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PO Box 472, Pellston, MI 49755                    July 15, 2015

Got the itch?
There are currently two swimmer’s itch studies going on in Michigan; one by Oakland University and the other by Dr. Curt Blankespoor and colleagues.  Dr. Blankespoor has been a faculty member of the Calvin College Biology department since 1994.  He also has an adjunct appointment at the University of Michigan Biological Station in alternating summers, where he teaches General Ecology and the Biology of Animal Parasites. Since Curt teaches at the Biological Station, he is using Douglas Lake as the control lake in the four lake study to examine the geographical distribution of the parasite that causes cercarial dermatitis (swimmer’s itch). He will wrap up the study in 2017 and will present results to our association that same year.

Curt feels that toweling off or using Swimmer’s Itch Guard is not working for swimmers in Douglas Lake.  The cause of swimmer’s itch can be different on each lake, but all cases come down to parasites called cercaria burrowing out of a certain kind of snail in search of a new host. According to Dr. Blankespoor, Douglas Lake has more diversity of snails, and he may offer a snail identification workshop next Spring. 

Please report cases of swimmer’s itch by email to Include your name, date, who was infected, degree of infection, wind direction and location on the lake. A log of cases will be maintained.

Read more about swimmer's itch at
Read more on the Mayo Clinic website … click here
Read a recent article in the Petoskey News Review … click here
Loon Watch
This spring we were fortunate on Douglas Lake to have 4 baby loons hatch from our nests. We were successful with the nest on North Fishtail and the new one on Marl Bay.  Our goal is to monitor Maple Bay closer next year as it was unsuccessful the second year in a row despite a willing pair of adults.  As of this writing 3 of the baby loons were still surviving.  According to the DNR website, only 1 in 4 babies  make it to adulthood.  We can help improve the success rate  by remembering to keep our distance from the nests and the young after hatching.  Many of our lake residents are helping by communicating this message to others.  We also have a Loon Committee tasked with monitoring our loons and obtaining signs and brochures to distribute around the lake.   Your Loon Committee consists of myself Dave Thompson, Bill Hutto, Rich Gedert and Anne Covey.  Let us know if you have a comment, question or concern    ~~ Dave Thompson
The Douglas Lake Book Group will be hosting a presentation by McLean & Eakin on Wednesday, July 22nd at 10:30 AM. For this special occasion they will meet on the lakeside deck at the DLB.

Jessilynn Norris will be reviewing new and forthcoming fiction and nonfiction, adult and children’s reading recommendations and will bring books for sale.

See you there!                                                       ~~ Mary Ellen Sheridan

What is working for you?
We want to know what internet providers people are using at Douglas Lake.
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Proceeds of the 4th ANNUAL BOAT PARADE
went to the DLIA
The DLIA says THANK YOU all the participants for their contribution, and
to the Douglas Lake Bar and Steakhouse
for prizes and for hosting the luncheon.

Click here to view the 2 minute parade video.

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The D.L.I.A. Annual Meeting is Sunday, August 23 at 1:30 p.m.
Guest speaker is Mary Stewart Adams from
Headlands International Dark Sky Park

Registration begins at 1:00 p.m. in the Gates Lecture Hall
Annual Meeting at 1:30 p.m.
Picnic Potluck at 3:00 p.m. in the UMBS dining hall

DL Merchandise Sale
this Saturday, July 18
10am - Noon

At the DL Store #5
Directions:  DL Store #5 is located at the storage unit #5 beside Pellston Lodge near US 31 and Douglas Lake Rd. Enter from Douglas Lake Road.
All sale dates are on a Saturday

2015 Sale Dates
June 20 • July 4 • July 18 • Aug. 1 • Aug. 15 • Sept. 5

Merchandise Manager, Marilyn Kelemen,

Fresh Bread. Baked Goods. Hmmmm. See BAKERY in our advertiser list. Click here.

A Whale of a Sale
July 18, 2015    •    8am - 2pm
Donate AND come to the Sale!
more information ...
Irish Boat Shop Storage Building  •  Fairview Street  •  Harbor Springs

Click here for summer Events at the U-M Biological Station
What does the DLIA do? See the 2015 flyer on our website for a list of programs. Click here.
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