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TETRAMAX Newsletter, December 2020

Dear colleague,
Like most other projects in COVID-19 times, TETRAMAX aims to maintain its dissemination activities in digital formats. In the past quarter, this included a well-attended special session at the Embedded Systems Week, as well as the production of new video clips for two of our Technology Transfer Experiments (TTX): BALLERINA and CABEHA. 
We are also glad that our partner project BOWI successfully concluded its 1st open TTX call. See below for details on the upcoming 2nd and 3rd calls, where you are cordially invited to participate as a Digital Innovation Hub.
The next major TETRAMAX event will be the 9th TISU workshop on Jan 18, 2021, embedded into the HiPEAC Conference. As you may expect, the event will be virtual, so it´s easy to participate. Please attend to receive the latest news on TTX success stories and EC positions on future pan-European tech transfer.

Wish you Happy Holidays and a great start into the new year!

Rainer Leupers
RWTH Aachen University
TETRAMAX Coordinator

TETRAMAX: the highway from research to innovation

TETRAMAX attracted more than 250 technology transfer experiment proposals in 11 EU-wide calls since 2017. The technology transfer experiments help SMEs to bring smart solutions to the market. The 45 selected experiments received between €25k and €100k each. So far, they created a stunning 10x return on investment of 73 new jobs, a revenue increase of close to €4M and almost €24M of venture capital raised. 
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Successful TETRAMAX European Industrial Session at Embedded Systems Week

TETRAMAX organised an industrial session showcasing eight European technology transfer experiments at the Embedded Systems Week in September:
  1. WiForAgri: Low-power IoT turn-key solution for Smart Agriculture: from field sensors to DSS service platform
  2. BLEeper: A low-cost outdoor location tracking solution for shoreline safety
  3. E Flight:A smart capsule for the delivery and monitoring of blood and hemocomponents
  4. SANTOS: Embedded system as central element an intelligent industrial mobile tanking solution
  5. Inaccel: Open FPGA data Science Platform: Accelerating ML instantly by utilizing FPGAs
  6. RADMONIC: bringing radiation detection capability to IoT
  7. ANDREAS: Scheduling solutions for AI training jobs in on demand GPU Systems
  8. WAGOO: A Low Complexity Bluetooth Direction-Finding apparatus, a comparison
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BALLERINA: Libro & Libra: wireless scale and mobile app for personalized nutrition tracking

BALLERINA, a TETRAMAX bilateral technology transfer experiment, combines Libra, a wireless, pocket-sized scale, developed at the Jozef Stefan Institute, with Libro, a mobile app for personalized dietary assessment and menu planning, by Nutritics. Together, they will offer precise nutrition calculations, providing better food choices, cost savings and new market opportunities. It will be beneficial for all sorts of user, from diabetes patients, to people with food allergies and intolerances, athletes or pregnant and lactating women.
Have a look at the video!

More information: Libro & Libra: wireless scale and mobile app for personalized nutrition tracking (BALLERINA)

CABEHA: cutting-edge touchless biometric scan technology

The Brno University of Technology along with Touchless Biometric Systems AG, have developed CABEHA, an innovative device capable of capturing the biometric characteristics of a human hand, and, if possible, also fingerprints. This TETRAMAX internal Bilateral TTX is a cutting-edge technology highly requested by customers on the biometric market.

Have a look at the video!


The TETRAMAX Technology Transfer eXperiment (TTX) award highlights experiments with a significant impact in three different categories: technical, business and financial.
CLEC PV was chosen as the award winner from the second Value Chain TTX call, for its exceptional contribution to innovation in Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) management for the renewables sector. 
H-BEACON was selected from the 2nd Call for Entrepreneurial TTXs for its excellent contribution to innovation in soil humidity prediction for the Smart Agricultural Systems. 
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GeFIN, gem5-based fault injector, upgraded!

The full-system, microarchitecture level fault injector GeFIN has been developed and extended with the support of CPU-FIN (a TETRAMAX technology transfer experiment), thereby introducing a significant upgrade during the last year.
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BOWI is launching 2 new open calls for developing DIHs and mature hubs.

The BOWI project, a partner project of TETRAMAX, will distribute € 900 000 to support the growth of developing digital innovation hubs.

The EU Horizon 2020 Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs (BOWI) project is launching an Open Call for developing digital innovation hubs (DIHs) to join the BOWI network and take part in cross-border technology and service transfer programme. DIHs can apply by submitting their applications from 15 December 2020 until 1March 2021.
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BOWI project distributes M 1,44 € among 24 companies to support their digital solution refinement

The EU Horizon 2020 BOWI project has chosen 24 SMEs from 6 different EU regions to take part in 10 month-long technology transfer experiments.Companies will receive 10-month long mentoring and business support from BOWI’s DIHs and gain access to specific facilities and infrastructure available provided by the hubs. The companies and hubs will be working together to find best solutions for the technological challenges they are facing and create new, better solutions for everyone. The aim of these experiments and the project is to even out the distribution of digital technologies by strengthening the collaboration and experience exchange between different regions of Europe.  This call was launched in Latvia, Trøndelag region in Norway, Małopolskie in Poland, Nord Vest in Romania, Jihozápad in Czezch Republic and Yugozapaden region in Bulgaria while the next BOWI project’s call for experiments in 2022 will be addressing new regions.

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BOWI open calls

TETRAMAX partner DAMA-UPC is developing a COVID-19 oriented app: CO-APS, which is funded by EIT-Urban Mobility. CO-APS is a mobile application that helps reduce the spread of COVID-19 by managing density in public transport and public spaces.
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27th International Open Workshop on Synchronous Programming

Inria organized the 27th International Open Workshop on Synchronous Programming (Synchron 2020). This is an annual meeting of experts and young researchers in the area of synchronous reactive programming.
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Techmo collaborating in the 1800HELPME-project

The 1800HELPME-project is a collaboration between Innovate Australia, AI company and TETRAMAX partner, Techmo and The Centre for Social Impact Swinburne at Swinburne University.

The project is designed to harness the latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and Interactive Voice Response to greatly improve public access to existing personal crisis and suicide prevention related services. It has the ability to simultaneously answer over 100,000 calls.
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Join us for the Transfer to Industry and Start-Ups workshop at the HiPEAC 2021 conference

On 18 January ,15:00 - 17:00, you can join the TETRAMAX TISU workshop on research and innovation.

This 9th edition of the Transfer to Industry and Startups (TISU) workshop aims at discussing means and ways to improve both the industry transfer as well as stimulating people to transform their knowledge in business ideas and start-ups. We will begin with the keynote of Sandro D’Elia providing the point of view of the European Commission on this topic and disclosing the new initiatives that will be launched in the framework of the forthcoming Horizon Europe programme.
Furthermore, 8 selected TETRAMAX experiments will have the opportunity to pitch their business proposition to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors under the guidance of the international business expert Ray Garcia (Buoyant Capital, NY, USA).
Information and registration

Upcoming events:

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