September 10th Champions of Freedom Dinner
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JoAnn Fleming is back! She says her "new" heart makes her feel 20 years younger and she's fired up!  Uh-oh! :) And, she's back just in time to host the annual Champions of Freedom Dinner in Tyler, Texas. This event sells out every year, so get your tickets now. 
September 10th
Champions of Freedom Dinner

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The continuous attacks on Trump
 and the Chairman of the US House Freedom Caucus
 put a hot new war right in front of us.

We need YOUR help to keep proven conservative
 citizen fighters on the frontlines as we prepare the next generation of fighters to lead!
Today and in days to come, the risks will grow for these citizen leaders because Big Government is coming after conservatives with a vengeance.
Making the case:  Everything we hold dear is NOW at stake!

The weaponization of the FBI to raid the private home of President Donald J. Trump was just the beginning salvo of a long, hot siege until the November 8, 2022, mid-term elections.
Every day comes a new round of threats from the feds that clearly show they see the American people as the enemy.  This newly intensified war is daily declared on conservatives. The desired effect? Chill free speech; scare people into silence; frighten them away from activist meetings and from public testimony; force citizens and conservative elected officials to cower in fear.
We won’t submit to fear. We won’t stop fighting for our God-given rights!
Grassroots America – We the People will continue to answer the call to unite and network local conservative groups across Texas to more effectively fight at the local, state, and federal level
Fight to stop local pornographic smut in public schools and libraries, the grooming of children by the drag queen culture, and Cultural Marxism shoved at students to make them hate America, disrespect their parents, and ridicule Christian values.
Fight to pass strong conservative legislation (not show bills) in Austin to truly secure our elections; restore criminal penalties for voter fraud; stop the sexualization of children; abolish abortion; defend gun rights from Cornyn-style bills; ban chemical and surgical sex change procedures in children; stop the southern border invasion and taxpayer handouts to illegals; and advance/defend parental rights in education and from rogue CPS agents.  We also KNOW from the RESULTS of past legislative sessions that Democrat committee chairs help Uni-party Republicans kill conservative legislation and pass “show” bills. It’s a cozy tradeoff.
Fight for restrained federal government by educating activists about what limited government actually means, teaching them to vet US House and US Senate candidates based on liberty principles, and spotlighting Rino voting records.  
We’re preparing the next generation of conservative fighters!

With decades of leadership, organizing, political, and policy experience, Grassroots America is actively recruiting, educating, and mentoring the next generation of conservative activists to take our places through Coalition-building and recognition of excellent work.
We faithfully pledge to you that we will continue the mission we began in 2008 to unite, educate, empower, and inspire our fellow Texans (and beyond) to bravely fight to save Liberty from utter destruction. As always, we are called to do this as volunteers with no salary, commission, or income for our work.
Will YOU help us continue?
Will YOU help us recognize our 2022 Champions of Freedom to encourage them to keep fighting?

Join Our Celebration of Grassroots Warriors
Reclaiming the Land, Possessing God's Gift of Liberty
for Our Children & Grandchildren,
Taking Back What the Enemy Has Stolen!
In recognition of their personal sacrifice, bravery, and consistently active dedication, we gratefully announce our amazing…
2022 Champions of Freedom
Christin Bentley, State Republican Executive Committeewoman, SD 12
Janna Castloo, Chair, Wood County Republican Party
Dee Chambless, GAWTP Local Watchdog Committee
Tom Glass, Founder, Texas Constitutional Enforcement
Andy Hopper, Co-Founder, Wise County Conservatives
Susan Lucas, State Republican Executive Committeewoman, SD 5
Tony Ortiz, Founder, Current Revolt
Matt Patrick, State Republican Executive Committeeman, SD 16
Bill Priefert, Founder, United Christian Conservatives
Eugene Ralph, Vice President, SW Dallas County Republicans
Kathi-Ann Rivard, Collin County GOP Pct. Chair, Frisco Tea Party
Mike & Vicki Slaton, longtime devoted Dallas County conservatives

Ross Kecseg Memorial "Fearless Conservative" Award
Jeff Younger, Father of the "End Gender Change Child Abuse" Movement
Celebrate the Bold & Unafraid!
Saturday, September 10, 2022
Holiday Inn Tyler - Conference Center
Constellation Ballroom
5701 S Broadway
Tyler, TX 75703

5:00 PM VIP Reception:
Table Sponsors, Champions, Keynote Speaker

6:00 PM Plated Table Service Dinner

7:00 - 9:00 PM
Awards & Keynote Speaker

Business Attire with a Texas Flair
This Event Sells Out Every Year!

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$65 general admission ticket reservations are now open!
We cannot fight nor win this war without the Lord’s blessing as He works through YOU,

After vascular surgeries, followed by open heart surgery, JoAnn is ready to return to her beloved grassroots friends.
JoAnn would LOVE a big party! Join us to celebrate her return – feeling 20 years younger. (We may all be in trouble!)
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