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Five for Friday - 14 October 2016
The Joy of Reading Between Agnes Martin’s Lines (NYT)
"To be honest, I wonder what a lot of people see in abstract painting. I love it, the idea of it and the experience of it, because it’s been in my life for decades."

The Problem with Modern Romance Is Too Much Choice (Nautilus)
"Since 2004, when Schwartz published The Paradox of Choice, researchers have quibbled with the idea that lots of choices are bound to overtax our mental resources, leading to decision paralysis and unhappiness."
The Superhero in Your Vagina (Mosaic)
"While it’s healthy to have a variety of bacteria in our guts, there’s one place where a single dominant type is best: the vagina. Kendall Powell meets the researchers trying to make the world healthier, one vagina at a time."

Post-Punk 101: What Is Post-Punk? (Observer)
"The extensive body of music that emerged from the prime flush of the Post-Punk movement (1978 – 1981) remains some of the most powerful, engaging and creative guitar-based work in the history of the electric rock/pop era."

Ursula K. Le Guin on the Future of the Left (Vice)
"“The Left,” a meaningful term ever since the French Revolution, took on wider significance with the rise of socialism, anarchism, and communism."

Imaging the Past (NASA)
"nearly two-thirds of the Landsat data collected in the three and a half decades between 1972 and 1999 was, until recently, completely inaccessible"

The More You Know...
Little Kids Use Their Dreams to Figure Out Real Life

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