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Philips Lumileds:
Getting the basics right
Work-life strategy implementation needs to be supported and integrated with other effective HR systems such as a robust performance management system for work-life initiatives to be successful.

Read how Philips Lumileds takes a holistic and “back-to-basics” approach to create a sustainable work-life culture in the organisation. A key learning point is the importance of laying strong foundations - such as equipping supervisors with management skills and creating a robust performance management culture.

Philips also has a compressed work week for their production operators on shift – enabling them to enjoy longer stretches of time for their personal pursuits.
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Telecommuting benefits: the bottom line (formerly the Telework Research Network)’s report says that allowing one employee to work half of their time out of the office saves their company about US$10,000 per year and the employee up to US$6,800 per year.
The quantitative conclusions in the report were derived from the Telework Research Network’s proprietary Telework Savings Calculator™. The assumptions behind the Calculator are based on an analysis of over 500 case studies, research papers, and other documents on telecommuting and related topics, and combined with interviews with companies, researchers and more.

Of the total employer benefits (US$1.1 million) based on 100 workers telecommuting half-time:
About half (US$576,000) would come from increased productivity
Companies would save US$304,000 a year in electricity and real estate costs
About US$113,000 would come from savings due to reduced absenteeism
US$76,000 would be saved due to lower employee turnover

Employees, on the other hand, could save between US$2,000 to US$6,800 per year as a result of reduced driving and fewer work-related expenses.’s report aims to fill the gap of knowledge on quantitative synthesis of the potential benefits that regular telecommuting can offer employers, employees, and communities.
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Flex Matters
Telecommuting: a simple, high return-on-investment solution?’s report also highlights the following benefits of telecommuting:
Financial managers endorse it for its cost savings and increased productivity potential.
Work-life experts encourage it as a way to address the needs of families, parents, and senior caregivers.
Workforce planners see telecommuting as a way to mitigate the ‘brain drain’ effect of retiring boomers.
Human resource professionals see it as a way to recruit and retain the best people.
Employees desire it because it saves time and money, and improves the quality of their lives.
Baby Boomers see telecommuting as a flexible alternative to full retirement.
Millennial workers appreciate it as a way to work on their own terms.
Organizations rely on it to ensure continuity of operations in the event of a disaster or pandemic.

Employer Alliance work-life forum for members

Understand the business case for Work-Life Integration and how it can contribute to your organisation’s success! Mark your calendars for EA’s upcoming forum – an introduction to Understanding Flexibility and Work-Life Integration.

    Date: Thursday, 23 Aug 2012
    Time: 3.15pm – 5.15pm
    Venue: 51 Bras Basah Road, Manulife Centre #04-07, Singapore 189554
    Fees: Free for members of EA
    Closing Date: Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012

To register, please send an email with the name(s) of participants, company name, designation and contact details to For more information, call the EA Secretariat at 6837 8631.
Workshop on Managing Medical Crisis at the Workplace
- A Partners' Event

Free workshop (31 Aug 2012)
Hear from experts on how medical crisis at the workplace could be better prevented, how companies can help employees understand their role in handling this crisis and the importance of having the right health insurance as part of the entire financial planning process for employees.

Click here for programme and registration form
To register, send the completed form to For more information, contact SNEF Workplace Health Promotion at 6827 6957. Closing Date: Friday, 29 Aug 2012

Work-Life Consultancy Mobile Clinic (CMC)
- An Employer Alliance members’ programme

Is your organisation planning to implement Work-Life initiatives?  Sign up now for the CMC where a qualified Work-Life Consultant commissioned by EA will visit your company for a one and a half hours’ on-site consultancy for CEOs/Directors/HR Managers; and Middle Managers.
The session is free for members of EA. For more information about the programme, please call the EA Secretariat at 6837 8631 or email