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The Radley Neighbourhood Plan and the Radley Lakes
The Radley Neighbourhood Plan commits Radley Parish Council (RPC) to preparation of a masterplan for the future of Radley Lakes as an area for nature conservation and quiet recreation. This is to be a co-operative process working with a wide range of stakeholders.

Since the autumn, Richard Dudding (for RPC), working with Roger Thomas, Chairman of Friends of Radley Lakes, has had a series of initial discussions with the owners and occupiers of land at the Lakes. These discussions have shown considerable support for the overall idea of a master plan. A second round of discussions, this time with local councils and amenity groups, such as Friends of Radley Lakes, will be starting shortly. In addition wider views from the communities of Abingdon and Radley about the issues they would like to see covered in the master plan will be greatly welcomed.

At a time when the surrounding area is becoming increasingly built-up the master plan will set a framework for the long-term future of Radley Lakes as a haven for wildlife and for the community.

Volunteering with Earth Trust at Radley Lakes

Earth Trust have a team of volunteers who go out to Radley Lakes one or two Thursdays a month to tackle the outstanding work on areas under their control. Recently they have been working on improving a hedge originally planted in 2012 in order to help it develop into a good dense hedge which provides a great corridor for wildlife as well as berries for food and shelter/ nesting sites. The volunteers clearly have a great time working out in the fresh air in a beautiful place so if you would like to join them please contact Lucy Duerdoth at Earth Trust.

How Earth Trust spends the FRL Grant

You are probably aware the FRL gives Earth Trust an annual grant of £ 2,000 to help with the management of Thrupp Lake. This money is raised by fundraising events and donations. Recently we received an email from the CEO of Earth Trust, Jayne Manley, explaining how our money has been spent over the last two years.

In 2018 our support helped Earth Trust to undertake a number of essential tasks to maintain the habitat at Thrupp Lake, not least the island coppicing work. Coppicing the islands is done to ensure that the habitat remains available for wildlife and opens up the islands to ground nesting birds like terns.

In 2019 our donation will enable this vital coppicing work to continue. In addition, Earth Trust will be able to start an exciting new project to attract sand martins to the bank installed on ‘otter island’ in 2017. Our donation means that Earth Trust will be able to install a solar powered playback system at Thrupp Lake which will play sand martin calls on a continuous loop helping to attract sand martins to Thrupp Lake and encouraging them to nest there.

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