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If I seem to understand quantum logic fairly well, as other physicists besides Dr. Gribbin have asserted, this results from the fact that Transactional Psychology, the study of how the brain processes data — a field in which I do hold some academic qualification — contains exactly the same weirdness that has made the quantum universe infamous. In fact, I might even say that the study of brain science will prepare one for quantum theory better than the study of classical physics would. 
- from Chapter 3 of Quantum Psychology


The RAW Trust's Hilaritas Press
is delighted to announce the Print publication of

Quantum Psychology:
How Brain Software Programs You and Your World

featuring a new Introduction by David Jay Brown!

Click Here for the new Print Edition!
or on the picture below

Quantum Psychology in the "real world"
(in this case, Northern California)

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Dear friends of Bob,

The new Quantum Psychology Print Edition is now available! 

Featuring a new Introduction by David Jay Brown
and a new Index of Names and a Bibliography created by Charles Faris.

Thanks once again to
 for the great new cover!
And in other news . . .

Congratulations to our friends at Festival 23 on the grand success of their RAW-infused Discordian celebrations! Click here to check out some videos. We look forward to see how Festival 23 evolves!

We feel saddened but honored to take a moment to mention the passing of Dieter Hagenbach, the first publisher of Bob's books in German. As the founder of Sphinx Publishing he also brought to the German language the works of Joseph Campbell, H.R. Giger, George Gurdjieff, Jean Houston, Timothy Leary, John Lilly, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, and others. Working closely with his friend Albert Hofmann, Dieter was a life-long proponent of the intelligent use of psychedelics. Farewell to a kind soul.
This edition of our newsletter's "special note from Christina" announces the upcoming RAW Auction. To help get the word out, a longer more detailed version of this message can be found on our blog, Amor & Hilaritas. Feel free to spread the link far and wide!

Thanks so much for all your love and support, and be sure to scroll down below the Fnord for Christina's special message.
Lots of love and lasagna to you all!
Rasa, Christina and Olga
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And now a message from Christina . . .

Dear Friends & Family of Heart, 

“So much to do, so little time!” said the White Rabbit…  

And that is exactly how I feel. I just celebrated my 60th birthday a week ago, and am feeling wide open to the experience of living into my 7th decade of life as a human being! As I have aged, my sense of “time” morphs more and more often. Sometimes, each moment unfolds with my awareness riding what I like to call “the Crest of Creation” (think wave here… as opposed to particle…), while other moments seem endlessly filled with what I call brain fluff. You know, all the random and not so random bits of verbiage / judgment / perspective / acknowledgment winding like a river in the background of my awareness…. 

Goodness, does anyone comprehend my just written paragraph? Like, mainly me? Not that it matters, which makes the whole thing rather fun to play with. 

Matters of the heart; One of my personal loose ends is sorting through my remaining boxes of my parent’s possessions. A couple of the possessions I have integrated into my daily life, an object sitting on a shelf, or a shirt hanging in my closet, a book in the bookcase.  But the truth is everything else stays all boxed up, and relatively useless unless you feel like developing muscles lugging boxes around. I don’t, and it is time to make these items available to others who may enjoy them. 

To do this, I am setting up an E-Bay auction, to list a number of RAW collectibles, along with “just random” stuff that belonged to Bob and Arlen, my parents. 

Before you make assumptions about whatever will be listed, and why I would do this let me explain! In late 2007, I also sold some memorabilia, as I needed desperately to raise money to take care of Bob’s past debts, family needs, and to take some financial weight off me as I attempted to help my brother. I was so grateful for folk’s interest and support, and was deeply touched and amazed at some of the notes I received! 

Fast forward to today; I have several boxes, not a lot, as Bob and Arlen really never owned much. And, most of what they did own was often second-hand, well-used, etc! But … I have a sense that some folks would really enjoy having an object infused with RAW’s history and life; whether every-day stuff, or not! And, again, the income (whatever is received) will help to pay bills, and move Hilaritas Press forward! 

For instance; here's Bob in his beloved Esalen hoody sweatshirt that he got while doing a workshop at Esalen in 1986. I have Bob's little Hotei statuette, his small Jain Hand of God copper wall hanging, various books from his personal collection, a wall mural (!) and a number of t-shirts and other memorabilia.

Click over to my Hilaritas Press blog post
for more auction details and photos!

I have gone through months of “wanting to keep” and “wanting NOT to keep” all this stuff. I have been approached by some to see if I wanted to donate his archives to a university or other institution, but I think I would rather spread the vibe to those who loved him, & enjoyed or were touched in some way by his body of work! Plus, these are not manuscripts, these are his items that were in use in everyday life. Why not bring them into your life? 

Once ready, you can access the RAW memorabilia e-bay auction from links on and elsewhere. 

More soon!

All my love, Christina


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