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Welcome to our new format for the LM SIG eNews. We will be publishing our eNews four times a year as a means to share information among membership and to let you know what your SIG is doing. The LM SIG aims to document how leisure programs, facilities and services are enhancing the human condition and contributing to communities’ quality of life. Furthermore, the LM SIG will complement WLO’s focus on the UN SDGs by documenting successful leisure achievements and sharing the success stories via WLO and the wider leisure communities’ information sharing systems.

LM SIG at 2022 WL Congress
John, Jo An and Bramante (our co-opted leader) submitted a proposal for the LM SIG session at the 2022 World Leisure Congress. It is proposed to conduct a 90-minute workshop titled, Leisure management practices to incorporate diversity and accessibility principles. The proposed workshop will incorporate brief presentations (< 5 minutes) about how leisure managers can incorporate inclusion principles to encourage diversity and accessibility in leisure activities. It is our intention to have presentations from all the continents except Antarctica. The three questions guiding the workshop discussion are:
  • How can leisure managers put diversity and accessibility principles into practice in their service delivery?
  • How can leisure scholars provide research about the best approaches to deliver leisure services that incorporate diversity and accessibility principles?
  • How can leisure managers and scholars collaborate to apply diversity and accessibility principles in leisure programs, facilities and services?

The proposed workshop will have an emphasis on participant engagement. It is expected that the workshop participants will be able to identify new strategies to improve their leisure management and scholarship activities. We will let you know once we hear any news from the 2022 WL Congress organisers.

Building LM SIG Partnerships
We have made contact with World Leisure’s Centres of Excellence (WLCEs) and other World Leisure SIG’s to establish a collaborative project to further the capacity of the WLCEs and SIGs to address our aims. We believe that engaging with WLCEs and WL SIGs to share our capacity in leisure management can assist in the development of student and professional initiatives. We have not yet formalised any specific opportunities, but we will continue to pursue this opportunity because we recognise the value of working in partnership with groups who have shared values and ambitions.

News from WLO

  • Call for Nominations for the WLO Board of Directors. Getting involved on the WLO Board provides a great opportunity to contribute to WLO’s mission to enhance communities’ quality of life through leisure. More details about the nominations (closing on 8 November 2021) is available from -

  • 2022 World Leisure Congress - A call for abstracts will open on 7 February 2022. This is the time when individuals can submit abstracts that either relate to a specifically named session, or which align more broadly with the congress themes. More details about the Congress are available from -
The following information was provided by LM SIG members. All members are invited to contribute items that may be of interest to our SIG.

J. Robert Rossman and Mathew D. Durden learned recently that their book Designing Experiences (Columbia Business School Publishing, 2019) received a Silver Medal in the 2021 Axiom Business Book Awards. They won in the Business Intelligence/Innovation category. Bob Rossman said, “We were not expecting this and were not actually aware of the award program. But our publisher was aware and very pleased that we won. A lot of the material is a direct descendent of leisure studies programming material updated with design thinking, storytelling, and material from a few other sources. We have received inquiries about the book from a variety of disciplines."

Teresa Penbroke shared two initiatives:
SHIFT 2021 Summit in Grand Junction, Colorado – October 18 – 20
The 2021 SHIFT Summit theme is Ensuring Access to Nature – For Human Health and the Environment, with a focus on advancing equitable access to preventive health through nature and the outdoors. Held annually since 2015, SHIFT (Shaping How to Invest for Tomorrow) gathering have been historically held in Jackson, WY. Now under organizational support from GP RED, the 2021 Hybrid SHIFT Summit will be held October 18 - 20 in Grand Junction, Colorado, with strong local host community involvement, along with an online concurrent Livestream Event. We include a variety of research, practice, and experiential aspects, including workshops, lightning talks, panel discussions, nature and forest therapy practices, and plenty of opportunities for active outdoor recreation to deepen our connections to place and story. More information about SHIFT 2021 is available from
Parks & Recreation Emerging Professionals Program (PREPP) 
Launching in Fall 2021! Cohort #1 Program Start – January 2022
The Parks and Recreation Emerging Professionals Program (PREPP) is designed to fill a niche for those who want to move ahead into upper levels of administration, need a strong basis and competencies in management and planning, and who are interested in a flexible, yet rigorous, program developed for working professionals. With more than 400,000 people employed in state and local parks and recreation positions across the U.S., this unique combination of curriculum will be an important addition to the educational opportunities in the parks and recreation field. For more information check out our webpage:

John Tower shared the following initiative:
Park and Recreation Collection (PaRC)
The Park and Recreation Collection (PaRC) is a resource developed by Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) to provide professional park, leisure and recreation documents. Industry professionals are able to access documents that cover a range of topics that are of interest to leisure professionals and scholars. Most of PaRC’s documents are provided by local government park and leisure staff who provided copies of relevant policy, programs and planning documents that are not readily available. Many of these documents may be helpful for leisure researchers and teachers. Users of PaRC are expected to follow standard copyright requirements and give credit to the document authors and PaRC as the source of documents. At the time of writing, PaRC has over 3,300 documents that can be downloaded. There is scope to use a search function to find relevant documents for particular leisure provision issues. 
PaRC is available from the Parks and Leisure Australia website under the Research tab -
The purpose of the LM Bibliography is to share information about scholarly and professional articles that will be of benefit to our members. Leisure management academics and professionals need to regularly draw on current literature to inform their work and incorporate in their continuous improvement of leisure programs, facilities and services. We view this initiative as an opportunity for leisure managers and scholars to share information that they have found useful. In particular, this is a great opportunity for students studying leisure management to contribute from their class-based projects and research. Jo An plans to have an example of some student work for our December issue of the LM SIG eNews. 
We welcome other opportunities for colleagues to join this initiative to share recent and past bibliographic details about leisure management issues. 
Here are a couple of links to two papers from Jo An and John about leisure management that formed the basis for the World Leisure Journal’s Leisure Management Special Edition:
Tower, J. & Zimmerman, JA. (2016). Setting the scene for the World Leisure Journal special edition on leisure management. World Leisure Journal, 58(1), 3-11. ”This paper provides a summary of a range of considerations about leisure management and community leisure programmes and services. After decades of leisure services delivery, there is still a need for public leisure managers to provide a rationale for why they deliver services. Five legitimations based on health, socialization, economic impact, community development and national identity provide a further consideration for what needs to be better understood about leisure management.” (Abstract). A link to the article is:

Zimmermann, JA. & Tower, J. 2017, Leisure management: All about the “what” and the “who”, World Leisure Journal, vol. 59, no. 1, pp. 2-5. “Leisure management is about delivering the services that meet the leisure needs of individuals and communities. If leisure managers do their jobs effectively, then the communities around the globe will have better opportunities to increase their quality of life. This LM Special Edition delivers articles that explain how leisure managers are addressing communities’ leisure needs.” (Abstract). A link to the article is:
We have been busy organising some webinars that will be announced in the coming weeks. We hope to have the first LM SIG Webinar ready to announce for an event in November 2021. We are also working with colleagues at Sesc in Brazil who plan to help us deliver three webinars in early 2022. We will make sure all LM SIG members are kept informed about these events and hope you can join us as we explore contemporary issues in leisure management. 
Have you got an issue or experience or challenge that you want to share? This section of the LM SIG eNews provides members with the opportunity to share information and comments about the issues worth sharing with our members. Send your issues with the LM SIG members by sending an email to John or Jo An (details below) and we can share this in the next LM SIG eNews.
Ian Cooper from UK shared this information, “I can thoroughly recommend David Minton’s recent article”, David Minton raises a number of useful issues for our industry to deal with COVID and Climate Change challenges. 
We want to thank LM SIG members who made contributions to the LM SIG eNews. Bob Rossman, Teresa Penbroke, Ian Cooper, Antonio Bramante and the team from WLO’s Secretariat contributed to this edition of the LM SIG eNews. A special thank you is extended to the WLO Secretariat who have created our new format for the LM SIG eNews.
We welcome members to share other information and comments so please let us know what we can do to meet your needs and share your contributions to the leisure management community. Please contact John Tower – or Jo An Zimmermann –
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