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How to Evolve Healthcare Conferences in the 21st Century – #HITsm Chat Topic

Apr 11, 2018 09:17 am | By: John Lynn

We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 4/13 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Steve Sisko (@shimcode) on the topic of “How to Evolve Healthcare Conferences in the 21st Century”.

The general purpose of a conference is to bring people together in one place where they can discover and share information, insight and ideas on a specific theme. And then, hopefully, leave the event with energy and focus. Our brains can only take in a limited number of stimuli at any given time. With 1000’s and even 10’s of 1000’s of attendees – and 100’s or as many as 1,000 exhibitors at some events – today’s conference attendee can easily end up leaving a conference exhausted and overwhelmed.

But what really makes a good conference? Is it the content itself? The people who present the content? The location and venue of the conference? The atmosphere of the conference? The social events and opportunities for networking? Or something else?

Like with everything in life, different individuals have different needs and wants. And with advancements in presentation, collaboration and communication technologies, there are new options for enhancing and extending the conference experience. With an ever-increasing number of conferences, forums and events throughout the year, conference organizers MUST evolve if they want their events to remain relevant.

The purpose of this tweetchat is to share information and personal experience as to what constitutes a ‘good conference’ and offer ideas for addressing and improving the various elements that make up a conference.

A Little Reference Material

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  2. How Technologies Shape the Future of Medical Conferences:
  3. How to Plan and Run A Great Conference Experience:
  4. 7 Secrets of Awe-Inspiring Events:

Note: For the purpose of this chat, “content” means any and all materials created, curated or otherwise originating from the organizers of a conference and the vendor exhibitors, speakers, panelists and others involved with a conference event.

Please join us for this week’s #HITsm chat as we discuss the following:

T1: What can conference organizers do to provide tangible value to conference registrants – and those considering registering for the conference – BEFORE the event starts? #HITsm

T2: What are some of the most interesting and useful ways you’ve seen conference speakers and panelists share information to, or interact with, conference attendees? #HITsm

T3: What technology-based approaches can conference organizers and exhibitors use to create new or enhance existing opportunities for content identification, acquisition, and dissemination? #HITsm

T4: How can those physically attending a conference and those ‘following along remotely’ originate, share and/or discuss conference-related content? #HITsm

T5: What can conference organizers and exhibitors do to provide additional value to conference attendees and others AFTER the conference is over? #HITsm

Bonus: What are some of worst examples of a conference organizer ‘dropping the ball’ that you’ve ever experienced or heard about? #HITsm

Upcoming #HITsm Chat Schedule
4/20 – TBD
Hosted by Burt Rosen (@burtrosen) and the #WTFix team

4/27 – TBD
Hosted by Erica Johansen (@thegr8chalupa)

We look forward to learning from the #HITsm community! As always, let us know if you’d like to host a future #HITsm chat or if you know someone you think we should invite to host.

If you’re searching for the latest #HITsm chat, you can always find the latest #HITsm chat and schedule of chats here.

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