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COP27 Negotiations Wrap Up

The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27) in Sharm El Sheikh concluded on 20 November 2022 Sunday at 09:00 local time with a breakthrough agreement to provide “loss and damage” funding for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters, along with a package of decisions.

The LGMA COP27 Closing Statement was delivered by Vincent Chauvet, Mayor of Autun, France and member of the COP27 Delegation of the European Committee of the Regions (watch the webcast starting at 04:45:20 onwards).

At COP27, the LGMA delegation consisted of more than 500+ representatives, including 150+ Mayors, Governors, Councilors and other local and subnational leaders. Throughout the 70+ sessions, the LGMA Multilevel Action Pavilion served as the home for cities, towns and regions at COP27 Blue Zone. The first-ever COP27 Urbanization and Climate Ministerial united the climate and urban communities in a way never seen at the UNFCCC before. The SURGe initiative enjoyed an encouraging support from Parties in the North and Global South, endorsement by 100+ partners along with 1000s of Mayors and other local and subnational leaders, calling for UNFCCC Parties, Secretariat and future COP Presidencies to embrace multilevel action as the new normal for NDCs and NAPs, and convene Urbanization Ministerial as a standing agenda item.

The LGMA warmly welcomes that financing loss-and-damage is finally being addressed in the UNFCCC process. We are particularly proud that the political, technical and financial leadership of subnational governments led by Scotland and Wallonia since COP26 played instrumental role in breaking the taboos on Loss-and-damage.

Towards COP28 in Dubai in December 2023, the Global Stocktake will be one of the major mechanisms of the climate community.

COP27 has shown that when cities, states, regions and nations work together, greater ambition and rapid action is within reach. Thus, we invite the whole UNFCCC community to join forces with the LGMA Constituency so that multilevel action becomes the beacon-of-hope for full delivery of the Paris Agreement in its 2ndphase.
Read the joint COP27 Press Release of Networks of Local and Regional Governments compiled by the European Committee of the Regions.

LGMA updates

Walk the Talk
Ahead of the first-ever Urban and Housing Ministerial Session on Cities and Climate Change at COP27, the LGMA called for recognition of the role and efforts of subnationals in climate action. As the closest sphere of government to our communities, the climate battle will be won or lost at local level
First-ever Urban and Housing Ministerial Session on Cities and Climate Change
Bringing the climate community together with the urban community at the minister-level for the first time opens a door for enhanced collaboration around resilient infrastructure, waste, transport and more. Messages from the U.S., Japan, and other parties supported the SURGe initiative as a shared vision for the two communities.
Sustainable Urban Resilience for the next Generation (SURGe) Initiative launched 
After six months of stakeholder engagement, the COP27 Presidency launched SURGe to accelerate climate action in a holistic, multilevel way. SURGe aims to transform cities to be healthy, sustainable, just, inclusive, low-emission and resilient urban systems for a better urban future for all through multi-level governance.
Yet SURGe is also the outcome of 10+ years LGMA advocacy to bridge climate & urban communities. Learn more about the background of the initiative with ICLEI Directo of Global Advocacy Yunus Arikan.
[VIDEO] Mayor Chilando Chitangala of Lusaka, Zambia and Mayor Frank Cownie of Des Moine, U.S. addresses the Global Climate Action High-Level Closing event
LGMA Monthly Webinar
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From the Media

Overcoming Climate Obstacles in Utrecht, Netherlands

Mayor of Utrecht in the Netherlands, Mayor Sharon Dijksma, spoke about the main challenges the city experiences, the progress it is making, and the actions she hopes to see following COP27. 
Thank you to our media partners!

Multilevel Action Pavilion partners

Across the two weeks, the LGMA mobilized more than 150 mayors, governors, and their deputies. Our Multilevel Action Pavilion program included more than 55 sessions featuring 400 speakers. The voice of cities and regions carries much wider than our own space through an estimated 2,000 collective interventions around the Blue Zone.
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