how to have a calm + relaxing holiday season
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In this month's Handmade Marathon feature, I asked creative Kaitlyn from isavirtue, how do you celebrate special occasions?

Her answer really spoke to me:

"When it comes to special occasions I think we place too much pressure on "the moment."

That moment when someone comes home to a surprise party. That moment when someone blows out the candles. That moment when the kids open their Christmas gifts. That moment when we all sit around a turkey giving thanks.

Those moments are wonderful but they sometimes don't turn out as we'd hoped, especially if we focus too intently on them. I like to revel in all of the moments leading up to an occasion. For Christmas in particular I start preparing months in advance. Not because I'm one of those annoying people who stretches the holiday out to an unbearable length. Simply because it's all those other moments that make it special - stringing the lights, decorating the tree, sending out cards, making gifts and listening to carols".  

Everywhere I turn, the holiday season seems to be about MORE. I'll be sharing some extra thoughts on this topic on the blog later this week.  

If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take 15 minutes of your day to make a list of what really matters to you over the holidays. 

Making creative projects with your children.
Watching holiday movies with your loved one.
Spending really relaxing time with family & friends.
Carving out time for yourself to read, create, or do whatever you love.
Then, really plan to make these things happen. Keep celebrations & gifting simple. Say no to things that are less important.  

If you're feeling stuck, connect with me by responding to this e-mail, or through any social media in the sidebar.  I love to hear from you and always want to help.

Wishing you a warm, thoughtful & comforting holiday season.

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