Maplemusketeer Newsletter #1 - July 2012

Maplemusketeer Musings #1

July 2012

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Welcome to my first newsletter! Sent from Winnipeg, Manitoba no less!
Photo by Cayleen Martens
Hello and welcome! :)

I've been travelling across Canada since I left the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, in mid-April.
That was over 3 months ago! Along the way I've met many wonderful people, had a variety of interesting adventures, and been challenged to stretch and grow. This very newsletter is an example of that!

There is a lot of information about what I'm doing on my website but to sum it all up I'm travelling across the country to meet with friends old and new while encouraging people to discover their strengths, find their passions, and rock out their awesomeness. I think one of the most powerful untapped resources in our world today is the potential in every one of us to learn, to create, and to live more fully. (and yes, I also take photos from time to time, and write as well ;) )

Some of the ways I acheive these goals are through inviting people on photoadventures, where I teach photography and how to notice the beautiful little things that surround, through performing at guitarties (informal guitar parties), where everyone is invited to join in and sing or play along as they are able, and through collaborative potlucks, where we all come together to share food, art, music, creations, etc and realize we all have skills and abilities to bring to the table.

It is through challenging our fears a little at a time, and in acknowledging our dreams bit by bit, that we can continue to discover what it means to truly live life well: not just to survive but to thrive!

Thank yous go out to Mark Rodriguez for this fantastic mash-up of myself and one of my earliest heroes, Indiana Jones.
If you have any creative Maplemusketeer-ish crafts or ideas you're welcome to send them to me for inclusion on my website/other pages, as well as possibly here in future newsletters! :)

A main goal of this trip is to feature and draw attention to other people who are pursuing their passions and working in their strengths. While staying in Nanaimo, British Columbia, I slept on the couch of some very musically talented friends. One of them, Jesse Janzen, while pursuing a bachelors degree during the school year, working 12 hour shifts at a lumber mill over this summer, and practicing and performing in a band, also recently released a new music video in relation to a solo side project called Holyroot. I've been playing it repeatedly the past few days and hear the song in my head long after it has stopped. I really recommend you check it out!

Click here to see the new music video 'Wavebreaker' from Holyroot


I'm currently working on my first ebook covering the two weeks I spent in/around Victoria at the beginning of this trip. Once complete I'll send out the link here first so you can download a pdf copy for your computer, etc. I'm excited about the fact that I'll finally be able to provide an ebook that will work on your computer!

You can also get my "A Long Daytrip to Long Beach and Back" ibook for free from blurb books now due to a welcome change in their policies!
(click here to see the two volume iBook series 'Southern Vancouver Island: a rambling odyssey' available for iPads)

If you don't have an iPad you can view the entire Long Beach Daytrip Adventure on your computer by clicking below.

Member Benefits: use the code '20Off' at the checkout of my print/photo shop for a 20% discount!
It's been quite the honour having people buy prints as gifts for family and friends, as well as for hanging at work and in their home.
Ooh. This is a way that some of you will actually be able to have me hang around more consistently! ;) hehe

If you feel that what I'm doing is of value and you'd like to donate some money to help me on my way then you can donate via paypal by clicking here. Every amount helps and I do make a few dollars stretch a long way ;) Thank you to all who've given as it's been my main source of income for the past few months.

In closing...
Thank you so much for all of your support, shares, and encouraging messages that come at the right time :D

This adventure of mine, and all the impact of my conversations and wanderings would not be possible without you.

Do you like the newsletter? What would you like to see less/more of?
Please contact me with your feedback on G+, FB, twitter, or via the contact form on my website :D

I leave Winnipeg in a few days and make my way to Ontario! To lands I've only heard of in story, legend, and on CBC.

Photo of myself by Mark JYou're invited to come along, or to share a photoadventure, guitarty, or collaborative potluck if I'm heading your way!

It's going to be quite the adventure, and who knows what we'll encounter!

Thank you again and lets go rock out our awesomeness and change the world,

Jordan Oram
the Maplemusketeer
Photo by Mark Janousek

The following photos have all been taken during my time in and around Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

A silhouette of a person jumping against a sunset lit cloud over the prairies

old farm objects against the side of a barn
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