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Thank you to Deanne who stepped in last minute to give us a brilliant talk on Medical Herbalism, we could have stayed longer, especially as we got to try, smell and taste lots of different samples.
This month we'll hear from kellie Gilmour, please read more below. I've known kellie for a long time so I know this will be a really informative and excellent talk.
Please can you all support one or our regular group members Sandy as she bravely has her Head Shaved in aid of The Merlin Centre. Hey Ho, It'll Grow -will be on the 8th July  Doors open at 
6.30pm at the Merlin Centre, Hewas Water, near St. Austell They'll be a pasty and drink available for £5.00 a ticket for those who have friends/family who wish to attend. The Merlin Centre offers provision for people with MS &
neorological disorders - day care/physio, counselling, massage, yoga
the list is endless : )

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Tuesday June 10th  @7.30pm £5
Kellie Gilmour - Mindfulness Through the Practice of The Five Usui Reiki Principles

 "'Mindfulness' is one of the most often heard buzzwords today in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, addiction and other related mental health disorders. Some say it's the new 'CBT' or 'NLP'. GPs, consultants and mental health authorities have blazed a trail for this effective and relatively new-to-the-referral-circuit technique, reducing the need for medication and helping to clear the surgery waiting room. Now, imagine asking a GP for a referral to a Buddhist philosopher or Reiki Master to deal with one's anxiety symptoms... what do you think the response would be?

The mindfulness techniques used in psychology today are actually a concept inherited from Buddhist tradition and part of the The Noble Eightfold Path, the principle teachings of the Buddha in which one strives to achieve enlightenment or 'Nirvana'. Doesn't sound very clinical when explained this way, huh?
Reiki is mainly known in the West as a complementary therapy, a relaxing  hands-on healing treatment that can have a bit of a reputation for being a simple bolt-on to your facial at the spa or a something a friend of a friend can offer you with a warmed up hand when you mention you have a 'bad back'. The tradition of original Japanese Reiki was actually formed as a spiritual practice and philosophical realisation, a path to self awareness and happiness developed by Shinto-Buddhist Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. It just so happens that when one becomes aware of the concept of Reiki and practices daily, the body's ability to self-heal more quickly and efficiently becomes a handy side effect. (Interestingly, one of the scientifically demonstrated benefits of 'Mindfulness Meditation' is 'an increase in the body's ability to heal'. Sound familiar?)

Being a Reiki Master Teacher myself, practising since 2005 in Western, Japanese and 'clinical' forms, I hadn't heard of 'Mindfulness' as a stand alone therapy until a few years ago. I knew the word from my Buddhism studies and the concept from my daily practice of reciting the Five Reiki Principles, and to me it seemed that embracing mindfulness is just common sense and helped to make me (and anyone I taught in my Reiki classes) feel hugely happier and healthier. So now I invite not just Reiki students, but anyone who has an interest in becoming more mindful, less anxious or seeking relief from stress or stress-related conditions to learn more about these very simple but very effective principles and how to incorporate them easily into their daily lives."
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher Kellie Gilmour was one of the first students in the UK to gain an ITEC qualification in Holistic Reiki, which is recognised across the world. Her portfolio and study notes were taken by the governing board to be used as a benchmark for future courses. She has also studied with a Japanese Jikiden Reiki Sensei and with a western-style Reiki Master, holding strong lineages via Chiyoko Yamaguchi and William Rand, the renowned author and founder of the "International Center for Reiki Training". She qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher in 2008 and also hold qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Counselling Skills, Anatomy and Nutrition. She is a Master Teacher Member of the UK Reiki Federation and currently practices at the Falmouth Natural Health Practice, also travelling up and down the UK teaching groups wherever she is needed Like Hypnotherapy Group Talks - update on Facebook

Tuesday July 8th @ 7.30 - 9pm £5

Christine Blanchet - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Christine  has been teaching EFT in France since 2008 and has recently relocated to Cornwall.
As well as being a certified EFT practitioner she is also a practitioner in Matrix Reimprinting and Faster EFT, which are techniques derived from EFT.
Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT (often known as Tapping or EFT Tapping), are universal healing tools that can provide impressive results for a wide range of physical, emotional, and performance issues.

EFT combines psychology and meridian energy techniques. It involves tapping on specific acupuncture points on the body while being focused on the problem at hand.

Tuesday 12th August @7.30 - 9pm £5

Nic Constable DCHA’c ADS - Acupuncture

Registered Trainer National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) South West of England since 2002 and  runs a successful private practice in Redruth, Cornwall. he was primarily responsible for introducing Auricular Acupuncture Protocols to Cornwall working with Substance misuse, Mental Health, Criminal Justice and Homeless Shelters. He is a pioneer of Community Clinics where Acupuncture Protocols are used in an open group clinic which anyone can access.
Nic strongly believes that the NADA Protocol can aid people in emotional turmoil regardless of the cause and believes that the Community Clinics where the NADA Protocol is used show this to be true.
He has been teaching Auricular Acupuncture Protocols since 2006 and has trained Nurses, Social Workers, Health Care Workers and Natural Health Therapists throughout the UK and has been a speaker at NADA conferences in London, Arizona, Helsinki, and Dublin. In 2013 Nic was been invited to speak at the NADA International conference in Graz, Austria.
Nic is a registered member on the;
Tonight’s talk will teach you about the history of acupuncture and how in China acupuncture was a cheap and effective health care model, also about the role of acupuncture within the west and the growing popularity of Community acupuncture using both Body and Auricular Acupuncture.
As Qi is an important aspect of Chinese medicine Nic will use a simple practical method of connecting with our own Qi and also other peoples. (This is the bit where you the audience get to join in)
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Tuesday October 14th @7.30 - 9pm £5
Jeanni Grant-Nelson - 
Visual Awareness !!! Look again - think again!

Remove your negative assumptions, fears and habits then replace them with a different psychology, appropriate physical positioning and the underlaying physics of any subject to create outstanding change in a matter of hours!  
As used with UK Sport, the Olympic Coaches, the neuroscientists at Oxford Uni, the Discovery Channel, homeless people in Soho, returning ex servicemen, Truro Girls School, and individuals of all ages and abilities! 
Art is my vehicle to prove how badly we use our own senses and how change is a real possibility! 
I draw out your potential whilst drawing your attention to the things we see all day and hardly notice! 
Oh... And you learn to draw too!  
A real eye opener!
An art lesson with a twist!
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