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Douglas Lake Improvement Association
PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49755                    July 29, 2015

Douglas Lake Improvement Association Annual Meeting Notice
The Association Membership Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, August 23, 2015, at the Gates Lecture Hall on the campus of the University of Michigan Biological Station. Registration will begin at 1:00 p.m. and the meeting time is 1:30 p.m.

There will be committee reports, election of Treasurer and any other business which may come before the assembly.  The Nominating Committee presents the following slate:  Susan Klaas, Treasurer.

If you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting, select a proxy form, fill it out, and give it to a Member that you appoint to act on your behalf.

Click here to print or save the proxy.
Important – Only ONE proxy per membership. 
The Lower Northern Michigan Fire Danger is  EXTREME
The DNR urges everyone to take extra precautions over the next couple days and into the weekend as the dry conditions persist. Anyone planning to enjoy the nice weather with a campfire is asked to follow the following safety tips:
  • Use fire rings in nonflammable areas that are sheltered from wind.
  • Keep a water source and shovel nearby.
  • Place roasting sticks in a bucket of water when not in use.
  • NEVER leave a campfire unattended.
  • Completely extinguish fires before turning in for the night. Douse with water, stir and douse again to make sure there are no hot embers left.

For more campfire and fire safety tips visit the DNR website

Internet Survey Results   -   76% are Satisfied with their Service
The Silver Strand area is fortunate to have Charter cable accompanied with the capability of bundling TV, internet, and phone. The rest of the lake depends on other services, and Exede is a new rural service to this area that one member on Manitou Shores Trail is using with decent success. Exede is a satellite internet service and offers a discount for PIE&G customers. They have a vacation status and one can change their plan monthly based on expected usage. 

Some survey results are difficult to interpret. Survey respondents may have reported their cost for only internet or as a bundled package. People's satisfaction may depend on how they use their internet service and what they expect from their service. One home may use the internet for email and online browsing while another home may use email; download and upload large files; and stream movies, programs and videos.
72 Respondents reported:
  • 98.61% access the Internet with a computer, TV or cell phone while at Douglas Lake
  • Providers - Verizon (43.06%); Charter (27.78%); Other (16.67%); CenturyLink (15.28%); No provider; use cell phone (6.94%); HughsNet (5.56%); AT&T (4.17%); Exede (1.39%)
  • 64.06% do NOT raise or lower the number of GB/months, depending on visitors, or time away.
  • Estimate of monthly bill - 78.6% pay less than $149/month; 19.41% pay more than $200. 
  • 75.71% indicate they are SATISFIED or VERY SATISFIED with their Internet accessibility; 24.29% state NOT SATISFIED.
We'd appreciate hearing from you about good providers for the Douglas Lake area. Thank you to all that responded to the survey. 
~~Joan Hartwig

Invasive quagga mussel infestation in Crooked Lake

Transporting boats from lake to lake must be done responsibly. It is imperative to drain water from the livewell, bilge, transom well, and impeller before leaving water accesses.

Empty bait buckets in the trash, and never release live bait into a waterbody or transfer aquatic animals or plants from one waterbody to another. Wash and dry boats, trailers, and other equipment after use.

Read the July 27, 2015, Petoskey News-Review story here.
Learning links:
Quagga mussel -
Clean boating -

Photo - Matt Claucherty | Tip of the Mitt  ---  Some content from the Iowa DNR

DL Merchandise Sale
this Saturday, August 1
10am - Noon

At the DL Store #5
Directions:  DL Store #5 is located at the storage unit #5 beside Pellston Lodge near US 31 and Douglas Lake Rd. Enter from Douglas Lake Road.
All sale dates are on a Saturday

2015 Sale Dates
Aug. 1 • Aug. 15 • Sept. 5

Merchandise Manager, Marilyn Kelemen,

Found:  Day Sailor, fairly large boat with a small outboard motor.  Partial numbers MC 9612. Call 919-260-9358 if it is yours or you know the owner.
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Douglas Lake Improvement Association    â”€   Dues are $25 a year 
Mail dues to DLIA, PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49769

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President -  Holly Gedert
Vice President - Frank Beaver
Secretary - Joan Hartwig
Treasurer - Walt Naumer

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