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Hello crafters! 

With so many Christmas ads filling our screens, we couldn't help but start to feel a little festive! While it may be a tad early for tinsel and fairy lights, it’s certainly time to get Christmas crafting...

So today, we’ve got a few projects for you to start making in advance; a fun Advent calendar for the kids, a super quick homemade greetings card, and a lovely handstitched gift tag to personalize all of your presents! Enjoy!

We love a chocolate Advent calendar as much as the next person. But we were thinking, wouldn't it be good to give something back in the days leading up to Christmas, instead of taking?
This Advent calendar is full of kind gestures to make this year’s festive season extra special! It’s super easy to make and can be done with your favourite coloured and patterned paper, just watch this video to see how it’s done...
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Come Christmas time, you may think that you don’t have time to make your own cards. Not the case! This adorable robin card is so quick and easy—you could even let the kids make them while you sit down for a well-deserved break!
You will need
Thin white card stock (card) measuring 7 x 31⁄2 in. (17 x 8.5 cm)
Tracing paper
Masking tape
Black pen
Red ink-stamping pad

1. Fold the card stock (card) rectangle in half to make a 31/2 in. (8.5 cm) square greetings card.

2. On tracing paper, draw a very simple robin outline, like in the photo above (or print out the image and trace over the lines). Turn the trace over, place it centrally on the front of the greetings card and go over the lines with a sharp pencil.

3. Remove the trace and go over the lines using a black pen. Make the lines thicker—it doesn’t matter if the lines are a bit wobbly in places, it looks good like that!

4. Press your thumb or finger on the red ink-stamping pad and make a print on the robin to make his red breast.
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These cute gift tags for attaching to presents are made from standard parcel labels and decorated with red buttons and rows of embroidered running stitch. 
You will need
Ruler and pencil
Brown parcel label
Foam board (for piercing and stitching holes)
Large needle
Red embroidery thread
2 red buttons for each label
Hot glue gun (or all-purpose glue)
4¾ in (12cm) narrow red ric rac braid (for the loop)
1. Use the ruler and pencil to draw a soft line, about 1/8in (3mm) from the edge, all around the brown parcel label. Place the label on the foam board and use the large needle to pierce holes along the pencil lines, spaced approximately 1/4in (5mm) apart. These will form the stitching holes for the embroidery. Rub out the pencil lines using the eraser.

2. Thread the needle with the red embroidery thread and work a row of running stitches around the edges of the parcel label.

3. Glue two buttons to the center of the label. You may find it easier to use a hot glue gun to do this. It is better to glue the buttons rather than sew them on, as you won’t be able to write on the back of the label if the buttons are sewn on.

4. Thread the ric rac braid through the hole at the top of the parcel label and tie securely. Thread the ends of the braid to your parcel to finish.
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We hope you enjoy getting crafty over the next few weeks and keep an eye on the blog for some more ideas, including festive food and gift inspiration...

Have a lovely week and happy Christmas crafting!
Jen and co x
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