents of the new flats can benefit from these solar panels: getting access to cheaper electricity at those times when the solar panels are generating the most energy. We hope to learn from this trial if and how residents of similar flats could benefit from cheaper, low carbon electricity from shared solar panels.

This trial is managed by Low Carbon Hub in partnership with Oxford City Council as part of Project LEO

What you can do:

If you know anyone who lives in the new flats, (or if you live in the flats yourself), encourage them to take part. If they do, they will: 
  • Get £50 credit on their energy bill from Co-op Energy
  • Get six months’ free broadband internet, supplied by Phone Co-op 
  • After six months they could also save money on their energy bills by using electricity at certain times – the ‘Solar Saver Offer’
  • Support a community energy project learning how to tackle climate change locally. 

Falco the mule

Mim writes "some of you will have seen Falco the mule training up in the local area - he frequents Flo Park and Ox City Farm for example.  Zoe and he are setting off on an incredible walk this May, to Loch Lomond, to raise awareness of the need for an international ecocide law.  To make this possible, she needs some financial support for e.g. proper vet insurance etc.  Grateful for any help here 

Litter Picking : OXCLEAN : save the date!

RHILC have signed up for OXCLEAN 2022 : This is a big litter pick around the whole of Oxford, we hope to do all of Rose Hill and Iffley, meeting at the RHCC on : Saturday 26th March 2pm - 4pm

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NEW Future planning meeting dates :

Wednesday 2nd March 7:30pm
Wednesday 6th April 7:30pm

May in person meeting date TBC! 

All meetings are currently on Zoom
Read our JANUARY minutes HERE

FREE Insulation materials :

  • hot water cylinder jacket,
  • pipe lagging,
  • draught excluder strip,
  • double glazing film 
  • radiator foil ALL GONE
  • letterbox draught excluders and
  • door brushes.
All these are free for our RHILC members and friends such as yourself! Please email to get some before its all gone!  

Visit our website for more tips on insulation

Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon Planning Meeting 
Wednesday, 2 March 2022⋅19:30 – 21:00

All very welcome!
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Meeting ID: 827 9605 1789 Passcode: lowcarbon

The agenda will be shared in the WA and to Directors before meeting and in the reminder email, if you have something to add please do let me know.
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