Living a “curious” life, MIT's Joi Ito, Michelle Obama’s advice, and more


Living a “curious” life; MIT’s Joi Ito on keeping a “child’s mind;” Michelle Obama’s advice to her younger self; and more

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The other day, I received several copies of the new book, Die Kunst Des Klugen Fragens. Title didn’t seem familiar, but I recognized the author’s name as my own—it’s the German edition of AMBQ. According to my publisher, the book is catching on in various markets around the world. And I’ve been pleased to see articles and blog posts about the book coming from across Europe as well as from India, Russia, Korea, South America, Australia, and beyond. It seems that questioning is a subject with universal appeal. It’s interesting that in some cultures, it can be more “risky” to ask questions because it may be seen as disrespectful or even as an act of insubordination. To those who ask questions in spite of the risks, I salute you; you are truly demonstrating the courage of your curiosity.

The “courage of curiosity” is often needed by students in the classroom, as you’ll see in my latest excerpt “Who is entitled to ask questions in class?” from AMBQ. Read the excerpt »
What is curiosity? A new book provides rich insights  Ian Leslie’s fascinating new book Curious highlights for me the interesting relationship between questioning and curiosity, with the latter tending to inspire the former. Read my review »
“Today, we can’t afford to become adults” MIT Media Lab’s Joichi Ito is a featured Master Questioner in AMBQ. Here are more of his thoughts on change, questioning, and childlike wonder. Read the Q&A »
Michelle Obama on friendship, fear of failure, and focusing on learning The first lady’s advice to her younger self offers some good life lessons and even a shout-out to asking questions. Read her essay »
How might questioning tie in with health and fitness?  I don’t necessarily associate health clubs with questioning—or with innovation, for that matter. But Anytime Fitness enlightened me. Read article »
Visualizing questioning Some skillful visual notetakers have made art out of my beautiful questions presentations. See the graphics »

Thank you, as always, for your interest in AMBQ, and I hope to continue the conversation with you either via Twitter, Facebook, or on the AMBQ blog.

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