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Reflect On Yesterday's Mission

Before moving on to Mission #6, reflect on yesterday's mission, Love WisdomWas it difficult to view yourself as an already whole, valuable human being, despite what you might or might not own? Do you think this shift in thinking makes a difference for the planet? How might you continue to connect more with those around you to get what you need, and also help others? Share your wonderful reflections and stories on the Compassion Report Map!

Agents, our sixth mission is to RSVP for a local event or activity that supports the protection and regeneration of our Mother Earth!

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”
― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

In Dr. Seuss's story The Lorax, a single seed in the hands of someone who truly cared was all it took to regrow an entire forest. This, amazingly, is not far from the truth!

Human beings are a lot like seeds. Even if we’ve been hurt or neglected - like a seed that has not been planted in a long time, or a plant that has begun to wither - given the right conditions, we can still recover and grow and find new life. As we act with compassion on behalf of the Earth and all her creatures, we can begin to feel new life stir within us, and then SPRING into being as we join our place as good caretakers in the web of life. It begins with each of us!

Our mission today, Agents, is to discover an activity or event taking place near your home that is celebrating Earth Month by giving back to the Earth in some way.

It may be an ecosystem recovery project, a tree planting event, a beach or park clean up, or even a gardening event. Identify an event in your community that is helping to regenerate the Earth, RSVP to it, and then go to that event tomorrow for Earth Day or over the weekend in honor of Earth Day!

(See resources for finding an event below!)

Invite your friends to go with you! There’s enough life-affirming, regenerative fun to go around for everyone!

Find an Earth Month Event!

Use the Earth Day Network global event map to find an event in your area! Literally thousands of events are taking place around the world, so there is bound to be one near you. Are you organizing an event? You can add it to the map, too.

Find an Event Here!

Each day during Earth Week, the Compassion Torch will be passed to a different Champion of Compassion. For Day 6 of the Earth Week, we are thrilled to pass the Compassion Torch from Unify to Earth Gratitude!

View Past Missions!

Previously released Serve the Earth Week missions are available to be viewed here. It's never too late to revisit past or missed missions to find inspiration for igniting compassion for Mother Earth!
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