Heartfelt Greetings Yogis

After more than 10 years, I am closing my studio doors at Free Spirit Yoga for a sabbatical.  For how long, I do not know. My heart will always be open to share a cup of tea. 

It hurts to say good-bye, more than I ever imagined.  So instead, I will remember each of your hearts. Your laughter. Your voices. Your bright eyes. Your strength. Your inspiring stories. Your generous offerings. Your struggles and break throughs. Your Surya Namaskars and Ardha Chandrasana’s!  Please read my letter below and I hope to see you Friday.

You are invited to
Annette’s “I will remember you” party + almost 11 years at Free Spirit Yoga Holiday Celebration.

333 Willa Road
Friday December 19th
7 pm – 11pm.

Please drop in anytime. Feel free to bring a favorite dish to share. Or a holiday ornament to exchange.

Dear Yogis,

I am grateful for your dedication - the ways you have showed up and so generously shared your self over the years.  Thank you for your support.  Thank you for your kindness. I am proud of the work we have done together. 

The way you have grown is extra-ordinary and you have helped me grow too.  You have taught me so much.  

Click here to watch our journey.

I have learned...

I have learned about courage. I have learned about forgiveness. I have learned that a simple act of kindness, can make a difference. I have learned that everyone you meet has something to teach you and that I am a student first and far most. I have learned that every experience both tragic and magical is for our awakening, and in this awakening there will always be delusion, and that we need our friends and community to introduce us to the things we have yet to see. 
I have learned that it isn’t the mistake that determines a character but rather what one does next. I have learned we are not human doing's, but a human being's.  I have learned to remember my light and to honor that light in everyone.
I learned to listen and respond with love instead of judgement. I have learned that trying to be perfect brings much suffering. I have learned that this path of yoga includes everything.
I have learned that there is always more to learn, and more room to grow. I have learned that letting go is the hardest thing. I have learned that when I do a good job of taking care of me, I do a better job of taking care of you.  

For the time being, I need to retreat and nurture. We’ll see what is next for me  -  diving deeply into meditation and practice for sure.  Spending a lot of time with my loved ones.  Playing the piano, chanting, and writing.  Diving deeper into my yoga studies and exploring some of the most wonderful places in the world.

If you’d like to keep in touch
Be-friend me on Facebook, instagram or email me. This way you will be part of the journey and we’ll keep in touch. You may occasionally receive a Free Spirit Yoga Newsletter from me.  

Love and Blessings,


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