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Paul Huschilt's
Expect Everything

Dessert Anyone?  How to get through the difficult tasks...

Have you ever been served a dessert that was so big you thought to yourself, "I will not eat this entire thing. I'll be disciplined and just have a taste."
You take a good forkful and enjoy it, knowing that you are indulging yourself just a bit but being good about eating just enough.  But then, bit by bit, you carve off slivers of divine buttery sugary fatty goodness. Sure, you stop eating every so often while you do something else  until it calls you again - by name - and then you devour more in tiny grudgingly disciplined bits. 
Then you ignore it again.
For a while. 
At some point you look over and realize there is so little left it's easily eaten guilt-free. And so you finish it. 
That happened to me on a train home over the weekend. All of a sudden it seemed silly not to complete what I had started - a ginormous piece of layered butter-icinged chocolate cake. At a critical juncture, it would have been wasteful not to polish it off. 
And so I ate it all. 
This month, how about looking at something on your todo list as dessert. Find that task that you just keep putting off.  You know the one – a little difficult to work through with just a few too many bites.  If you chip away at it long enough, you will suddenly find it irresistible to finish.  You’ll be happy to check it off your list, and, with no calories!

Have a great couple of weeks!

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Paul is a professional speaker and writer with an odd background of corporate work, arts management, training in adult ed. and counselling, singing in the opera, and acting.  He creates and delivers very funny keynotes, including the one-of-a-kind keynote "The Ultimate Ending / Paul's World Famous Conference Ending Summary".

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