February 28, 2015
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I've Been Spreading the Word

I'm late with the newsletter this time around because I've been doing a lot of traveling, including -- believe it or not -- a pleasure trip. I went on a cruise with economist Bob Murphy and a bunch of people associated with the Ron Paul movement. Two days after arriving home, I spoke at Florida Atlantic University and then to a class at the law school at Florida International University.

That class, which was a regular law school class and not a bunch of conservatives or libertarians, heard me explain the differences between the compact and nationalist theories of the Union, and the radical implications of the fact that the compact theory happens to be true -- namely, that nullification and secession are perfectly acceptable courses of action and altogether in line with the American tradition.

My talk was surprisingly well received. I go out of my way to be as scholarly and articulate as possible in environments like that, in order to make my case as plausible and persuasive as possible to the average person, who is liable to be skeptical of an argument that runs counter to everything he's ever been taught.

Remember My Two Free Books
Remember, my free eBook 14 Hard Questions for Libertarians -- Answered is now available. Click here to go to a page on my site where you can find the Kindle, PDF, and now EPUB versions. Enjoy!

My other book, Real Dissent: A Libertarian Sets Fire to the Index Card of Allowable Opinion, is available in audiobook for free via the link you'll find at Of course, a paperback and a very inexpensive Kindle edition are also available there.

March 7, 2015
Auburn University
Auburn, AL

April 9, 2015
American University
Washington, DC

April 11, 2015
University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH

May 22, 2015
Event in the works!
Dublin, Ireland

Rothbard on What Happened to the Old Right

What went so horribly wrong with conservatism? Murray Rothbard, Mr. Libertarian, wrote a book about his own experiences on the Right, which is the subject of this episode.
The DUI Racket Revisited

The work of Warren Redlich, our guest all the way back on episode number five, has since gone viral. He has devised a simple flyer that keeps the cops away and protects you against false accusations.
What Government Is Doing to Cars

How government affects the kind of car you can drive, and much more, from Eric Peters, the libertarian authority on cars (and motorcycles!)
The Fed Caused the Meltdown

Here’s my discussion with Lew Rockwell on the Lew Rockwell Show back in 2009, shortly after the release of Meltdown, my book on the financial crisis that spent ten weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.
Economic Cycles Before the Fed

Critics of the Federal Reserve have to know how to answer this one: we had economic ups and downs before the Fed, so the Fed can’t be solely responsible for economic cycles. That’s what this talk, delivered in a more academic style, is about.
Why Economic Freedom? Here's Why

Capitalism is a bogeyman word to most people, so I explain and defend it in simple, non-threatening language.
What I Told Conservatives About Foreign Policy

As a former neoconservative myself, I know how easy it is to get swept away by war propaganda. Here's my effort to convey this point, in a speech in Los Angeles, to some of the conservatives in the audience.
The Truth About the Rehab Industry and 12-Step

Everyone thinks “rehab” and/or 12-step programs are indispensable for recovery from addiction. But according to Dr. Lance Dodes, their success rates are abysmal and the science behind them is either bogus or nonexistent.
Why Iraqi "Regime Change" Was Doomed to Failure

Michael MacDonald says "Regime Change" and the importation of Western political values into Iraq were the motivating factors behind the 2003 invasion — and that these motivations explain why the result was so catastrophic. This one isn’t to be missed!
What's the Big Deal About Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin all about? What makes it worth considering? Are its prospects rising or falling? Steve Patterson explains what Bitcoin is and why it matters, and replies to common objections.
How to Demonstrate the Existence of Rights

How can we know for sure what rights people have? Do rights exist at all? If so, how do we demonstrate that? Do we even need the idea of rights in order to defend libertarianism? Libertarian theorist Frank van Dun joins us to sort this all out!
Did Sweden Succeed Because of Government?

American progressives hold up the Swedish welfare state as a model, and as a rebuke to the somewhat more laissez-faire United States. What’s the real story about Sweden? Johan Norberg has the answer. 
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