Relevance of the Proposed Electronic Cigarette Act

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Queen’s Park - The Ontario Legislature

A message from Jack Weinberg, founder of Happy Vaper 

In 2009, I founded Happy Vaper, a Canadian company, out of my desire to provide access to quality vaping products and guidance on their most effective use. Though I am a retailer, I am writing this as a vaper and a public citizen with the ability to reach out to many other members of the community to inform them.

The Ontario Liberal government recently drafted Bill 45, which includes “The Electronic Cigarette Act”. The Bill, put forward as “an act to enhance public health”, appears to be anything but, and has no basis in sound research or science. Now in its second reading in the legislature, it threatens to severly restrict access to vaping products.

Here's a link to a well-written article by Jesse Kline at the National Post entitled “Ontario’s fear-based decision making”, which describes the situation succinctly.

The new act aims to regulate e-cigarettes in the same manner that smoking and tobacco are regulated; prohibiting their use anywhere cigarettes are currently prohibited, eliminating most non-tobacco flavours and forcing vendors to hide the devices from view. This will hinder the consumer's ability to view and access products prior to purchase, to receive guidance in selecting an appropriate device and to get support for the use and maintainance of their device.

Those who have already made the switch will probably continue to use the internet as a guide, perhaps ordering from abroad. Those that have not yet made the switch will likely be deterred from making the transition as they may see the legislation as "proof" that these devices are not safe, that it's too much of a hassle and they may as well just continue to smoke.   (Click here to view Bill 45 itself)

So what can you do about it?

First off, it is important to be well informed with the facts on e-cigarettes in order to sway public opinion. If interested, you can find plenty of useful information by clicking here:

Electronic Cigarette Info


If you want to take action, and I do encourage you to, here are some options:

1.  Contact your local MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament; a person who can speak-up in the legislature):  Meet, call, mail or e-mail (noted in order of effectiveness) your local representative and urge them to base their position on facts and science rather than fear and prejudice. Help guide them towards relevant information.

If you are unsure about who you should contact, find your local MPP here: Ontario by Postal Code

If you live outside of Ontario and wish to contact your local MPP, find them here: Other Provinces

2. Register to speak in parliament:

Queen's Park is now taking names from those that wish to speak in parliament regarding Bill 45. If you wish to speak, they prefer that you fax them at 416-325-3505. State you are opposing Bill 45. Provide your name, number, and address. If you are unable to fax, please call 416-325-3500 (you can call collect), tell them you would like to speak in opposition to Bill 45, provide your name, number and address. Your name will be put on a list.

You can follow the progress of the bill by clicking here.

3. Sign a petition:

There is an online petition that has been gaining traction that you can find by clicking here.

Also, if you are passing by our office, we are collecting and submitting signatures on a hardcopy petition that is intended to be presented in parliament. The more signatures we get on hardcopy, the better.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate your interest.

Best wishes to you and yours for a healthy and happy holiday season!

Jack Weinberg

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