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About to release a book?
We have great tips for you

Now that you've spent countless hours writing and editing a book, your hard work is about to come out in print. How exciting!

We at More Than A Review love to help authors get the word out about their books through our Book Spotlight Program. We thought we'd share a few more tips that will help authors promote their new books. 

We asked two authors from Arkansas, where our founder Donna lives, for what they've done to make their book launches successful. Kayla Shown-Dean is the author of several books, including the recently released Ferocity. Talya Tate Boerner recently released her first book, The Accidental Salvation of Gracie Lee. Both women have fantastic tips to share! 

Read the two columns below for their tips and ideas. 

Kayla's Top Three Tips for Building Momentum When Gearing Up for a Launch

By Kayla Shown-Dean

Know Your Audience and When You Can, Expand Your Audience
This may seem like a given, but it is so crucial and many writers overlook it. When preparing for a launch you should take note of your readers’ interests and in the case of a physical launch, their location. You don’t want to have a launch that’s too far away for your readers to attend.

Also, you should always be looking for ways to expand your reach and therefore, your audience. One way in which I expanded my audience this year was by creating a Pathfinder campaign that went along with my book. Participants in the campaign could explore my characters’ island home, sharpen their decision-making skills, and get clues as to what would happen in the book. Not only did participants really enjoy this, but it created a lot of intrigue in the book (Ferocity) as well.


Get a Street Team

If you’re an author, you simply MUST have a street team. Whether it is a close group of your friends or a group formed online, a street team will greatly benefit you in building momentum and getting your name out there. I recently joined an online author support group. Group members are great at sharing tweets, posts, and events. They also even enter authors in varying contests such as: favorite banner/book teaser banner or favorite book cover. They are really good at getting your name out there. This is great for authors like me who can’t commit to writing full time yet.

Start a Newsletter
When I was gearing up for the launch of Ferocity, I created a monthly newsletter. In it, you could find my book trailer, book cover, reviews, and links to posts about the book. I posted A LOT about the characters, the setting, and researching for Ferocity, and it really captured people’s interest.

Book Spotlight! 


Echoes Of The Heart
by Stacey A. Purcell
Boroughs Publishing
Contemporary Romance

For Dr. Calista Montgomery, losing her soldier husband was like diving into a cold dark sea, and the events at his funeral swept her farther from shore.

Crushed by the lies, Cali crawls into a bottle and flees all she knows. Inebriated and drifting aimlessly, she winds up in Esterloch, New York, where she’s arrested and hits bottom. Offered a chance to expunge her record, she accepts the conditions…but the real challenge is keeping herself safe from the arrogant, gorgeous and commanding sheriff.

Sheriff Jack Benfield hates drunks. They’re selfish, manipulative, and they break hearts, and his is no exception. He saw the damage inflicted upon his family, so he has no patience for any of them, not even the beautiful Dr. Montgomery.

His body, however, has different ideas, and soon two desperate souls will discover that some breaks make us stronger—and sometimes we must drown before we learn how to breathe.
MTAR Review

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Donna's Corner

Spring has sprung! Here are a few books I've read lately that I thought you'd enjoy.
Check out our latest blogs: 

Talya's Book Launch Promotion Ideas

By Talya Tate Boerner

Branding: Think of 2-3 symbols within your book and use those to brand your book. For example, my book is set on a cotton farm and my 10-year-old protagonist rides her bike, so I used cotton and bikes various ways across social media from photos, tweets, related stories, and decorations at events.
Hashtags: Create three unique hashtags for your book and include them on photos and throughout social media. Also, use commonly used book-related hashtags such as #bookboost and #mustread to reach a wider audience.
Pop-Up Readings: I did pop-up book readings on periscope every day at noon during the week leading up to my book release date. Reading from a different location in Fayetteville each day involved local businesses who were more than willing to re-tweet and share posts (advertising for them too!). I also selected locations that related to my book. (i.e., a vintage store fit the 1970s time period of my book.)
Food Fun: Contact a local restaurant or food truck about naming a dish or drink in honor of your book. On the Saturday after my book release, a popular local food truck included “Amazing Gracie Chicken and Dumplings” on its menu for the day.  This southern food fit my book well. The food truck promoted it, as did I. I also had a pop-up book signing during lunch that day while we enjoyed Amazing Gracie dumplings.
Photo Booth: Be sure to have a photo booth at your book launch party with old picture frames painted fun colors and chalkboard paint signs. Encourage guests to snap pics with your book and post on social media (with your hashtags of course).
Quiz: Generate interest before your launch by creating a free book quiz on Survey Monkey. Ask questions that relate to your book genre, storyline, setting, etc.

Book Spotlight!


The Silver Suitcase
by Terrie Todd
Waterfall Press
Inspirational Fiction

1939. Cornelia Simpson, a 17-year old farm girl on the Canadian prairies, has hated God since her twelfth birthday, the day her mother died. As Canada goes to war, tragedy provides Cornelia still more reason to reject the God her parents loved—until a mysterious visitor appears in her hour of desperation.

Nearly seven decades later, Cornelia’s granddaughter, Benita, inherits her grandmother’s diaries and begins to discover the heartbreaking secrets that transformed Cornelia from a bitter young woman, pregnant and alone, to the faith-filled woman Benita knew. In the midst of Benita’s own marital and financial turmoil, can this discovery lead to healing and reconciliation? Can the faith expressed in one young woman’s diary plant seeds of hope across an entire city?

The Silver Suitcase is a beautiful story of how God comes to find us in the middle of our fear, our shame, and our sorrow.

MTAR Review
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