August 2019

Supporting the care and conservation of elephants in Asian range countries.
Introducing Our New Fall Fundraiser: Panera

Over the years, we have had many AES supporters without California Pizza Kitchen locations tell us they wanted to help with fundraising but had no CPK in their area.   As AES grows and receives more abstracts worthy of funding consideration, the need for a Fall fundraising event has become crucial.  We have found an alternative for those without CPKs as well as our CPK hosts who are willing to do a Fall fundraiser for AES: PANERA! And it just so happens that Panera has a broader range of locations.

Panera events are one night only, between the hours of 4 p.m to 8 p.m.  Dining patrons show the staff a flyer for 20% of the tab (minus tax and any tip) to be paid to AES.  And, like CPK, flyers cannot be distributed at or near the Panera location during the event.

To allow for the most flexibility for our hosts, the entire month of September will be considered as our Panera Event Month.  Anyone willing to host needs simply to go to Panera’s website complete and submit the Application Form:

Organization Name:  Asian Elephant Support
Organization Type: Other
Expected Number of Attendees (must have sales of at least $100 to pay out, so not a big group needed)
Contact Name:  your name
Contact Phone: your phone number
Contact Email:  your email
Upload tax form
How did you hear about us: other

Check payable to:  Asian Elephant Support
Attention: Linda Reifschneider
Address 1:  4764 Brookton Way
Address 2: (blank)
City: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Zip: 63128

Be sure to Check accept the Terms & Conditions!

You will receive acknowledgement that your request has been received, followed within a few days by confirmation of your date or if date not confirmed, you may apply for another date.  With confirmation of your event, the flyer download will be attached for your use.  Please forward a copy of this acceptance to us at so we can put your location and flyer on our Event Map on our website.

Invite your friends, families , and coworkers to bring their flyers to your Panera fundraising evening.

Contact  or any AES director directly with any questions.
Aceh Collar Update

Recently a radio collar supported by Asian Elephant Support was deployed in Aceh, Indonesia, by a team from the Aceh BKSDA (government conservation agency). The collar was put on an elephant who was already part of an earlier study project to identify movement of elephant herds and prevent conflict with local people. Replacing the old collar with a new one will extend the data collected and help inform elephant conservation management decisions.

When the team located the elephant for the collaring operation they found she had a young healthy calf. The collaring operation was successful, and both the mother and calf are doing well.

eBay Giving Works

As the old saying goes, “In the whole scheme of things, it’s the little things that make the big differences.”  And, with elephants, few things are little!

Through your support, when AES is asked for emergency funds by a veterinarian treating a wild elephant seriously injured in a poacher’s snare, or for funds to care for an orphaned calf, we are able to respond quickly. You help us help them help the elephants.

A simple way to help AES is through eBay’s Giving Works Program. In case you are not familiar with Giving Works, it’s simple and easy to make a donation to your favorite charity (AES!)  Just set up each auction to donate a percentage of the sale price. eBay keeps track of your donations and sends you a comprehensive statement for tax purposes.

Even pennies from these auctions adds up to dollars, and those dollars purchase antibiotics, saline solution, tranquilizers, pain-relievers, syringes, needles, rubber gloves, bandages, ointments, scalpels, milk formulas, hay, straw, hoof knives.  The list is almost (!) endless.
Thank you for your support, now and in the future. Every little bit does help, it does make a difference, and you are a part of it.  The elephants need us, and we need the elephants.

For more information about eBay Giving Works Program click here.

Myanmar Vets to Thailand: Asian Elephant Health and Breeding Management Course in Thailand; Report for AES
This report was featured in our previous newsletter, but with incorrect formatting. Find the article in corrected format here. Our apologies to Dr. Moe Win Tun and Dr. Zaw Min Htun for our unintentional error.

Report on Sumatra Mahout Visit to Canada's African Lion Safari
By Nazaruddin 


From May 16 to May 22, 2019, three Mahout staff from Sumatra, members of FOKMAS (Indonesian Mahout Communication Forum), participated in a study tour of the African Lion Safari (ALS) elephant management program in Ontario, Canada. The Sumatra participants were Mr. Nazaruddin, Way Kambas National Park, Mr. Tri Sulistiyono, Way Kambas National Park, and Mr. Hidayat, Bali Elephant Camp.

The ALS facility manages a large breeding herd of Asian elephants and is currently home to 16 elephants. Of those, 10 are adult females with calves ranging in age from 6 months old to 5 years old, and there are 2 males. The facility is open to the public and provides educational demonstrations, elephant rides, and a daily lake swim for the elephants. Most of the elephants are managed in hands-on system which makes the facility an ideal site for a visit by Asian Mahouts as this is the primary elephant management system used across Asia.

The Sumatra Mahouts had met Charlie Gray, ALS Superintendent of Elephants, when he participated in an Indonesian Mahout Workshop in Way Kambas National Park in 2009 and demonstrated his method of starting handling of young calves. As several camps across Sumatra have now had multiple elephants calves born, FOKMAS felt there was a need for their members to learn more updated techniques of handling and managing captive born calves, and requested an opportunity to visit Charlie and ALS, and experience this program first-hand.

During the visit to ALS the Sumatra Mahouts were able to view elephant calf and adult training sessions, elephant foot care, public demonstrations and interactions. They also observed the daily husbandry routine of feeding, watering, bathing elephants, and cleaning enclosures.

The Sumatra staff was especially impressed with the cleanliness of all the elephant housing and enclosures at ALS, and the care taken with elephant feeding. They were very interested in the training and found the elephant management and mahout work system very disciplined. They also felt that the ALS staff is very devoted to the elephants and they appreciated the fact that there are elephant demonstrations and elephant rides offered to the public.

The Sumatra Mahouts will make a presentation about their experience to the Director General of Biodiversity Conservation in Indonesia, as well as to their direct supervisors and colleagues in their respective jobs. They will also share the information with Mahouts from across Indonesia during the next Indonesian Mahout Workshop, tentatively scheduled for late 2019.

The Sumatra staff are very grateful for the visit and thank African Lion Safari for their kind hospitality and for generously offering the opportunity to learn from Charlie Gray. They thank Charlie and his staff for all of their help and support during the visit. Finally, they thank Asian Elephant Support and the International Elephant Foundation for providing support for travel and visa expenses.
Janet's Second Market
It certainly turned out to be Christmas in July with over $330 generated for AES from Janet’s second sale at the Rochester, NY Public Market on July 15. Janet, along with her friends Marie Niedermeier and John Frontuto, rent a stall once a month at their Public Market to sell their unwanted household items.

They picked ‘Christmas in July’ as their July theme to select items from their homes to sell, such as ornaments, snow globes and figurines. They created a festive mood stringing Christmas lights in their stall, wearing Santa hats and playing carols. A table was set up in front displaying AES merchandise and information. It generated many opportunities to spread the word about the projects AES supports.

Another of Janet’s friends, Carol Conant, is using Janet’s sales as an opportunity to also clear out some of her house with the proceeds going to AES. One of her contributions was 2  large containers of beanie babies. After the June Sale, only one container remained. At the July sale, with a bit of encouragement from Baby Amelia a very nice family bought the whole tub of beanies. It was hard to tell who was happier – them or Janet.

August's theme is glassware and September will be “anything and everything goes”. There’s always another closet or shelf to clean.  The Public Market offers the advantage of being held at a public location with parking, no advertising necessary, and always has a variety of shoppers.

Do you know where such sales markets are held in your neighborhood….just in case you get the ‘cleaning out’ urge?  Great way to help elephants by supporting AES!
A Wildlife Project on Human-Elephant Conflict Control Mechanism by Community Engagement


The emergence of Human-Elephant conflict (HEC) is one of the burning issues in North Bengal. In North Bengal, most elephant habitats are close to human settlements, so there is often conflict between animals during migration or foraging for food. This type of conflict is the result of habitat loss or fragmentation. Whenever elephants and local people interact, there is conflict from crop-raiding, wounds and death of people from elephant attacks, and sometimes elephants are killed by people for reasons other than ivory and degradation of habitat.

The Society for Nature and Animal Protection (SNAP) is trying to reduce HEC by creating awareness among people in forest fringe areas. The SNAP team also formed Elephant Squad teams in different areas such as Dhupjhora Beat office, Kalipur Beat office and other areas within Gorumara National Park. The main objectives of this project were (a) creating awareness among the villagers and students of forest fringe areas, (b) the formation of Elephant Squad teams with the help from Joint Forest Management members, and (c) distribution of HEC kits and other educational materials for active management to reduce the rate of conflict.

Read the full report here!

This September we are remembering all the friends, family, and people who were affected by the 9/11/01 tragedy.

We  wish to extend a very sincere thank you to each donor who has voted their support with a financial gift. We value that confidence and will always do our best for the animals we all care for so deeply.

 Please visit our website ( and follow us on Facebook (Asian Elephant Support).  If you have questions, please  contact us.   We appreciate your support. Please consider a donation to help Asian elephants and those who care for them.

We do not not solicit donations in the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, and Utah.

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