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"A Season of Grace" #212 
June 17-24, 2022

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  • NEW Find these at the CHRIST THE KING WEBSITE - The "Season of Grace" Website will be discontinued at the end of June; the link remains open at the end of this email under "Christ the King Sites and Socials"; NEW button on the CTK website to open the latest update
  • PRAYERS - link to prayer website; NEW prayers for neighbors' storm damage this week
  • RECOVERY - Two AA groups  at Christ the King:  Sundays, 7 pm; Mondays, 7:30 pm; Link to YouTube Channel for Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County
  • CARING FOR OUR COMMUNITIES - Matthew 25 Coalition meeting June 8 withlink to minutes and reports
  • NEW EVEN MORE CARING - NEW Links to mental health resources from LookUp; NEW 80th anniversary of LWML caring project
  • SELC DISTRICT - link to weekly newsletter The Beacon; NEW prayers for Grace Lutheran Church (Lakewood OH) as they work through the process of calling a new pastor; prayers for healing for some SELC pastors
  • NEW  Sunday School Family Fun!
  • WORSHIP SERVICES - NEW Revisions to Worship procedures; NEW Worship service download links for Sunday, June 19, including NEW hymn; NEW Adult Bible Class summer theme; Christ the King OFFICIAL YouTube CHANNEL; "Season of Grace" playlist 
  • SCHEDULE NOTES FOR JUNE, including Sunday School, Tuesday and Wednesday Bible studies taking the summer off
  • NEW ONE LAST THING - Benefit concert by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus, June 25
  • WORTH THE LISTEN (Podcasts) NEW "Five Minutes with a Missionary", "In the Way" with Pastor Charles St-Onge, and "Red Letter Disciple" with Pastor Zach Zehnder; other good podcasts
NEW! Find these and more at the

NEW!  The Season of Grace Website will be discontinued at the end of June (but not these updates).  Most of the content is being moved to our main website at, including 
  • LInks to all the "Hope-full Podcasts" with some NEW episodes in the "Worth the Listen" (Podcasts and Radio) section below
  • On Pastor Cahill's "Route 42" Podcast (click HERE>>). You can download to your phone many of the sermons from the past 90 days and listen while you're driving, gardening, doing the dishes, etc. (if that's your thing).  Click HERE>> to access the "Route 42" Playlist on Spotify (Songs may be played in a random order; there are also commercials every now and then).Check out the progress of the move anytime!
ALSO NEW! to the Christ the King Website - a button on the front page that opens the most recent of these updates (in case you lose this email!).
Find the Christ the King prayer list at our updated prayer website HERE>>

NEW Please pray for our neighbors in counties to the south (Wayne, Richland, Ashland, Holmes, and others) who sustained significant storm damages this past week; many are stilll without power.
Two Alcoholics Anonymous groups meet in the Christ the King Parish Hall each week - one on Sundays at 7 pm, the other on Mondays at 7:30 pm..  Both  are open groups, so if you think you might like to know what AA is all about, you're welcome to attend either meeting!
The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County has a nice YouTube channel HERE>>, featuring videos on "Parenting as Grandparenting," "Telehealth Services," "The Resilience Project" and more.

The Matthew 25 Coalition of churches in our area met on Thursday, June 8. You can read the reports and minutes from that meeting HERE>>, and you can find out more about the Coalition at their website HERE>>;.  The next meeting is Thursday, September 8 at 8:30 am at Christ the King.

The website of LookUp (HERE>>), an extensive mental health ministry based in Fort Wayne Indina and funded in part by The Lutheran Foundation of Fort Wayne, has resources for talking about and dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Suicide, Substance Abuse, and NEW HERE>> Trauma and its effects, including PTSD,.  To get started, HERE>> is a video titled "What is Trauma?"

HERE>> is a very good related video called "Emilee's Take on Escapism" featuring High School Senior Emilee Richardson (from RemedyLive, one of the ministries of LookUp Indiana).
NEW 2022 is the 80th Anniversary of the Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML) of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  To celebrate, the LWML is suggesting that churches adopt a mission / caring project using the number "80."

At Christ the King, we think we should be able to collect (at least) 80 household care items that are especially needed by clients of the Lodi Family Center.  (Examples:  dish soap, toilet bowl cleaner, general purpose cleaner, bars of soap, and toilet paper.)  Please bring your gifts for this project to Christ the King any Sunday this summer, and put them in the bin on the bench near the coat room.  Thanks!
The Lutheran Women's Missionary League is a Recognized Service Organization of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  You can learn more about the LWML
Christ the King Lutheran Church is a member of the SELC District of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.  Our District has a weekly online newsletter called The Beacon - you can view or download the latest edition HERE>> to read about  activities in other congregations of our District, and articles of interest from some of our pastors, including daily and post-convention updates from our District Convention.

NEW Please pray for our friends and fellow believers at Grace Lutheran Church in Lakewood, Ohio.  They had recently extended a call to another man to be their next pastor, but he declined to accept that call.  Grace Lutheran Church is still in the prayerful process of seeking the Lord's will about their next pastor.
District President Rev Wally Vinovskis continues his recuperation after surgery to repair his torn Achilles' tendon; Pastor John Telloni has completed his radiation treatment for cancer on his vocal chords, but is 
NEW Our Sunday morning Sunday School classes may be off for the summer, but here's a picture of our Sunday School and friends at our Bowling Family Night at Strike and Spare Lanes in Lodi on Friday, June 10!

Watch these updates for news about a Church Picnic coming later this summer!


Revisions to Worship procedures

Approved by the Christ the King Council on May 22:
  • After the Absolution, we'll STAND and bless one another with the peace of the Lord – if you’re comfortable shaking hands with others please do so (with their consent); otherwise, feel free to make the Sign of the Cross. 
  • The Pastor and Elders will distribute Holy Communion without wearing gloves or masks; however, they WILL sanitize their hands before the distribution.
You can see the notes on these in the June 19 worship service HERE>>
The Council also decided that for the time being we will
  • Leave the offering plates in the Narthex rather than pass them during worship
  • NOT offer coffee service (but you're welcome to bring your own)

Printouts, videos, and more

NEW for Sunday, June 19
You can open, download, and print the printout for BOTH worship services
(8:15 & 10:45 am) for Sunday, June 19 HERE>>

This worship service includes a NEW hymn (on page 7), "Father of Body, Mind and Spirit" (words by Rev. Dr. Wilfred Karsten, Pastor of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Moline, IL and music by Matthew Machemer, Associate Kantor at Concordia Theological Seminary). The Lutheran Foundation of Fort Wayne Indiana commissioned the creation of this hymn out of a desire to foster worship relating to mental health.

The hymn was introduced at the Lutheran Foundation's LookUp Conference on May 15 this year.  Click here>> to watch the video of the LookUp Conference afternoon opening session. Explanation of the hymn and its singing begins at 14:15.  (Pastor Cahill will teach this hymn on June 19; we'll sing it on June 19 and 26, and a couple more times this summer).
NEW This summer's Adult Bible Class theme is The Adventures of the Apostles (aka The Book of Acts).  This week: Disciples who were NOT Peter or Paul.  These are not livestreamed, but we're recording them so that you can watch them after Sunday on our YouTube channel HERE>>

You can find most sermons and Adult Bible Classes at the
Christ the King OFFICIAL YouTube Channel HERE>>

You can also go to that YouTube link to suscribe and receive notifications each time a sermon or Bible Study video, or some other Christ the King video, is added to the channel.

Here>> is the "Season of Grace" playlist (curated by Pastor Cahill)
at his YouTube Channel.



  • Worship with Holy Communion 8:15 am & 10:45 AM - In Person at the church AND livestreamed at our Facebook channel HERE>>; after Sunday, you can watch any of the available recently recorded sermons at the Christ the King YouTube channel HERE>>.
  • Adult Bible Class 9:30 am THEME: "The Adventures of the Apostles (aka The Book of Acts)"
  • Alcoholics Anonymous 7 pm (in person)
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, 7:30 pm  (in person)
  • ZOOM for SELC District Central Circuit pastors, 11 am 
The Sunday School (9:30 am Sundays), Ladies' Bible Studies (Tuesdays, 7 pm and Wednesdays, 9:30 am) and Men's Bible Study (Wednesdays, 9:30 am) are taking the summer off.



Charlotte Parks – June 20
Jessica Ryncarz – June 25

Andy & Betty Olah (6/20/1987)
John & Rae Taranowski(6/27/1964)


Dennis Long - July 2
Miranda Cunningham - July 5
Margie Feldy - July 10
Camdyn Rieker - July 22
Rachel Laughry & Aidenn Harper - July 27
Dana Whittenberger, JoAnne Zurell, & Nate Cahill - July 31

Dana & Cheryl Whittenberger (7/7/1979)
Frank & Sandra Hlad (7/22/1967)
Tom & Pam Reece (7/28/1971)



“Amplify the Voice: A Benefit Concert for Ukraine” at the Severance Music Center on Saturday, June 25, 2022 at 7:00 PM, featuring The Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus of North America (UBC).

For over 100 years, the UBC has been the guardian of the majestic 60-stringed musical instrument– the Bandura. Our ensemble resettled in the United States after WWII, and for over seven decades has shared the bandura globally. While tens of millions play the piano, only thousands play Bandura. The Bandura is an icon of Ukraine’s national identity, voice, and the bearer of its soul. 

Severance Music Hall Box Office Link and Phone Number:
The box office can be also contacted at 216.231.1111

(This note courtesy Pastor George Hansell, Pastor Emeritus of Grace Lutheran Church, Lakewood.  We had the privilege of hearing a concert by the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus at our SELC District Convention in Lakewood in 2018.  You can learn more about the UBC at its website HERE>>).

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