Software patch for OpenROV Pro Camera-HD Upgrade
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OpenROV Pro Camera-HD Software Patch to Improve Performance

Hello from OpenROV!

We hope you are finding the Pro Camera-HD Upgrade a useful tool to help you explore the underwater world. As you know the software to run the camera is still in development. 

We have had some reports from users about issues with the camera latency on various operating systems. We were able to determine that the priority of the video process was not set as high as it should be on the BeagleBone Black, so it was being interrupted by other processes that were running. We wanted to get this software patch out to you as soon as possible so you will have smooth video.

In order to apply this change, you will need to SSH into the ROV and run a few commands to make the change. If you have any issues when making these changes, please feel free to reach out to us.

Step 1 - Connecting to Terminal
Power on your ROV and open up our built in terminal by going to the following address in Chrome:

openrov login: rov 
Password: OpenROV (when typing the password the characters will not appear)

Step 2 - Run the first set of commands
Copy and paste the following and press enter: 

sed -i "s/'-1'/'--19'/g" /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins/geomuxp/index.js

Copy and paste the following and press enter: 

cat /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins/geomuxp/index.js | grep 19

You should see: "--19"

Step 3 - Run the second set of commands
Copy and paste the following and press enter: 

sed -i 's/"-1"/"--1"/g' /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins/geomuxp/node_modules/geo-video-server/index.js

Copy and paste the following and press enter:

cat /opt/openrov/cockpit/src/plugins/geomuxp/node_modules/geo-video-server/index.js | grep nice

You should see:
// "nice", "--1",
"nice", "--1",

Step 4 - Restart your ROV
Power cycle your ROV by unplugging the microUSB cable from the topside and then plugging it back in.

Once you have restarted your ROV and connected to cockpit your video should now have lower latency and render more smoothly.

Picture of the entire process

Please let us know if you continue to see issues with your video (or any other issues) as this feedback is beneficial to help us write better software. We complete as much testing as we can before releasing software, but are not able to test every possible user configuration and computer setup.

Thank you for being part of our community, and if you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

-OpenROV Support

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