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For immediate release:
April 13, 2015
Contact:  Joe Petronis, Chief of Staff, City Council Member Don Zimmerman, (512) 978-2106


Council Member Don Zimmerman supports Rebecca Forest for Commission on Immigrant Affairs

Austin-District 6 Council Member Don Zimmerman supports Rebecca Forest to the Commission on Immigrant Affairs; Forest is an expert on illegal immigration.

Item 5 on the April 16th Council Agenda:

“BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF AUSTIN:  The City Council rescinds its appointment to the Commission on Immigrant Affairs made on April 2, 2015”,

The Resolution also asserts:

WHEREAS, the duties established by §2-1-125 of the City Code for the Commission on Immigrant Affairs include recommending to the council actions to “maximize the benefits to local immigrants under existing laws and to minimize the adverse impacts to local immigrants under the laws; promote recognition of the contributions of the foreign-born to the economic and cultural vitality of Austin; and promote the availability of, and promote accessibility to, local educational, economic, legal, and social resources for immigrants;”

This Resolution targets District 6 appointee Rebecca Forest – the only appointee to Immigrant Affairs made on April 2nd - who made remarks which were verified by the Austin American Statesman’s “Politifact” as “True”:

Thoughtful constituents should reject the assertion that the “truth” could be “bigoted”.   Ms. Forest mistakenly spoke of “Hispanic legislators” without distinguishing rule-of-law legislators who uphold and defend immigration laws, versus legislators who refuse to defend immigration laws.  In fact, Ms. Forest supported Larry Gonzales for State Representative and supports any elected official of any ethnicity who will defend the rule of law regarding immigration.

CM Zimmerman says, “I’ve known Rebecca Forest for more than a decade.  She is a well-educated District 6 constituent who is qualified for the Immigrant Affairs Commission, ‘to maximize the benefits to local immigrants under existing laws’.  Ms. Forest, if serving as a member of the Immigrant Affairs Commission, would differentiate between ‘illegal immigration’ and ‘legal immigration’, a distinction most District 6 and many Austin constituents support.  This minority voice needs to be represented.”

CM Zimmerman notes that policies such as in-state college tuition and “sanctuary city” rules regarding illegal immigrants incentivizes more illegal border crossings and empowers criminal cartels which profit from human trafficking, which endangers human lives in the process.
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