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Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians,

We hope you have had a relaxing and rejuvenating summer break and are looking forward to the 2022/23 academic year. Whether your student is new or returning, they will be embarking on an exciting journey toward realising their potential as active citizens. We will be making the most of accessing local communities again, getting out and about, meeting in larger groups and coming together as a collective. 

For those new to the College, we publish Homefield Happenings on the first Friday of each month. These bulletins are filled with key information, upcoming events and what our students and staff have been up to recently.

Going forwards, you will find the Homefield Happenings bulletin directly on our website. Follow the steps we set out below to ensure you keep up-to-date with the latest news. We have made this change after feedback from parents, carers and guardians over the last year having issues with emails getting missed due to spam filter settings, and preferring one central place for college news.

We will however send out important updates via Contact Us as and when needed, so please do ensure you have added this email address to your safe senders' list. 

September's bulletin contains: Over the summer our admissions team contacted you regarding bursaries. Please make sure you return the forms with evidence should you be eligible for support. This includes free college meals as well as funds available to assist students with materials needed to aid their learning.

If you have any questions or concerns, as always, please do get in touch with the College on 01509 815696 or email

Finally, Autumn COVID-19 booster vaccinations will soon be rolled out. The NHS vaccination programme will be looking to prioritise those with learning disabilities for a booster and will be using the learning disability register to do this. We understand from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) that anyone with a learning disability can be added to the register by approaching their GP. Please ensure students are taking up their Autumn booster as soon as it is offered to them, and inform us once they have received the jab.

Kind Regards,
Tracey Forman
Principal of Homefield College

Finding Homefield Happenings on our website

Each month we will publish the latest bulletin on our website. This is your one-stop shop for college information so it is vital that you read this.

To find Homefield Happenings, visit our website and under the main 'Latest News' menu you will find an option called 'Homefield Happenings'.

This is the page that contains a link to the latest issue. To read this, simply click on 'Read Now' and this will open in your browser.

We also add links to previous bulletins here, so that you can keep up-to-date with all college-wide communications published across the year.

Preparing for the new academic year

Term Dates

Attached to this email are the term dates for 2022 - 23. You can also find these on the homepage of our website. 

A couple important dates to note from these term dates:

  • Friday 16th December 2022 has a 1pm finish. Students in on this day will need to be picked up at 1pm, so please make sure you inform the taxi company of this change. 
  • Monday 10th July 2023 is the last day of the academic year. We are ending the year on a Monday to ensure students who are timetabled for a Monday do not miss out on their education time, as there are several Bank Holidays and development days that mean college will be closed to students on some Mondays. 

Student Lunches

For students who are eligible for free college meals and have chosen to receive food provided by the College, we will complete the meal ordering form each week with them in lessons.

We have already sent emails to all potentially eligible students* asking you to complete the order form for next week - if you think your student is eligible and that they would like to receive food provided by us, rather than the money to buy the ingredients and bring lunch in themselves, please contact us immediately so that we can ensure there is food available for their first week. 

*If students are eligible for free college meals but are based at our Nuneaton campus, Macintyre, T.E.C.K, Enstruct or on bespoke programmes not based at our main site, you will receive a payment or there will be alternative arrangements made at each location. 

For students who are not eligible for free college meals, or those who have chosen to receive the college meal payments instead, please ensure they bring a packed lunch with them each day. 

No nuts, please!

Please note, for all students, we are promoting a nut-free environment and ask that you please do not bring products containing nuts onto college premises. This is to help keep students and staff safe who have nut allergies. We cannot guarantee a fully nut-free environment, but we do not use nuts in our catering lessons or enterprises, and we inform staff of this guidance as well in order to mitigate the risk.

A Note for Returning Students

Please inform us immediately if the student has developed any allergies, gained new health diagnoses or started a new medication that we are not aware of from last year. Email if you need to update healthcare information. 

Student Absence reporting procedures

If a student is unwell, please do not send them in to College.

If the student is studying on Pathway 1, Pathway 2, Pathway 3, Supported Internship, at our Nuneaton campus, or bespoke, please report their absence by ringing Reception (01509 815696) by 8.30am and selecting Option 1 – Report a Student Absence. You can then leave a voicemail detailing the student’s name and their absence reason.

For all other students, please follow the correct procedure for your programme:

  • Macintyre 'No Limits' - report their absence by phoning the on-call number – 07825 620437. Note, this phone is active between 7am-9am & 4pm-6pm Monday-Friday, and 4pm-7pm on Sundays. Please do not text the on-call phone as it is an inactive mobile that is kept in a locked drawer.
  • Enstruct @ Homefield - report their absence by ringing Enstruct on 0116 289 5454 by 8.30am
  • T.E.C.K @ Homefield - report their absence by ringing T.E.C.K on 01530 587 254 by 8.30am
If an absence is due to COVID-19 symptoms, please inform us immediately so that we can put any processes in place for those the student has been in contact with as needed.

If a student becomes unwell whilst at College, we will isolate them and ask you to collect them. If there is a medical emergency, we will support the student and meet you at the hospital.


We kindly ask that appointments such as medical appointments or transition visits be scheduled outside of College time wherever possible so that it does not impact on the student’s learning. We do authorise appointments in term time if necessary.

If there is no alternative but to attend an appointment during normal College hours, we ask that you inform us in advance of the date, and provide timings of the appointment so that we can put the appropriate plans in place.

Other Absences, including Holidays

If students need to be absent, the College must be informed. For absences that are greater than 2 days, a request in writing must be made to the Principal with at least 10 working days prior to the time being taken. The Principal will then either give an authorised or unauthorised response to the request.

Please note that we do not authorise students to take holidays in term time.

Now recruiting: students for Duke of Edinburgh Award 

Would your student be interested in starting their Duke of Edinburgh Award? 

We currently offer Bronze and Silver awards - and the certificate of achievement (which is Bronze without the expedition). The work is embedded into the students' lessons, so no additional work is necessary. 

Achieving a Duke of Edinburgh award is obviously great for students' self-esteem and boosts employability.

Please promote this opportunity to your student, it is a great achievement. If they are interested in this opportunity, please email to register their interest or send through any queries. 

Our focus on safeguarding - online safety

As part of our commitment to ensure that students who are at Homefield are safe, we will be covering online safety in their lessons. This will involve setting safe passwords, recognising danger online, being able to check whether things are fact or fiction, and staying safe on social media amongst other things.

Part of our work will also involve letting you know some of the things that we have been covering and sharing resources to develop a wider understanding of this important issue.

This month's focus is on: Being an Internet Citizen

The Internet Citizens programme helps young people to stay resilient and confident online, discover how to use online tools responsibly, and help navigate social media to check facts. 

The Be Internet Citizens learning package is made up of several modules, which cover key areas of digital citizenship, offering students the opportunity to build their critical thinking skills while developing their knowledge of the online world through a range of engaging and creative exercises.

They also provide a list of places for young people to get help if they are feeling worried or concerned about their online presence, as well as resources that give links to other sites to help carry on this learning. 

Visit the Internet Citizen portal

Homefield Reception: 01509 815 696