Giving Tuesday 2021

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As another Thanksgiving comes and goes, and 2021 nears its end, we reflect on everything that supporters like you have helped make possible so far this year:

70+ new videos
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10 new partner institutions
Dozens and dozens of new collaborators

Thank you for joining us in our mission to provide expert knowledge about art history's important stories to millions of educators and learners around the world.

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Reframing Art History: free and uniquely iterative

Tin Mweleun (commissioned by Tain Mal), Slit Gong (Atingting kon), mid- to late 1960s, Ambrym Island, Vanuatu (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)

We've been hard at work creating the first ever Smarthistory textbook. With more than 40 expert collaborators, Reframing Art History will be a one-of-a-kind digital textbook that focuses on art from around the world and considers issues of cultural entanglements, racial and gender ideologies, science and new technologies, materiality, cultural heritage issues, and more. And all free to the public! Here's a sneak peak at some of the upcoming chapter titles for the first iteration, coming Spring 2022:

Death and material culture in ancient China
Legacies of the ancient Mediterranean
Framing Islamic Art
Books across cultures
Portuguese contacts and exchanges
Latin American modernisms
Native Art north of the Rio Grande (19th–20th centuries)
Contemporary artists responding to the early modern European tradition
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Step Pyramid complex at Saqqara
by Dr. Amy Calvert
 Martín Chambi, Juan de la Cruz Sihuana, Cuzco Studio
by Dr. Danielle Stewart

Jean-Antoine Houdon, George Washington
with Dr. Sarah Beetham and Dr. Steven Zucker
 Tang dynasty tomb figurines
with Dr. Kristen Loring Brennan and Dr. Beth Harris

Recorded webinar: The Forum and Column of Trajan
with Dr. Jeffrey Becker
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Polishing AP content

We've been busy updating some of our AP essays with new pop-up definitions, high-res images, and links to other resources. Check out our AP 250 objects guide as the Fall Semester winds down and the Spring Semester approaches!

AP guide to 250 objects
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