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Many of you have asked me whether or not I have an Instagram page, and for many years the answer was no. There was a simple reason - I didn’t have a smart enough phone LOL As you know, Instagram posts must come from your phone, so now that I have embraced the 21st century and have myself an Android device (and a tablet!!) I can do these things.


Going forward, I will be posting regularly on Instagram. Facebook, Twitter and on Google My Business. Some of these postings will contain codes for discounts, sales, and contests! I hope you will join the fun and follow me. I also have a YouTube channel where I have posted several complex process videos of champleve and grisaille. The video below is there! Visit anytime!

I also hope we will be able to do some COMMUNITY BUILDING. I know how isolating it can be to be an enamelist, especially if you are not in a centre like Montreal or Toronto. So lets support one another! I would love to see what you are doing in your work, and happy to promote your website or other social mendia postings. Drop me a picture! I’ll post it with a link to your platform, whatever it might be!

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Here’s a little reminder of the amazing body of work we were generously given for an exhibition of Canadian Enamelists coinciding with the SNAG Conference in Toronto some years back. I hope you are all still thriving, and I’d love to see the work of some new enamelists too!

Fire and Fusion Exhibition


My order from Thompson will be going out soon - and I have added all of your special requests. There is still time to sneak in something if you haven’t had a chance to tell me yet! I will likely get it towards the end of August.


I will also be topping up my current offerings from W.G. Ball. I have tried to use these enamels to fill in the gaps in Thompson’s pallette.I hope you’ve had a chance to try them. The Ruby Red and Red Orange are especially lovely, and more luscious than any of Thompson’s offerings. (That’s why they always go out of stock first!) But the greens and blues are also gorgeous and rich. If you want to try any of these - just inculde your wish on the note for your next order and I will throw in a sampling!


Getting settled in to the new studio. It was a tough move, absorbing pretty much every spare second I had for over a month. It’s much smaller - so everything is laid out more efficiently! Emporium Vitreum is all in order - but I haven’t been able to set up my own workspace yet - that’s coming next!

My new space at 62 Geary, Toronto, M6H 2B5

The haiatus from sales over the course of COVID has affected many businesses. I have lost my fabulous copper supplier in Montreal, for one. Not wanting to be another of the casualties - I hope social media can help Canadian enamelists understand the value of having a business dedicated to enameling supplies, and enameling education.

I really appreciate the support I got from you all! THANK YOU!!

If you have any questions about Thompson or W.G.Ball products or how to use them please feel free to contact me. I will be posting tips and tricks on my social media outlets, but will also be here to solve your individual problems.

Don’t hesitate to contact me I promise I will get back to you. This phone number takes messages 24/7, and I get to them ASAP!


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