Welcome to our second virtual exhibition featuring artist Page Piland and his magnificent assemblages of wooden portraits...
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It is rare to find a perfect marriage between the absence of emotion in minimalism and the overwhelming intensity and artistic skill of realistic representation. Such are the works by Texas artist Page Piland whose enigmatic canvases require the viewer to take a second look in an attempt to understand how he fuses sculpture and painting in a two-dimensional art piece.
Dark English Yew, A Portrait
Mixed Media
30 x 40
Adam's Sidekick
Mixed Media
72 x 48
Bois D Arc, Heart Knothole.
Mixed Media
30 x 40
Missing Rung # 1
Mixed Media
24 x 30
Missing Eagle Feathers, A Portrait
Oil on Canvas
30 x 24
Seeing Cedar Again
Mixed Media
36 x 48
Bois D Arc, With Sawdust
Mixed Media
30 x 40
Bois D Arc, Attempted Repairs
Mixed Media
72 x 48
Texas Box Blind, A Portrait
Mixed Media
30 x 40
Bois D Arc, Treetop Companions
Mixed Media
30 x 40


Piland choses to exalt the materials used such as old wooden planks, discarded construction materials and even burned wood, by insetting (or mortising) it into the canvas and painting a portrait of this simple element. His elegant works become an invitation to look closely at these materials derived from the environment and pay homage to old-world artisans. Full of surprise and remarkable skill, his mixed media pieces are ideal for lovers of hyperrealist-style painting and sculpture.

Page Piland grew up in an art environment in Austin, Texas. He studied under several of the so-called "Dallas Nine" including William Lester and Everett Spruce. His drawings, paintings and monotypes have been shown at Dallas Museum of Fine Art, Texas Fine Art Association Shows, Texas Art Celebration Shows, Blaffer Gallery-University of Houston exhibitions, the Hunting Art Prize and many other exhibitions and venues. Recently, we featured his works at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair of Houston. He lives and works in Houston.

Visit the artist's website for more information.

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reflections on nature at the french consular residence

Visit our exhibition Reflections on Nature, curated by Yvonamor Palix, running through February at the residence of the Consul General of France in Houston. Contact us at 281.467.6065 or ypalix@yvonamorpalixart.com for a viewing. The exhibition is by appointment only.

ARTISTS: Claire Basler, Fabienne Bauer, Rachel Gardner, Pep Guerrero, Ellen Hart, Martine Menard, Syd Moen, Karine Parker, Page Piland, Susan Plum and Patrick Pettersson.

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