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About QuestionDay2014.comAs you know, A More Beautiful Question is all about the importance of questioning. And tomorrow (Fri., March 14) is Einstein’s birthday. Known for his curiosity and passion for questioning, Einstein told us, “The important thing is not to stop questioning” and urged us to “Question everything” and “Never lose a holy curiosity.”

So I’ve partnered up with the nonprofit Right Question Institute—a group that goes into schools around the country, including many low-income schools, to help teachers teach questioning skills to kids—and we’re trying a little one-day social media experiment tomorrow called “Question Day 2014.”

The idea is to generate some conversation about questioning, via social media and a microsite called There’s lots of interesting info and links on the site—for instance:           
  • Articles about why questioning is so important in both business and education;
  • Take a quiz to test your inquiry skills;
  • See a 2 minute film about what “kills” questioning;
  • Find out what happens when celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and Kanye West release their “inner Einstein” (see the “Einstein Fusion” slideshare on the site)
Albert Einstein's question as a teenagerIn addition to visiting the site, we’re inviting people to go on Twitter (*see sample tweets below), LinkedIn, and Facebook and share a thought about questioning, or a famous quote (you can find plenty of quotes here; feel free to borrow one and tweet it). Or, better yet, share your own question with the world: Is there a “Why...” “What if…” or “How might we…” question that’s particularly meaningful to you?
Or you can just say, “Hooray, it’s Question Day!”

The sponsors of this event think it’s worthwhile to try to increase awareness and appreciation of questioning. Questions enable us to learn and understand; they often spark new ideas; and they tend to be the starting point of innovation (and a good starting point of conversation, as well).

Thanks for helping us spread the word about the importance of questioning, and about why we should never lose what Einstein called our “holy curiosity.” Looking forward to seeing your messages tomorrow on #QuestionDay2014, and as always I hope to read your comments and Beautiful Questions on

*You can simply retweet my tweets at @GlimmerGuy or here are some sample tweets:
  • Celebrating Einstein’s birthday as #QuestionDay2014. Let’s ask more & better questions.
  • “The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Einstein’s birthday is today. #QuestionDay2014 
  • Hashtags: #QuestionDay2014, #Question Day


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