April 2016

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Welcome to the April issue of our Helping Parents Heal Newsletter!  

Hello!  We are glad you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. We are all in this together.  We understand and we walk the same path. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal! 

We have great news this month!  There are 5 new affiliates of Helping Parents Heal that will be starting throughout the US and one in the UK!  If you live in Tampa or Fort Lauderdale FL, Little Rock, AK, Bedford/Manchester NH, on the Big Island of Hawaii or in Surrey in the UK, please check out our new groups and leaders!

Once again, this month's newsletter contains stories of validation and spiritual growth.  We hope that it will bring some peace and comfort to you and your loved ones.  We have many affiliate groups available throughout the country.  There is information about upcoming meetings in this newsletter.  Photos and bios of all of our affiliate leaders are available on our website,    
Seek Reality with Roberta Grimes
I am happy to announce that I was invited to speak on Roberta Grimes' Internet talk radio show, Seek Reality, with
Psychic Medium Susanne Wilson. Using nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent afterlife evidence, quantum physics, consciousness research, and ancient writings, the show seeks to understand who and what we are, how reality works, the nature of God, and the meaning and purpose of our lives. The truth is accessible to us now, and it is beyond-belief wonderful! It is available each week as we work together to better understand our one reality and gain insights into how we can make the most of the glorious eternal beings that we are.  Please click this link to listen to the show.  Please also visit Roberta Grimes' site here. She is an Afterlife Expert and the author of The Fun of Dying, The Fun of Staying in Touch and of Liberating Jesus, among other works.

Sara Ruble, Jana Evraets, Christine Salter, Anne Castaldo and Elizabeth Boisson, surrounded by Angels

On April the 1st I had the pleasure of meeting with Anne Castaldo, the Director of the 2016 Conference of The Compassionate Friends, Hope Rises on the Wings of Love, as well as Sara Ruble, the Director of Healing Haven at this year's conference, and with Christine Salter and Jana Evraets, who will kindly volunteer their services during the conference.  TCF President Alan Pederson and Anne Castaldo have generously offered a table to Helping Parents Heal in Healing Haven during the conference.  The conference will take place July 8-10th and we would love to have volunteers from the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I will be giving Gentle Yoga classes throughout the conference.  Please contact me at or Sara at if you would like to volunteer!

Sending love and light to each one of you as you navigate this bittersweet time.  You are not alone.

-Elizabeth Boisson, Co-Founder and President of Helping Parents Heal, Newsletter Editor and Affiliate Leader for Phoenix/Scottsdale.

Brandon and his dad Mark Ireland - Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal

Keeping the Hope

In an earlier, article I mentioned that there often seems to be a “shelf-life” associated with healing validations that parents may receive. This applies to things like unmistakable signs, dream-visits parents have with their children, compelling messages from Mediums, and more. Most parents expressed a sense of great joy and relief when these validations occurred—and in many cases the experience “got them over the hump.” But some parents who initially showed relief later fell back into a deep, dark place. For them the healing effect of the phenomena didn’t have a lasting effect.

I gave this some thought, wondering why this was, because I truly wanted to see people get over and stay over the hump. My findings led to a couple of culprits, which in turn provided direction on how to deal with the issue.
As time passes our memories often tend to fade and specific details may be lost. How often has a spouse or significant other started to tell a story that you also knew, yet their rendition differed from your recollection of the incident? In recalling a story involving this type of phenomena the details are usually the most important part and often yield the strongest evidence.

Also, we live in a highly skeptical society that pushes us to discount personal experiences, especially in matters of this type. So while you may have had an awesome experience that gave you peace and hope, cynics may have directly or indirectly barraged you with negative messages. The implication was that you failed to accurately remember or were caught up in wishful thinking. When you heard this negative message repeated enough times you may have started to doubt your own experience and gradually succumbed to their nihilistic ideology.
But the truth is that you had an awesome encounter that should not be discounted. Your experience should be embraced and shared with those who will appreciate it and will benefit from it. Forget about the naysayers; there’s no value in sharing your sacred experience with cynics (aka “casting pearls”) or debating them either. The only exception would be if you know they are open-minded and respectful.

When you have such an experience make sure to record the information, immediately. You can do this in a journal or by using a digital audio recorder. After taking this action you’ll be able to go back at any time to read or hear the specifics again. This will preserve the story and allow you to use it as a sort of emotional battery to re-charge when you’re feeling down or drained. And as you have more experiences record those as well and add them to your archive. Over time you may end up with enough information for an article or blog to share with other people, or to even to start a book like I did with Soul Shift. These kinds of experiences are sacred gifts that can continue to help us if we embrace and preserve them.

-Written by Mark Ireland, Author of Soul Shift, Finding Where the Dead Go and Messages from the Afterlife and co-founder of Helping Parents Heal.  Please visit his website:, as well as the website of Helping Parents Heal:

Psychic Medium Christine Salter
Connecting with Our Children in Spirit
I was deeply honored to bring through spirit messages at the March 20th meeting of Helping Parents Heal in Phoenix. The love and strength that filled the room was beyond measure. As a medium, I am always a little nervous before each reading. That might sounds strange, but I take my job very seriously.  My intention is to bring through information that brings healing to whomever I am speaking with. I understand that the pain is deep and I do my very best to bring forth validations. So I say my prayers and trust spirit to do its work.
The loved ones who came through brought beautiful messages. They answered questions about their passings and gave confirmations about the signs that they bring to parents. Some were apologetic and others were funny. Their personalities shined through and gave validations that they were truly present. From where our children now are, they understand what it is that we need, as well as the fact that they are the only ones who can provide it. Our loved ones are residing in bliss and hope to bring some peace and comfort to their families. They want to connect with us just as much as we want to connect with them. Even though they may have changed form, their love is as strong as ever.
My earthly calling as a medium is how my soul has chosen to help humanity. However, it is important to note that my gifts didn’t manifest until I became an adult. I believe that everyone has the ability to communicate with spirit. You do not have to be a special soul to do so. All that is necessary is the desire and willingness to learn how to use the gifts that already exist.
When you consciously decide to open your “channels”, your life can shift in miraculous ways. Ask spirit to guide you to the right information that will trigger your own awakening. There are many great books available on psychic development and channeling. Once you open, your life will never be the same as you grow on your spiritual path.  Here are some things to consider when deciding to connect with spirit:
Make sure you are ready - It is a good idea to do a self-check to see how ready you are. Your emotions and grief could affect your ability to get messages. Sometimes receiving messages makes it too real and painful. Pause to go within and make sure you are truly ready. If you are not, that is ok. Spirit will wait as long as it takes.
Understanding ego - Our lower self loves to get in the way of communicating with spirit. Anytime we doubt, believe in coincidences, or think it is just wishful thinking, our ego is in charge. If you wonder if a sign is from spirit, it is. Don’t give in to the ego.
Ask spirit to come talk to you - Your loved ones want to communicate. They tend to speak to you in the language of energy. They will send messages through your intuition. This includes things you see, hear, feel, or know. Trust in your ability to receive and translate the energy of their messages.
Developing awareness - Be on the lookout for signs and acknowledge that they are from spirit. Signs come through the intuitive channels. It is a good idea to write down messages that you receive. You can look back over time and see how spirit sends you signs. This helps to develop your understanding of your loved one’s “language”.
Automatic writing
 One of my favorite tools to teach spirit communication is through automatic writing. This is an easy form of channeling that anyone can do.  All that is required is a pencil, some paper, and quiet time.

  1. Find a quiet space and make sure that you will not be disturbed. Give yourself at least 20 minutes for this process the first time.
  2. Take out a piece of paper and a pencil/pen.
  3. In your mind, ask Archangel Michael and your loved one(s) to come into the room with you. Archangel Michael will help facilitate the conversation and create the connection with them.
  4. Take a few deep breaths and center your mind.
  5. When you are ready, simply take your paper and write “(Name of loved one), what would you like me to know?”
  6. Start to write down everything that comes into your awareness. It may come as thoughts, pictures, sounds, feelings, words, or a conversation. Keep writing until the information seems to stop.
  7. Ask another question and repeat the same process.
  8. When you are done, thank everyone for attending and providing the messages.
  9. Ask Archangel Michael to cut the cords and attachments that may have connected during this session.
  10. Read the information.

● When the information is coming through, don’t try to understand it. Your ego will be very happy to tell you that you are not really doing this, that you are making it up, that automatic writing is stupid, etc.  However, if you just let it come through, then you can read it later.
● Release any preconceived ideas of what the process will be like. Channeling is different for everyone.
● If you receive just a little bit of information the first time, don’t judge it as a failure. It takes practice and the more you channel, the easier it will be. You may just get a picture and not a full conversation. This is perfectly normal and you will increase the messages as you practice.
● Create regular time to practice this skill. 10-20 minutes per session is plenty.
Opening your spiritual gifts can be a beautiful, lifelong journey. Most people don’t just “pop” open because it would be too disruptive to their lives. Allow yourself time to blossom into the full spirit being that you are.  As you open up your intuition, insights and messages will show up in your everyday life and you will be able to notice them consistently. Your loved one is joined by a large team in spirit who help you along your life path. Call on them as often as you like, as you are never bothering any of them. Anything that brings you peace is of utmost importance to them. Once the choice is made to start this path, then you are well on your way to healing and living a spirit-guided life.

Christine Salter and several parents at our Phoenix/Scottsdale Chapter meeting on March 20th  
Please visit Christine's website here and view our list of recommended spiritual mediums here.  

Dr. Mark Pitstick and his book 'SoulProof'

Evolved Souls Don’t Need Long Earthly Lives
April 2016

by Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Welcome to the Helping Parents Heal Q & A.  The death of a child is very difficult, painful, and sad.  At the same time, it can be a spiritually transformative experience.  You can—moment by moment—choose to heal by awakening to your and their true nature (much more than the physical body), honoring their lives, serving others, and enjoying life again.  That’s the balance Helping Parents Heal seeks to maintain.
I recommend reading the Foundational Articles for Healing and Transformation that form a basis for my answers.  Links at lower left of home page.
I’ve also created several products with information and strategies for surviving and even thriving amidst your suffering.  If you truly can’t afford them, let us know and we’ll send them to you at no charge.  Then, when you are doing better, you can “pay it forward” and help others. 

Q: Your thoughts, please. I can count on one hand how many times I actually remember dreams of Justin (since Sept 2003). The upside to that is God has spared me from visions of the tragic way he left us.  Two nights ago, I dreamed he was sitting next to me looking handsome and perfect like I remember him. I even asked myself, “Do I risk reaching out to him and my hand passing through him like vapor?” I took his hand in mine and he was real and such a comfort to me. In an instant, it seems, my dream was over. – Anita

A: Thank you, Anita, for sharing your wonderful “dream.”  You can be sure that Justin has been trying to reach you all along while you were awake and asleep.  Your energy is calming down now so you can experience—as you say—that he is real and wants to comfort you.  It’s common for parents whose children transition in a tragic way to have a delay in picking up visits.  Take heart that he is very near, watching over you, and wants you to be happy and whole again.  I also recommend that you share your dream with others so they can recognize their subtle contacts from “departed” loved ones. 
Q: So for the last two nights I've had dream that my son is sick, very sick. In one dream I had, he was blind. It's a terrible feeling and then when I wake, I realize the reality is worse than Aaron being sick.  He has passed away. The feeling stayed with me the whole day and now last night I had a similar dream. I have had no dreams where we are together again. I'm so sad about this. – Judy

A: I’m so sorry that you are going through this sadness and difficulty, Judy.  I’m also glad that you are in touch with Helping Parents Heal to help you get through this.  You didn’t say how long it’s been since Aaron passed on, but my sense is that part of you is just now accepting that he has left his body.  Your dreams of him being sick and blind are half-steps in realizing that his body has died. 

You have more control over your dreams than you might imagine.  Before going to sleep, pray or affirm that you will be able to have more happy dreams.  Ask for assistance to see Aaron as he really is now: happy, healthy, peaceful, and loving.  If you do have more dreams about him being sick, take action within the dream and ask the question, “Why am I dreaming about him being sick?” Then let the answer pop up versus analyzing with your brain.  Read article #16: 12 Keys To Visiting With Your Departed Loved Ones and let us know how it’s going.   
Q: I'm sorry to be negative, but I need to vent. Today is my best friend’s daughter's birthday. She is eight and was also my daughter's best friend.  My daughter passed away at the age of 7. My husband is a GM at Applebee's and our daughter loved to eat there.  I didn't comment on my friend’s huge post that she made on Facebook today, so she felt the need to message me about how awesome her daughter's 8th birthday was. WHY?!?!?!?!  - Jamie
A: You are not being negative, Jamie.  Part of Helping Parents Heal focus is to let bereaved family members vent.  It can be very tough, especially when you have reminders like this and it’s only been a year. 
It’s difficult for friends to know what to say and do since each bereaved parent grieves differently.  Many grieving people say that they want to stay in the loop with friends and family of their children.  But hearing about the birthday party was understandably painful for you. 
It sounds as though your friend was trying to keep you in her life.  Perhaps she didn’t want to feel like she was hiding good news from you.  Maybe she thought that having her daughter’s party at Applebee’s would be a happy reminder for you, but didn’t realize it is too soon for that.  I would give her the benefit of the doubt and try to see her intentions as loving.  Staying close to her and your daughter’s friend will be a good thing in the long run. 
Q: I am struggling. March 25th will be the five-year anniversary of my daughter Alyssa's death. I feel like I can't breathe. I am sick to my stomach. My tears will not stop. I feel the walls closing in on me. And it's been five years!  Why do I still feel this way? Why was it easier four years ago? Why was it easier yesterday? Why will it be easier on the 26th? Oh my God . . . I can't do this. I have tried to get my doctor to give me something, but she has not called me back. I don't know if I can survive Friday . . . but I will. I have to. I miss you so much, baby. – Pamela

A: OK, Pamela, you get the “moved me to tears” award this month.  Anyone with an open heart who reads your words can feel the pain and sadness.  But, as you say, you have to survive it.  And you can. 
It’s very common for bereaved parents to feel like they are dealing OK with their child’s death, only to feel totally overwhelmed later.  Grieving doesn’t unfold in a straight line. It can be like an up-and-down rollercoaster: easy one day, very difficult the next. 
However, your symptoms after five years indicate the need for some outside help.  They are likely due to severe grief that impacts your brain and endocrine system.  But it’s smart to rule out possible underlying issues with your medical doctor.  Some people find that medications mask their underlying feelings and delay emotional recovery.  Drugs can also potentially cause serious side-effects.  That’s why I recommend Nutrition Response Testing ( to see what natural assistance your body needs to heal and balance.  To learn more, read article #10, point #6.  Contact me if you have any other questions about this or anything else.  Remember that you are not alone in your journey toward healing.   

Note: This information is not designed to replace medical or psychological care.  Dr. Pitstick’s recommendations are based on his forty-three years of professional training and experience in hospitals, mental health centers, and holistic private practice.  

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC is an author, clinical psychologist, chiropractic physician, frequent media guest, and workshop leader who helps you know and show that—no matter what is going on around you—this earth-experience is a totally safe and magnificent adventure amidst forever. Visit for free radio shows with top consciousness experts, newsletters, and articles addressing life’s toughest changes and challenges.  
Email Mark at to ask him your toughest and most challenging questions

-Dr. Mark Pitstick is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and of Eternea

Words to Inspire from Ernie and Kristine Jackson

Kristine and Ernie

The Epiphany
An epiphany is a moment that will never be forgotten and that forever changes a life.  As defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary, it is: “A moment of sudden intuitive understanding; a flash of insight”. 

When I was alone in a room at 11:30 at night, I felt my hand being held.  Although it was odd, I knew that it was happening.  And the lesson to not overlook or dismiss the unusual or unexplained had not yet pierced my consciousness.  The epiphany came later, five days after Quinton left.  When it came, what we had originally thought of as ‘the death of our son’ transformed into ‘Quinton’s transition’!

We were all in Kristine’s hospital room – and although our family was keeping our spirits high, our situation was very tough. We of course had moments of tears, silence and reflection as we struggled with our new reality.  At one point during the stay, I was utterly alone.  I was curled in a corner imagining our son who was also alone somewhere in the darkness, when suddenly a friend came into the hospital room. She recounted the events of her morning, completely taking my breath away. 

With awe and reverence, she shared that a medicine man in traditional costume had come to her in the lobby of the Marriot Courtyard.  He said that he had just finished performing a ceremony and that a boy had sent him to find her.  The boy wanted him to tell his family that he was fine!  As our friend shared this with us, it changed everything!  My energy level sky rocketed as I said to myself – “my son loves us so much that he made contact!” This was the epiphany and it changed everything forever. My next thought was: “why didn’t I know this was possible?” 

Soon after, I began buying books in an effort to understand.  About six weeks or so after our son transitioned to pure energy, I went into the used bookstore Tattered Cover on Colfax in Denver.  I walked out with approximately eight books and began my drive home.  At that point I had another odd experience. To my surprise, the colors around me suddenly became more vibrant and everything was more beautiful; my perception had changed.  The sky was bluer; the leaves on the trees were more radiant, and the faces of the people on the sidewalk positively glowed.  Everything looked different!   Imagine my surprise when this very experience was described when I began reading.

The first book of the set I purchased on that day was entitled Return to The Sacred by Jonathan H. EllerbyI really don’t know why I would have picked this one, given that I have read so many since.  But it was clear that I was guided to it. I was at a stage in my life that I listened instead of fighting this guidance. The introduction of the book included a subsection entitled Prepare for a Journey, where I read: “At times, the shift in perception may be subtle. It may be just a flash when we look at things differently – that is, when we change our perspective.  It may come by surprise in an unexpected moment of beauty or inner silence.  Suddenly a veil is lifted, and something sacred is revealed.”  And I remembered that moment outside the bookstore when the exact shift in perception happened.  I knew that I was on the right path. 

Not long after, I read another passage that said:  “death is like going into your closet and taking off your clothes, only in death you take off your body.”  This was just the beginning of my journey toward not only understanding the epiphany, but also embracing it. 

A couple of books were gifted to me: Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.  I read them both during the first 6 months of what I like to call ‘Quinton’s homecoming’. I have learned that it does not matter if a book is fiction or non-fiction since they both hold deep spiritual truths.  Page seven of The Celestine Prophecy discussed the significance of coincidences and what they mean; for those of us who have lost loved ones, we are very aware that we must pay attention to coincidences, the unusual, the odd, the weird and the things that have never happened before, when it comes to recognizing signs.  This same book also introduced me to the idea that we are made of energy.  Although I was new to my journey, I grasped this fact that was reinforced by my subsequent reading.  Understanding that we are energy, aka spirit or soul, allowed me to understand that Quinton didn’t die, but instead transitioned.  Everything that I have read supports this fact.

My epiphany, even in the immediacy of our son’s transition, forever pierced the veil for me!  This epiphany is where the rubber meets the road – it changed absolutely everything for me. 

For those who have experienced this moment – this sudden flash of understanding – I am so happy for you!  For those who haven’t yet, we send our loving, heartfelt prayers that you will soon be able to recognize and receive the signs and validations that your children in spirit are most definitely sending you.


-Ernie and Kristine Jackson

-Ernie Jackson is a Board Member of Helping Parents Heal and the proud father of Quinton.  His two books,'Quinton's Messages' and 'Quinton's Legacy', are available at  Please also view Ernie and Kristine's video of their June presentation at the Phoenix/Scottsdale Chapter of Helping Parents Heal here.

Gentle Yoga to Heal Grief
Tuesdays from 12-1 pm in Cave Creek, AZ

Elizabeth Boisson - Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal

Hello, wonderful Parents! For those of you here in the Phoenix area, I have just completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Breeze on Carefree Highway.  I now will be giving 10 free gentle yoga courses at the Desert Broom Library, 29710 N Cave Creek Road in Cave Creek, AZ on Tuesdays from 1 - 2 pm to complete my certification.  The remaining dates are as follows: 4/5, 4/12 and 4/19.  No prior experience is necessary.  We will be connecting with our breath, opening our hearts, going through gentle physical movements and easy meditation.  Please join us if you can! Space is limited to 9 so be sure to sign up on the Desert Broom website here

Upcoming Conferences in Arizona

Suzanne Giesemann, a talented Psychic Medium who has been instrumental in the healing of our Hilton Head Affiliate leader, Irene Vouvalides, will be speaking throughout Arizona in April and May. Suzanne is an evidential medium and metaphysical teacher as well as the stepmom of a beloved child who has crossed to the other side.  Her work to bring messages of hope to this world is in her honor.  Please read her message with links to articles, videos and the events. You can find a link to a recent article by Suzanne that appeared in our HPH Newsletter here.  

A video of HPH Affiliate Leader, Irene Vouvalides, and myself sharing highlights of communication from her daughter at the 2015 IANDS Annual Conference is found at this link.

Events in Arizona in April 2016: (Details and registration links are found on my website Events Calendar)

Sunday, April 10: IANDS Tucson at Unity of Tucson, "Making the Connection" 1-4 pm

Tuesday, April 12: Canyon Ranch, Tucson, (guests of Canyon Ranch) 
8 pm "The Meaning in the Messages"

Thursday, April 14: IANDS Tucson at Unity of Tucson, "Getting Out of the Box" 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Friday, April 15: IANDS Arizona at Unity of Mesa, "Getting Out of the Box" 
7-9 pm

Tuesday, April 19: Unity of Phoenix, "Special Session with Sanaya"

Saturday, April 23: IANDS Arizona at Unity of Mesa, "Let Your Spirit S.O.A.R." 
9 am - 5 pm

Saturday, April 30- Prescott Valley, AZ Mediumship Course with Suzanne
Sunday, May 1 Giesemann: "Serving Spirit" 
9 am - 4 pm

Affiliate Updates -

United Kingdom affiliate is the first in Europe!
Marta Arce-Dubois and her son, Steven Finn

Marta Arce-Dubois, Surrey, UK
Born in Madrid, Spain, Marta has lived in the UK since 1996, but continues to have strong ties with her country of origin. Previously a university lecturer, Spanish interpreter, and more recently tai chi and qigong instructor, Marta left everything to support her son Steven, her only child, when he was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in early 2013, then aged 25. After his passing, 20 months later, she threw herself in search of a new purpose, of a spirituality that would allow her to continue to live the best possible life in honour and memory of her son. This includes, but is not limited to, incessant research and study of the afterlife, meditation, spirit communication training and practice, and study of ‘mind therapies’ that may help in the grief process. Finding undeniable proof of life after death, being able to reconnect with her son, and continuing to feel his presence in her life, has been the most significant factor in her own story of loss, unconditional love, and survival. She now feels ready to begin to share what she has learnt with other bereaved parents, and she is very grateful and excited to be the first European affiliate of Helping Parents Heal.-Marta Arce-Dubois  

Please contact Marta at

First Meeting of our Hawaii Affiliate Group
Sean and his mom, Beth d'Angelo

Please join Beth D’Angelo for the first meeting of the Kona Side of Big Island Hawaii affiliate group on Saturday, April 23.  To learn more and to RSVP, please click here.
Beth is a Wellness Coach, Fitness Professional, Presenter at the 2015 International Association of Near Death Studies and the mother of three.  Life changed as she knew it February 21, 2004.  Her second son, Sean, died unexpectedly in a car accident. He was nineteen years old.  Beth has been sharing her own experiences with the grief process through speaking, writing, reaching out to others and leading holistic mind/body/spirit classes on finding inner strength as you balance loss with hope, courage, intuition and trust.  “After you survive the event, you find out that the long road to finding meaning has just begun.” -Beth d'Angelo  

Please contact Beth at

Columbus leaders look forward to upcoming meetings
Columbus Affiliate Leaders Lavaughn Margraff, Rick Colby and Marcia Wasielewski

Marcia Wasielewski
Marcia Wasielewski thought her life was “perfect” until a tragic car accident claimed the life of her six-year-old son, Adam, and critically injured her husband, Chris.  Five years later, she is still working through her “ new normal" and realizes that Adam is still very much a part of everyday life.   
Marcia lives in Delaware, Ohio with her husband and daughter Emma.  While still continuing to work through her own grief journey, she hopes to help others by being a co-moderator of Helping Parents Heal. 
Lavaughn Margraff 
My son, Robert, died Dec. 27, 2012 at age 29, while we were all on family vacation together.   I know that my son still is alive in spirit because he visits me in my dreams. I know that I will see him when my body dies and believe that my son and I agreed while we both were in spirit that my son would die to help with my spiritual growth. I also know that I'm a stronger and kinder person now.  Robert was a computer programmer.  He had Asperger's and had a hard time talking to people.  His younger brother Michael was his best friend.

Rick Colby
Rick Colby is co-moderator of the Helping Parents Heal - Central Ohio chapter.  He regularly reaches out to and counsels other parents who are in deep grief over the loss of a child.  His daughter Lauren passed away from cancer in 2007 at age eight.  She was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 10 months of age.  She did two rounds of chemo, brain surgery in New York City at NYU on New Year's Eve, and proton radiation at Midwest Proton in Bloomington, Indiana.  

Rick is proof that life doesn't have to be over after the death of a child.  He enjoys photography, travel, improv comedy, painting, walking dogs, exercise, good food and new experiences and learning new things.  He has been dating a woman from his home town of  Wolcott, CT, whom he met on Facebook, for almost three years.  

Rick is divorced and lives in Columbus, Ohio and has a son, Ashton, 23, and a daughter, Rachel, 21, both in college.  He is president of Colby & Company, a lobbying firm in Columbus.  

-Rick Colby To RSVP for the April 5th Meeting, please click here

Phoenix/Scottsdale Helping Parents Heal - Psychic Medium Shannon Horton 

Please join us for our April 17th Meeting of Helping Parents Heal at Unity of Phoenix.  Psychic Medium Shannon Horton will bring through validations and messages from our children.  You can RSVP and learn more about Shannon

-Elizabeth Boisson, Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal and affiliate leader of the Phoenix/Scottsdale group.

Sheri’s Corner-

Wisdom and Quotes from The East Coast

Sheri’s Corner-Wisdom and Quotes from the East Coast

“I tell you we do persist. Communication is possible. I have proved that the people who communicate are who and what they say they are. The conclusion is that survival is scientifically proven by scientific investigation.”

Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge- (6/12/1851-8/22/1940) Lodge was a British physicist and writer involved in the development of the wireless radio. When his son Raymond passed on the battlefield in 1915, Lodge was drawn to search for Raymond through mediums. He sat with many of the great British mediums of his day, and experienced first hand what it feels like to have a clear connection to loved ones-in-spirit.

I have the same thing in common with Lodge. From my early 20’s to the present, (I am now 65) I have sat with good mediums who connected me up with many loved ones-in-spirit from relatives to friends, to friends of friends who wanted to get a message through. When people ask me where my faith comes from I tell them certainly not from my upbringing, for my father was an atheist and my mother an agnostic, but from my direct experience! If you want to know for yourself if death as we think of it is a myth, then make your own investigation and see for yourself. I promise you that you will not be disappointed! 

-Written by our NYC Affiliate Leader, Sheri Perl Migdol

Sheri will be speaking at 
Roland Comtois' 10th annual Living Beyond Loss Conference coming April 9, 2016 in Rhode Island. You can learn more by visiting his website, Please visit Sheri's Prayer Registry here. RSVP for Sheri's June 5th meeting here

Mission Statement of Helping Parents Heal: Our mission is to help parents who have lost children, giving them support and resources to aid in the healing process. We will go a step beyond other groups by allowing the open discussion of spiritual experiences and evidence for the Afterlife in a non-dogmatic way. In other words, we will welcome everyone regardless of their religious (or non-religious) background and allow for a very open type of dialog. We receive all and do not judge people or their children on the basis of life choices. -Mark Ireland, Cofounder, Helping Parents Heal

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Helpful, Healing Information

Stories of Validation -

Messages from Our Children through 
Psychic Medium Christine Salter

Lisa Wilcoxson and her two sons,
Michael & Anthony

I had been looking forward to Christine Salter’s visit to the Helping Parents Heal meeting for several weeks. That morning, as we have been taught to do in order to connect with our children, I looked at the picture of Anthony on my wall and said, “Please come and see me today, Son.”

When I got to the meeting I was in such a good serene place. I looked around and said to myself, “I’m not getting a message today and that’s ok. I see so many parents whose hearts are breaking. I hope they hear from their children.” So, when Christine looked directly at me and said, “I’m coming to you,” I was literally stunned.

She told me she had a young man, 18 to 20 years old with dark wavy hair. That’s my son Anthony. I could actually feel him behind me. She asked, “Did he hang on you?” OMG!!! Yes, yes, yes, all the time. What a wonderful memory, I had forgotten. I could feel the weight of his arms around my neck. She asked me if he wore hats and liked skateboards? He didn’t wear hats until just before he died when he tried to become a ‘skateboarder.’ He was not very good at it. I told Christine that I had just thrown his skateboard away the day before. I found it in the oleanders upside down covered in dirt. I held it out and just stared at it for a very long time. It was like finding an emotional bomb. I looked at the sky and said aloud, “I guess I’ll throw it away, Son.”

I took it to the garbage can and looked at its presence there for a few minutes.  I just stared at the muddy, ownerless skateboard. Christine saying ‘skateboard’ to me was such an amazingly powerful message that he DOES watch me like he watches TV, which is what Susanne Wilson had said to me months before.

She asked if I had another child? She said I had one boy on each side of me and they said they were making a sandwich. My other son, Michael, died in the year 2000. He was twelve years old and died of pneumonia. I used to lie in bed when they were little with one of them on each side of me and tell them I was a Mommy sandwich. 

Christine knew that Michael was Anthony’s older brother. I was amazed by the accuracy of her Gift.

Christine asked me if I had to turn Anthony ‘off’? She said she saw him in a hospital bed. Yes. Yes I did. In fact I have been obsessed with it since Lamar Odom came out of his coma and wondered why Anthony couldn’t come out of this state. Did I turn him off too soon? Christine told me he wanted me to know that he wasn’t in his body. He was already gone. I couldn’t have done anything to save him. Anthony knows I have been pretty rough on myself about this.

Christine told me my boys were telling her that I was having a hard time finding a reason to live without them. There can be nothing more true. She said they want me to just keep putting one foot in front of the other right now even though it’s so difficult. She told me they would help me.

There is absolutely no way to describe what it’s like as parents to sit in the meetings hoping for a message from our children. Only we know such longing and desperation. To have been one of the few blessed by Christine and her Gift was like being with them again. Thank you, Christine, and thank you Elizabeth!

Saye Hekmatian and her son Jonathan
Jonathan and his Mom, Saye - Oreo the Cat

It is always nice to attend meetings of Helping Parents Heal and I'm so appreciative of the great group of people and for the wonderful speakers Elizabeth brings.
I can feel Jonathan’s presence all the time. I spend almost every night with him in my dreams, which do not seem like dreams but don't exactly know what to call them.
The day of last Sunday’s meeting of Helping Parents Heal, the 20th of March, was significant because it was the first day of the Persian New Year. I am so happy that I attended; hearing Psychic Medium Christine Salter validate Jonathan’s presence felt so heartwarming.
Jonathan wrote beautifully and I wish I could express my feelings as well as he could. Christine described him as stubborn, which he is, and funny with a dash of sarcasm!!!
He communicated that this is the life that he chose for himself.  My dad was also present, who was there to meet Jonathan when he passed.  Christine also mentioned another lady who was with him and I was not sure who she could be.   My sister, who was with me, said that she was my second cousin who passed 3 years ago and left a son behind.  She is a very motherly figure, so my sister believes she is also taking care of my son.
Jonathan communicated to me that "You are always worried, but I'm ok. You shouldn't blame yourself; I'm happy".
Christine told me that Jonathan gave me a kiss on my cheek, and that he was trying to get my attention through his cat and that he knows that we love him.  We have 4 cats - 3 boy cats, one for each of children, and 1 girl cat for me.  Jonathan's cat is Oreo, who loved Wednesday mornings when I held bible study.  The picture of him is perhaps 6 years ago.  When Jonathan passed, Oreo stayed in my closet for 3 weeks, and Puma, who is Kiki's cat, did not leave my bed.   To this day, any time I cry he comes to me. Whenever I would tell Jonathan that we should downsize, he would say "Mom, this house belongs to the cats; you are just living with them!"
It was uplifting to hear these words from him through Christine.  I just stated a new job two weeks ago.  Thank you Elizabeth, and I look forward to see you next month!

-Written by Jonathan's Mom, Saye 

Michelle Ziff and her son Garrett

Our family lost a very important and beloved member named Garrett Nathan Ziff.  Garrett had been struggling with an addiction for the past 5 years.  My cousins, Scott and Michelle, had been amazing parents to Garrett, as well as their two other sons, and had done everything within their power to help Garrett overcome his demons.  They themselves had immersed themselves in going to meetings, met with therapists, talked with experts—you name it and they did it.  Unbeknownst to me, Scott and Michelle woke up every day for 5 years hoping beyond hope that Garrett would make it to another day.  Their worst fear became a reality with one phone call late on Thursday, March 10th, 2016.  Ironically or eerily coincidentally, depending on which way you look at it, Garrett passed away on his 27th birthday.

As all of you know too well, life changed in that instant.  It will never be the same again. Our dear family friend (she’s more like a member of our family), Juliet, attends the monthly bereaved parent group that was started by the wonderfully kind and empathetic Elizabeth Boisson.  Juliet lost her beautiful boy Noah almost 7 years ago now.  There is no truer adage than “misery loves company”. 

Juliet, Michelle, my daughter and I attended the monthly meeting on Sunday, March 20th.  On this day, there was a special guest speaker by the name of Christine Salter.  And when I say special, I truly mean special.  As it turns out, Christine is a very gifted psychic medium.  We (me, Michelle, Juliet and my daughter) are very well versed in the field of psychic mediums---not because any of us have that particular gift, but we have seen James Van Praagh, the late great Sylvia Brown, Theresa Caputo, have read numerous books such as “Many Lives Many Masters”—you get the picture. 

To our amazement and through our tears of joy, our Garrett came through via Christine.  It was just as surprising to Christine that he came through, specifically because it had only been 10 days since he passed.  The things that Christine relayed to us were uncanny.  There was no doubt that she was channeling Garrett.  The roughly 15 minutes of time that elapsed were like a ray of sunshine in an eternal nighttime of darkness.  It was a blessing and a priceless gift.  To know that your loved one is okay and is not suffering, even though you’re not in a position where you can see them or touch them, gives such a tremendous sense of peace that it’s really hard to convey in words.

I would highly recommend to anyone who has lost someone that they have loved to seek out Christine Salter or any other psychic medium that someone you know has referred to you.  It can really be a life-altering (in a good way) experience that allows you to see for yourself that life goes on and that there is something to all of this.

-Written by Garrett's Aunt, Robin Goldansky

Josh and Rocky
Josh Green, his Mom Terese and Rocky the Cockatiel

On Saturday my daughter, Molly, told me her baby would probably be born in the evening, so I thought I'd head out and get a bite to eat. At a stop light, I felt a strange vibration on my foot, while holding down the brake, so I turned off the radio to listen to my engine. I stuck my head out to hear the car, and I heard a squawking sound far away. It sounded like my bird, Rocky, who had flown away 10 days before. Could it be?

I turned the car around, parked, and got out of the car, whistling and calling out his name. His squawking sound grew louder as I walked and I found him. He was in a cage hanging on the outside of a double-wide trailer, which is practically right behind my apartment. I called out to the family, "You have my bird! Hello?"

A woman came out, invited me in, and gave me my bird. She said that Rocky had flown down on her boyfriend's shoulder about a mile from where we were. He brought the bird to her because she had another cockatiel and knew how to care for it. Her daughter and three little children live with her; and they had several large dogs in the yard. Next door to them is a cat woman. I saw at least 20 cats. I wondered how on earth Rocky could have survived out there in the wild.

Before I left, the woman, Laura, told me about her son, who had died by suicide when he was only 19. I told her about Josh, who had met a similar fate. We stood there, with the bird, laughing, crying and hugging and remarking how incredible our story is. It was quite an experience.

I offered her all the money in my purse, which wasn't much, but she refused to take it. About an hour after I got home, I called to check on Molly. She said, "Mom, I just had her about an hour ago! Everything was fine!" Here is my witness to the power of prayer: The night before this, I was on my knees, praying for my daughter, who'd had serious complications in bringing little Emily April into the world. As usual, I got more than I could have imagined! I've heard that a feather is a message from those on the Other Side. I've had experiences of feathers, interpreting them as messages from my son. I've even had birds fly right into my house. The latest one was a Cooper's hawk--chasing after Rocky! This time I got the whole bird!! Amazing! Thank you, Josh!!

-Josh's Mom, Terese Garifo

This beautiful work was painted by my very talented friend and fellow member of Helping Parents Heal, Karen West.  It beautifully symbolizes the love that we all feel for our amazing children.  Thank you, Karen!

Blogs to Help us Heal 
Scott Michael Jessie and his Mom, Sara Ruble

The Spiritual Bond We Share
I have lived through twenty-one years of missing, agony, love, curiosity, demanding, fear, disappointment, anger, amazement, love, signs, awareness, wisdom and the knowing that Scott never left me. His body left…his Spirit stayed. Somehow… Magnificently.

I wasn’t of course always aware of Scott’s presence. That took time on my part and I know that has been my journey. The soul plans he and I share and the need for me to grow through the grief that literally overtook me…mind, body and spirit…demanded I find help and answers.

I cannot give you a timeline on any of it. There was not a date, or even a year that I could share with you that I felt healing was reaching into me…and balancing the grief that had engulfed me.

Was it three years, five or seven? Eleven or fifteen? Each year was different. Unbelievably, they begin to blur as I look back today. Don’t let me scare you…it did not take twenty-one years for me to find the healing I feel today…because I was continually evolving in ways I could not have always known or seen.

I now feel the wisdom that was developing within it all… In my previous blogs…which I hope you will read to more fully understand my words today, are archived beginning February, 2014 and are in a sequential format. I have shared my grief and the signs and so many aspects of what brought me to this place of feeling at peace. Wow…even putting that on paper is strange.

But I am at peace, knowing Scott never fully left. His Spirit remained…somehow, somewhere. And that is what we need to share with you. Scott and I are are working together, have been for quite some time…to allow you to see more in the spiritual workings of the bigger picture that has been so mysterious, so quiet it seems when we so desperately need answers.

What will help you? What will show you that God/Spirit/ your loved ones are present in your life today and forever? Do you need proof? Don’t we all?

As I write I am not always aware of the message that we will share with you. As I’ve expressed here before, I channel Scott’s words and they always, always, always come as needed…for you to know and understand more…to find nuggets of hope…to see the journey a little more clearly…or what is needed for us to find our way.

The deep love I feel for Scott is what has pushed and motivated me to seek help and try to grasp the enormity of not only my grief, but to understand death and all it creates within our lives.

Only Scott/Spirit/God has known what I need. I was lost, confused, in a state of chaos, and longed only for the greater understanding of how Scott could suddenly die at nineteen…

Two years ago Scott insisted I write a blog. I hear him. I told him I could not write a blog or set it.

-Written by Scott's Mom, Sara Ruble

Sara is the creator of the website:, where she writes inspiring messages that are channeled through her son Scott.  Please visit her site!  Sara will be organizing the space called 'Healing Haven' for the annual conference of The Compassionate Friends in Scottsdale from July 8 - 10.  You can learn more and sign up online here.

Beautiful Light 
Brian Smith and his daughter, Shayna Elayne

Brian has created a online blog that chronicles his journey after his beautiful daughter Shayne Elayne, transcended this earthly plane.  If you would like to read some of his insightful, uplifting messages, please click

Voice of Grief 

Diane's son Matthew

Diane Romagnoli will be starting an affiliate group of Helping Parents Heal in Bedford/Manchester New Hampshire.  She has created an online blog that chronicles her healing after the passing of her beautiful son.  

"My son Matthew, forever 36, died in a motor vehicle accident Jan 3, 2015. He has been sending comforting signs since a few days after his death and signs, knowledge of the afterlife and a continued relationship with my son are what give me hope in my healing"  -Diane Romagnoli

Please visit her blog by clicking

 Would you like to share a story of validation or healing with other Parents? 

We are all able to heal when we share personal stories about our children with others.  Moreover, everyone benefits from validations that we receive from our children.  We love to hear about them!  If you have a story that you would like to share about your child, please let us know and we will include it in a future newsletter.  Please send it to Elizabeth Boisson at (Due to space limitations, please be sure it is no longer than 1 page.) 

Also, if you have not yet done so, please send me your child's full name, Birthday and Angel Date so that I can add him or her to our list of children on our Facebook Site. We pay tribute to our children on their special dates with a favorite photo and a description of their lives.  Please send all information to Elizabeth at

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