August 10, 2015
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My Next Project!
I get a lot of people asking me not just about libertarianism but also about how to start a podcast, how to self-publish a book, how to earn money online, and so on. I'm in the middle of producing thorough, step-by-step guides to all these things, based on the knowledge I've gained through my own experience.

These will all be free, of course, and I'll let you know when they're ready. They're part of my next big project, which I'm pretty sure you'll like but which I'm staying mum about until it's ready to be unveiled.

Join My Private Facebook Group

I've created a private Facebook group just for supporters of my show. We discuss the show, yes -- topics and guests I might feature, for example -- but also a wide variety of topics that members find interesting. I take an active part in the discussions, and we're having a great time.

Join us by becoming a Supporting Listener -- the link to the group will be inside your account. And thank you!

Who's New in the Blogosphere?

More libertarians are taking the plunge into blogging!

Shawn Warswick has a great blog; I was going to choose a post to share with you, but there are so many great ones: secession, why war isn't "good for the economy," a review of Ron Paul's new book, neoconservative foreign policy -- and that's just page one. Give Shawn a visit at is aimed primarily at Oklahomans, and seems to advance liberty there.

Liberty and Data, according to its creator, features "a variety of topics, including data visualization, analytics/statistics, and concepts and events related to principles of liberty."

Check them out!

Start a Blog and Protect Your Job --
Or Get a Better One

As you know, I've been urging people to start their own blogs. I've written a free eBook on how to do it, I've made a video showing how to be up and running in just five minutes, and I've become a VIP affiliate with Bluehost so you can get the cheapest rate on hosting (if you go through

What I want to note today is that there are reasons other than wanting to refute Paul Krugman that you might want to start a blog. A blog can actually increase your job security, or even help you get a better job.

What you need in this case is what we might call a business card blog. The purpose of such a blog is to position yourself within your field. Very few people do this, so you will stand out.

You use a business card blog to make a reputation for yourself as an expert. Discuss and review books and significant articles related to your field, report on any important conferences you happen to attend – things like this. It is never too early to start your business card site – well before you’re even employed in the field, if possible. You keep up with related developments, and in the process make a name for yourself.

A site like that both makes it less likely that you’ll be laid off – you’re doing something very significant that no other employee took the initiative to do, after all – and you also position yourself for better employment should you hit a ceiling in terms of promotion in your present employment.

Get started today!

Bill Kristol Takes a Shot at Ron Paul; I Fire Back

Here's why you want to follow me on Twitter.

September 16, 2015
The Case for Nullification
Granby, CO (details to come)

October 3, 2015
Mises Circle in Dallas/Ft. Worth
Hurst, TX

December 3, 2015
Debate: Tom Woods and Michael Malice on Alexander Hamilton
New York, NY

What is it, exactly, that makes Austrian economics so compelling, especially to someone who believes in freedom? This episode will help you explain it to your skeptical friends.

Lew and Tom discuss the first Republican presidential debate! This is already one of my most heavily downloaded episodes ever.

Gene Epstein discovered a crushing flaw in the argument of Thomas Piketty, whose book Capital in the 21st Century has been used as an indictment of capitalism and inequality. He shares it in this episode!

Bernie Sanders has generated tremendous enthusiasm for his presidential campaign. His ideas, though, are garden-variety leftism, based in envy, misplaced anger, and economic absurdities.

The Democratic Party of Connecticut has dropped the names of Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson from its annual dinner. Does this move make sense? Were these good guys or bad guys, and would they recognize the modern Democratic Party?

In these remarks, the keynote address at the 2015 Young Americans for Liberty national convention, I review example after sorry example of this phenomenon, while incidentally making the case for libertarianism.
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