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Psychedlics & Language
The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas is delighted to announce the launch of the Psychedelics & Language website. Created by Dr. Diana Slattery of the Department of Xenolinguistics, the website provides extensive information about the bizarre linguistic phenomena—alien scripts, morphing symbolic systems, glyphs of living language crawling on every surface of a multidimensional world—encountered in altered states of consciousness.

These new forms of language glimpsed in the psychedelic sphere, and the equally novel ideas about language they suggest, point to the co-evolution of language and consciousness, catalyzed by psychedelic medicines.

That’s why it’s so important to communicate, for all of us to put our best foot  forward, to put our best metaphors on the table. Because we can move no faster than the evolution of our language. And this is certainly part of what the psychedelics are about: they force the evolution of language. And no culture, so far as I am aware, has ever consciously tried to evolve its language with the awareness that evolving language was evolving reality. Terence McKenna

Artifist: Skinbridge

Among their projects as Artifist, Caroline and Gaetan Cottereau-Meurée kept a strict daily diet of Peganum Harmala for a year, during which Caroline tattooed Gaetan’s back using neuromediators such as pinoline and ayahuasca under the pigments. The result includes a twisting serpentine form, covered with language and symbolic forms. They discovered that each neuromediator has a specific signature of fluorescence under black light.
Jack Cross: The Argot of Ergot

Jack Cross: The Argot of Ergot

After 5 grams dried psilocybe cubensis, Jack Cross experienced “a SUPERNOVA BUTTERFLY made of Liquid Language and Light, and I knew it better than English, better than what I knew as life. I was ALL and NOTHING, a Mandelbrot Buddha laughing in a saffron sky, a Risen Ringmaster in a blazing red jacket throwing a private hierophantic fit. MY circus tent, was Enlightent-ment, expressed as Geometry and Archetype and Alphabet.”
jason tucker

J. Tucker: Actual Contact

Jason Tucker on his work: “I actually consider the drawings to be more of a language than art, especially now that they have increased in volume and have taken on a more fluid, anthropomorphic form. . . And it is the experience of this heart, this spirit, this oblique symbolic approach to language that lifts the veil of dogma, and the isolation of being separated from the source.”
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